Unit 4 : Our past - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Bài 1. Hoàn thành đoạn hội thoại với những động từ cho sẵn dưới đây ở thì Hiện tại đơn hoặc thì
Hiện tại tiếp diễn sao cho phù hợp.
Take (x2) start (x2) leave go do depart get come
The big day
A: Have you heard of Brad and Mimi?
B: Brad and Mimi? What’s happened?
A: They (1) _____ARE GETTING______ married on Saturday?
B: You’re joking. I didn’t know that Mimi fancied Brad. When (2) _________________ the wedding
__________ place?
A: It (3) ___________ place on Saturday. Didn’t you listen to me?
B: Of course I did. But what time (4) ____ it __________?
A: The wedding ceremony (5) ___________ at 11 o’clock in the All Saints church.
B: (6) _______ you ____________?


A: Yes, I am. They’ve invited me.
B: Do you think I could join you?
A: Why not? I’m sure the church is going to be full. But I (7) ______________ early in the morning
because my dad (8) ___________________ to work by car on Saturday and he can take me to the All
B: If your dad doesn’t mind _________________
A: No problem. The more, the merrier, he always says. By the ways, (9) ______ you _________-
anything tomorrow morning? We could buy some present for them.
B: Good idea. We can get the bus to the Macy’s shopping Gallery. It (10) ____________________ at
A: All right. See you at the bus stop. Bye.
A: Bye-bye.
Bài 2. Cho dạng đúng của độngt từ trong ngoặc ở thì hiện tại đơn hoặc thì Hiện tại tiếp diễn để
diễn tả tương lại.
1. The train ____________ at 9 at night. (arrive)
2. Giovanni ___________ to spend the weekend with us. (come)
3. What time _______ you _______ to the doctor’s on Wednesday? (go)
4. What time __________________ the film _________________ ? (start)
5. ____________ the concert _______________ at 7 or 8? (begin)
6. We _______________ a dinner party on Friday and you’re invited. (have)
7. Most shops in Spain __________ until 10 am. (not open)
8. What time ______________ the corner shop ________________? (shut)
9. Where ________________ you ____________________ in Bangkok? (stay)
10. My tai chi classes __________________ next week? (start)
11. Out flight ____________ in London at4 o’clock in the afternoon. (land)


12. Everything’s arranged. We ______________ house this Saturday. (move)
13. We _____________ at Litith’s Café this afternoon at four. (meet)
14. I’m sorry. I can’t meet up this weekend. We _________ to Wales. (go)
15. Our ferry ___________ for lbiza at 6 tomorrow morning. (depart).
Bài 3. Gạch chân lỗi sai trong đoạn văn sau đây và sửa lại cho đúng.
Mary and I am best friends and we have learned English with each other since half a year. Both of us is
highly interested in learning this language due to a number of factors. First of all, learning English
enable us to understand masterpieces from English speaking countries such as books, movies and
music. Although Mary is always complain that some English grammar structures are too difficult to
remember, she is always making great effort to learn the language. She often goes to the library to
borrow English written books. By now, Mary is reading up to 5 books in English. I am preferring
watching movies to reading books. Sometimes, we are talking with each other in English and share
about the books or movies we have just enjoy.
1. _________________ -> _____________
2. _________________ -> _____________
3. _________________ -> _____________
4. _________________ -> _____________
5. _________________ -> _____________
6. _________________ -> _____________
7. _________________ -> _____________
8. _________________ -> _____________
9. _________________ -> _____________
10. _________________ -> _____________

ghi đáp án hộ em ạ!nhưng ghi câu để khoog bị nhầm

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Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence .

1. She was very upset by the _______ of his English examination.

A. result B. failure C. affect D. success

2. TV is bringing not only information _______ entertainment.

A. and B. but also C. as D. although

3. As a leader, he must learn how to speak well _______.

A. in public B. in school C. outside D. in country

4. A person who cannot speak or hear is called _______.

A. a character B. a deaf C. a blind D. a deaf-mute

5. Donna is _______ and she has a flower shop in Britain.

A. a flower seller B. a flower girl C. a florist D. a flower lady

6. Chicago is _______ right on the shore of Lake Michigan.

A. situated B. placed C. but D. laid

7. Would you mind _______ me your visa?

A. to show B. showed C. showing D. being shown

8. Natural disasters such as storms, floods or droughts can easily _______ their crops and harvests.

A. damage B. harm C. destroy D. all are correct

9. Its three _______ are building character, encouraging good citizenship and personal fitness.

A. decisions B. intentions C. aims D. achievements

10. Put _______ in my situation, you will understand why I was sad.

A. myself B. you C. yourself D. herself

11. _______ we arrived at the airport in time to see him off.

