Unit 3 : At home - Hỏi đáp

I. Dùng cấu trúc ''What + (a/an) + adj + noun!'' để viết câu cảm thán.

Ex: Lan is taller than Hoa. (tall)

Armchairs are more comfortable than chairs. (comfortable)

1. A new house is __________________ an old one. (expensive)

2. Motorbikes are __________________ bicycles. (fast)

3. My television is __________________ his television. (modern)

4. Summer is __________________ spring. (hot)

5. Jane is __________________ her sister. (beautiful)

6. Skirts are __________________ dresses. (cheap)

7. Your stereo is __________________ mine. (good)

8. A bicycle is often __________________ a car in busy cities. (convenient)

9. The weather today is __________________ it was yesterday. (bad)

10. David is __________________ John. (clever)

II. Hoàn tất các câu sau, dùng hình thức so sánh nhất của các tính từ trong ngoặc.

Ex: Nam is the youngest student in his class. (young)

These toys are the most expensive in the toystore. (expensive)

1. Nile River is __________________ river in the world. (long)

2. This book is __________________ of three books. (interesting)

3. Ho Chi Minh City is __________________ city in Viet Nam. (big)

4. They are __________________ students in my class. (good)

5. These houses are __________________ in the cillage. (beautiful)

6. Winter is __________________ season in the year. (cold)

7. Airplane is __________________ means of transport. (fast)

8. He is __________________ person in the meeting. (important)

9. I am __________________ man in the world. (happy)

10. This is __________________ party I've been to. (bad)

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