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Take a garbage bag while walking through the neighborhood: Pick up any litter along the way. As a by-product, you can get some exercise built into your day.Shop with locally owned businesses, saving time and money: Many locally owned businesses offer services like free gift-wrapping and delivery. And a percentage of your sales taxes go directly to the local community.Find positive aspects of your community share with other people: A positive image encourages residents to shop locally, increases the chance new businesses will open in the area and promotes growth.Attend a local festival or other event: Many have free admission and activities. Most festivals are actually fundraisers for non-profit organizations who make their money through sponsorships. Since sponsors look at attendance numbers to decide how much to give, your family can add to the number and help increase what businesses give next year.Write a letter to local elected officials encouraging them for making good decisions for the community: People work harder when they know they are appreciated. And elected officials seldom hear enough encouraging words.Put a potted plant on your front porch: When your home looks spruced up, it makes the whole neighborhood and the community to look better as well.Take left over dinner to an elderly neighbor: If you have a family of four, cook enough dinner for five one night and deliver a plate to the widow next door. Your delivery helps you to get to know your neighbors better. And police promote knowing your neighbors as the best way to fight neighborhood crime.Look for opportunities to give in your community: Many schools collect items, such as like canned foods, old coats, toys and eyeglasses, for less fortunate families.Vote: While the Presidential election comes around only once every four years, elections happen every year. Check out the candidates for local and state elections.Encourage your employer to sponsor local events, join a civic organization or allow employees to volunteer during work hours: Many businesses have volunteer programs to reward employees for volunteering. Local news media often cover large volunteer events and having employee representation gives businesses extra publicity.

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Worform" volunteer" 1. When she retired, she did a lot of ____voluntary_______srevice for the Red Cross 2. Last month the company ___volunteered_____to donate fifty trucks to help the flooded areas 3. The students do the ____volunteer_____work to help the poor 4. If you don't leave _______voluntarily_______then we will send you away 5. He went_____________to the police to explain what he had done

Wordfrom" annual" 1. The beauty contests are _____annually____held ( annual) 2. He struck a note of pessomism in his_____annual____report(annual) 3. The average ____annual_____rainfall in this region is 750mm 4. You will receive ______annual______pay increments every september

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A: hello, B

B: hi, A

A: Today I want to interview you about volunteer work.

B: Ok. I'm ready.Let's start.

A : Have you done volunteer work ?

B : Yes , I have. I have done volunteer work for a non-profit organisation.

A: What did you do there?

B: I donated books and old clothes for street children. I cooked meals and bring for them.

A: Wow. Great! What else ?

B : We also helped elderly people at the nursing home.

A: Why do you like doing volunteer work?

B: Because I want to help street children, make friends and make a difference.

A: What are your plan for volunteer work next year?

B: I will ask my relatives and friends to donate books and clothes.

I also raise money and make postcards to sell them to help street children

A: You have a kind-hearted.

B: Thank you.

A : Thanks for your answers.

B: You're welcome.

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1.Those active boys like to go....climbinghttp://2.It is important for children to get a good...3.I think you should give it up.There is no...for
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The police caught the thieves red - handed

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1) Rewrite the following sentences with the words given

a) Seeing him there, I was really really surprised

When I ______________saw him there, I was really really surprised____________________

b) It is very unhealthy to play computer games all day.

Playing ____________________computer games all day is very unhealthy________________

2) Write correct sentences with the words given

a) be/ handicapped/ disadvantage / somebody's life

-> There are some handicapped disadvantage on somebody's life

b) The boy/ denied / throw / ball / glass / window

-> The boy denied throwing/ having thrown the ball to the glass window

c) we / exhausted / after / clean / all / floors

-> We were exhausted after cleaning all the floors

d) having / rain / all night / they / couldn't / mow / lawn

-> Having rained all night, they couldn't mow the lawn

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