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II. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words in capital letters.(0,2 x10 =2 pts)
31. It’s very _________________________ to live in damp room. (HEALTH)
32. Walking is a fun, easy and _______________________ activity. (EXPENSIVE)
33. A balanced diet alone is not enough for a healthy ________________________. (LIFE)
34. That woman is very pleasant, but her younger sister is a little _______________ (FRIEND)
35. Jane likes to wear ______________________________ clothes. (COLOUR)
36. Diana is a _______________________.She sells flowers at a shop in New York. (FLOWER)
37. The students of class 7A enjoy _____________________ activities after school hours. (DIFFER)
38. Some students are following the _____________________ to the video room. (LIBRARY)
39. The post arrives __________________________ at eight in the morning. (REGULAR)
40. Do your classes start ____________________________ or later? (EARLY)
III. Give the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets to complete the following sentences.(0,2 x5 =1 pt)
41. My mother is busy (cook) _____________dinner in the kitchen.
42. Daddy, could you tell me how (run) ___________ this washing machine?
43. My father used to be a teacher. He (teach) __________Chemistry at a local school.
44. You had better (brush) __________ your teeth after every meal.
45. Why you (not go ) __________ to the party last night?

IV) Fill in each space with one most suitable preposition. (0,2 x 5 = 1pt)
46. Teenagers are concerned _________ the enviroment.
47. Please look _________ my children while I’m working.
48. We are bored ________ watching TV now.
49. In a game of singles, two players play __________ each other.
50. Thanks _________ your invention. It’s very useful.

I. Circle best option A, B, C or D to complete the following passage: (0,2 x 10 =2 pts)
Last Monday William Murphy (51) ______ a walet on a lonely street in Montreal. He picked up the wallet and (52) ______ a ticket inside. He noticed the number on the ticket and immediately realized that (53) _____ was the winning ticket in a big competition. The price (54) _____ eight million dollas!
Murphy (55) _____ the huge prize, however, he (56) _____ the ticket back to (57) _____ owner, Laviqeur. Yesterday Leviqeur got the prize and at once (58) _____ Murphy a million dollas as a reward.
“I have never won a competition before”, he told the reporter. “Now I (59) ____ rich and I want (60) ______ honesty.
51. A. see B. sees C. saw D. is seeing
52. A. find B. found C. finds D. founded
53. A. it B. he C. she D. one
54. A. is B.are C. were D.was
55. A. didn’t collect B. not collect C. no collect D. wasn’t collect
56. A. take B. takes C. taking D. took
57. A. his B. their C. its D. it’s
58. A. give B. gave C. giving D. gives
59. A. becomes B. become C. is becoming D. became
60. A. reward B. to reward C. rewarding D. for rewarding.

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Tìm từ khác phần in đậm hì...

8. A. practiced B. raised C. noticed D. hoped
9. A. complaint B. compliment C. complete D. contestant
10. A. closet B. globe C. stove D. bowl
11. A. relax B. math C. swap D. area
12. A. depend B. carelessly C. calender D. souvenir
13. A. plays B. says C. days D. stays
14. A. absent B. comb C.crab D. bulb
15. A. result B. season C. desert D. lots

III) Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the other others by circling A, B, C or D: (0,2 x 5 =1 pt)
16. A. anniversary B. entertainment C. volunteer D. experiment
17. A. surgery B. symptom C. material D. cavity
18. A. calendar B. appointment C. expensive D. vacation
19. A. chemistry B. biology C. physics D. history
20. A. receive B. awful C. decide D. disease

I. Circle best option A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences: (0,2 x 10 =2 pts)
21. Summer is coming. _______ on _______ way.
A. it’s – its B. its – it C. it’s – it’s D. it’s – it
22. She is looking ________ the children. They’re hiding.
A. at B. for C. after D. around

23. Everyone must remember _________ lies.
A. don’t tell B. not tell C. to not tell D. not to tell
24. I’ll do the job to my best ________.
A. capacity B. knowledge C. talent D. ability
25. Many schools use videos _________ teaching.
A. to B. in C. for D. with
26. My parents _______ me to see Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum last summer.
A. led B. took C. brought D. directed
27. I’d like to mail this letter _______ my friend in the USA.
A. for B. with C. to D. up to
28. We _________ to our new house on January 1st.
A. transferred B. got C. removed D. moved
29. Fluoride toothpaste helps _________ tooth decay.
A. prevent B. for preventing C. preventing D. with preventing
30. She added a little salt to the soup so it tasted _______ .
A. deliciously B. well C. good D. tastefully

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