A. unluckily B. luckily C. luckier D. lucky

12. The activity of skating on ice is _______.

A. skating - ice B. ice - skating C. rice-cooking D. water -fetching

13. Health _______ is very important to prevent young people from the infection of AIDS.

A. educate B. education C. educator D. educational

14. In my opinion, it’s only common _______ to wear a seat belt in a car.

A. sense B. judgment C. intelligence D. wit

15. When I arrived at school, the school drum was _______.

A. ringing B. cheering C. sounding D. racing

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Read the passage and choose the best answer.

After inventing dynamite, Swedish-born Alfred Nobel became a very rich man. However, he foresaw its universally destructive powers too late. Nobel preferred not to be remembered as the inventor of dynamite, so in 1895, just two weeks before his death, he created a fund to be used for awarding prizes to people who had made worthwhile contributions to mankind. Originally there were five awards: literature, physics, chemistry, medicine and peace. Economics was added in 1968, just sixty-seven years after the first awards ceremony. Nobel's original legacy of nine million dollars was invested, and the interest on this sum is used for the awards which vary from $30,000 to $125,000.

Every year on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel's death, the awards (gold medal, illuminated diploma, and money) are presented to the winners. Sometimes politics plays an important role in the judges' decisions. Americans have won numerous science awards, but relatively few literature prizes. No awards were presented from 1940 to 1942 at the beginning of World War II Some people have won two prizes, but this is rare; others have shared their prizes.

1. When did the first award ceremony take place7

A. 1895 B . 1901 C. 1962 D. 1968

2. Why was the Nobel prize established?

A. To recognise worthwhile contributions to humanity.

B. To resolve political differences.

C. To honour the inventor of dynamite.

D. To spend money.

3. In which area have Americans received the most awards?

A. Literature B. Peace C. Economics D. Science

4. Which of the following statements is not true?

A. Awards vary in monetary value.

B. Ceremonies are held on December 10 to commemorate Nobel's invention.

C. Politics can play an important role in selecting the winners.

D. A few individuals have won two awards.

5. In how many fields are the prizes bestowed?

A. 2 B. 5 C. 6 D. 10

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Choose the best answer to fill in the blank

16. My friend .............. the answer to the question now.

A. is known B. know C. is knowing D. knows

17. I think I’ll buy this pair of shoes. They................ me really well.

A. fit B. are fitting C. have fit D. are fitted

18. I’ll tell my uncle all the news when I ............... him.

A. will see B. am going to see C. see D. shall see

19. I’ve got my key. I found it when I ................. for something else.

A. looked B. have looked C. looking D. was looking

20. “All these photographs ................... with a very cheap camera,” he said.

A. have taken B. take C. were taken D. were taking

21. I wondered ................... the tickets were on sale yet.

A. what B. whether C. when D. where

22. Dinner will be ready soon. Can you please .............. the table?

A. lay B. put C. make D. take

23. Our neighbors are very ...................... on camping holidays.

A. interested B. fond C. eager D. keen

24. There are some one following us. I think we .........................................in this area.

A. are following B. are followed

C. follow D. are being followed

25. Walt Disney ....................... the character of Mickey Mouse

A. was created B. is created C. creates D. created .

26. Would you like to go to the cinema? –No, thanks. I’d…………stay at home.

A. better B. like C. rather D. prefer

27. Did they ask you what examinations you’ve……………..?

A. succeeded B. passed C. overcome D. obtained

28. The Caspian Sea, a salt lake, is…………… any other lake in the world.

A. larger than B. largest C. the largest D. the larger than

29. Most people prefer…………..money to…………….it.

A. spend- earn B. spending- earn C. to spend – earning D. spending- earning

30. Our teacher made us…………….harder.

A. working B. to work C. work D. works

31. The plane will………………..in a few minutes.

A. take off B. land C. group D. both A&B

32.The teacher told the student ……………

A. what to do that B. how to do that C. which to do that D. by how to do that

33. He is used to …………….in public.

A. the speaking B. be speaking C. speak D. speaking

34. Do you think I should practice………..English every day?- Yes, if you want to improve it.

A. on listening B. to listen C. listened D. listening

35. I am not old enough ………. the car.

A. driving B. drive C. drove D. to drive

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