Unit 4 : Learning a foreign language - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Rewrite each of the following sentences so that it means the same as the first one, beginning with the given words.

1. Getting the tickets for the match tomorrow is not difficult.

ð He ____________________________________________________________________________

2. How about going camping this weekend?

ð Why __________________________________________________________________________?

3. There's no need for the students to wear uniforms on Mondays.

ð The students ____________________________________________________________________.

4. John didn't find driving on the left very difficult..

ð It _____________________________________________________________________________.

5. I was late for school this morning. My sister was, too.

ð Both ___________________________________________________________________________

6. The exam was easier than we thought.

ð The exam wasn't _________________________________________________________________.

7. They won't be able to come to the party on Sunday.

ð It will __________________________________________________________________________.

8. It takes me about two hours each day to do my homework.

ð I spend _________________________________________________________________________.

9. She is the worst cook in the world.

ð Nobody ________________________________________________________________________

10. The library contains over 30 million books.

ð There __________________________________________________________________________

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