Unit 5 : The media - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1choose a,B,C or D

We do honestly have a little more (31)________ time in summer than we do in spring. We have some weekend getaways planned over the summer, A couple of fun things for the kid away from home. This blogging and social media thing has me wrangled into about a week's worth of travel and meetings, and I wouldn't be surprised if something or things pops up soon. And for me personally. I have more free time (and a great (32)________ less stress) than I did when I (33)________ in town. I go to work around 8a.m. most days on the farm. I used to be at work at 6:30a.m., and it (34)________ me 35 minutes to get there. When it's not time to plant or harvest, we usually work a few (35)________ on Saturday morning and never on Sundays. And for those farmers that also have livestock? We used to raise hogs you know. Well those animals want to eat and be healthy.


A. both A & B

B. free

C. busy

D. open


A. amount

B. number

C. of

D. deal


A. work

B. had worked

C. has worked

D. worked


A. took

B. cost

C. spent

D. got


A. time

B. hours

C. seconds

D. days

2 Choose true, false

Terraced rice fields are located in the northern mountainous provinces. Local ethnic minority peoples can grow rice and establish terraced rice fields, one after another, from the foot to nearly top of mountains. In distance, the terraced rice fields look like a picture of nature with heart-catching beauty keeping tourists to stay for admiration for a while. This picture however has its colour changed seasonally. As usual in April and May, the local people water their fields at full to prepare for a new crop. At this time, the surface of terraced fields shines like a mirror. In June and July, the terraced rice fields with fully-grown paddy rice and forest trees spread the green out to the entire area. In September and October when autumn ends, the terraced rice fields look like golden silk scarves flying over in the wind above green mountain slopes. Famous terraced rice fields can be found in Yen Bai, Ha Giang. Especially, the fields in Sa Pa (Lao Cai Province) were voted as one of seven most beautiful and impressive terraced rice fields of Asia.


Terraced fields are established from the middle to the top of mountains.

A. True

B. False


Tourists are amazed with the beauty of terraced fields.

A. True

B. False


Terraced fields keep its color the same all year round.

A. False

B. True


Harvest time falls in September and October.

A. False

B. True


Sapa' terraced fields were among the most beautiful fields of the world.

A. False

B. Tr

1 câu trả lời

1,There won’t be any trouble with you, ______?

A. will there B. will it C. will they D. won’t they

2. Would you mind not _____on the radio until I’ve finished typing the document? A. to turn B. turning C. being turned D. to be turned

3. The aodai _________of a long silk tunic that it is slit on the sides
A. consists B. has C. includes D. involves

4. The crier shouted the ______news as he was walking

A. late B. later C. latter D. latest

5. Islam is the country’s official ______in Brunei

A. culture B. religion C. language D. tradition

6. The parkers ______a lot of maize on their farm

A. rise B. raise C. grow D. feedS

7. Malaysia is a _______country of ASEAN

A. region B. friend C. member D. foreign

8. Today TV ______can watch a lot of interesting local and international programs

A. lookers B. seers C. viewers D. observers

9. If you want to improve your English, you should ______speaking it as much as possible

A. practice B. train C. learn D. use

10. Lan’s pen pal was really ________by the beauty of Vietnam

A. worried B. embarrassed C. expected D. impressed

11. The coach will ______us at 5 pm tomorrow

A. arrive B. collect C. catch D. get off

12. Does your father enjoy _______newspapers? A. read B. reading C. to read D. be read

13. I wish I _____enough money to buy a laptop A. have B. had C. have had D. am having

14. Nam said that he ______to buy that blue T-shirt

A. not want B. doesn’t want C. didn’t want D. not wanted

15. You bought this pair of trouser yesterday, ______? A. didn’t you B. weren’t you C. did you D. were you

16. The book at least by next Friday

A. must return B. must have returned 17. He asked me if I ______at that school A. study B. was studied C. studied D. was studying 18. The policemen ________him to go with them to the police station A. let B. caused C. made D forced 19. I was ______in the countryside and went to a village school A. brought up B. carried on C. given up D. taken up 20. A lot of my friends left school at 16, and they now ______leaving so early A. sorry B. confuse C. regret D. worry 21. Thanks to the internet, people can get the ______information A. late B. later C. lately D. latest 22. Nowadays, we can watch a ______of interesting programs on TV A. varies B. variation C. variety D. varieties 23. Internet users sometimes have to _____various viruses A. bore B. carry C. keep D. suffer 24. We usually watch the news on TV because it is very _____ A. information B. informative C. inform D. formal 25. The internet nowadays has become an important means of _____ A. relation B. communication C. combination D. connection 26. _____, an electronic form, is a way of sending messages from one computer to another A. information B. e-mail C. Texts D. Data 27. TV viewers can enjoy various interesting programs just by selecting the right _____ A. ways B. forms C. channels D. routes 28. How much time do you spend _____a web a day? A. surf B. to surf C. surfing D. to have surfed

29. Mr. Wilson needs to leaves right now, _____? A. needn’t he B. doesn’t he C. need he D. does he

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