Unit 3 : At home

Nguyễn Thái Dương
Nguyễn Thái Dương 5 tháng 1 lúc 20:34

what is the kitchen have ?

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🍀🧡_Trang_🧡🍀 CTV 5 tháng 1 lúc 20:19

what are there in the kitchen

-> What is the kitchen have?

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Tuệ Lâm
Tuệ Lâm 28 tháng 12 2020 lúc 12:22

Rewrite the following sentences using the word given in bracket

1. Peter started to collect stamps two years ago. (For)

=> peter has colleted stamps for two years

2. Lan read books everyday. She want to widen her knowledge.(so)

=> she wants to widen her knowledge so she reads books every day

3. Minh can't play the guitar, and Năm can't play the gui

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Bạch Nhiên
Bạch Nhiên 20 tháng 12 2020 lúc 15:53

#Tham khảo!

Nowadays, media development has many positive influences in human’s life. People have lots of sources to get information and take entertainment such as television, radio, Internet, etc. but nobody can deny the importance as well as the benefits of reading books.

First, reading books helps us widen our knowledge. Vietnamese has a proverb which means that we should travel to broad our understanding, if we always stay at home with our mother, we will never be wise. However, nowadays, not only does reading books costs less money but it is also more comfortable than taking a trip. We just lie on the couch and comprehensive what is happening in the books. Thanks to the wide range of books such as science, literature, astronomy, archeology, biology, physics, etc. we can get information focus on our own fields as well as the others. The more books we have read, the more knowing we have obtained.

Secondly, reading books helps us improve our expression ability like writing and speaking. The writing style of some our favorite writers will affect ours. Especially, when we read foreign literature, we will not only know more about that country but also have chance to improve our reading skill, learn new words which can be used to better our essays.

Last but not least, reading books helps us relax after a hard-working day. It is also an interest for everybody who does not like to visit crowded places at the weekend. They like quiet atmosphere and do not want to disturb anybody so they consider books as their close friend. They meet their stories, their lives in books and they feel extremely sympathetic with the characters’ situations. Reading books makes them happy and relieve stress.

In conclusion, reading books is so important and has many benefits. It not only help us become more clever but also bring us happiness. Therefore, everyone should be encouraged to read books as much as possible.

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Nguyễn Phương Vy
Nguyễn Phương Vy 13 tháng 12 2020 lúc 14:21

... was you studying.....

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🍀Tâm Zi🧡
🍀Tâm Zi🧡 23 tháng 11 2020 lúc 21:17

Dear Mai,

I want to make a small announcement that next week is my birthday, and it would be great if you can take your time and join us for a small party at my house. It will be started at 5pm and maybe ended early around 9pm, so I hope it is a suitable time for you and everyone. There will be birthday cake, delicious dishes that are made by my mom, and a lot of candies at the party. We can eat and play a lot of fun games afterwards.

Call me if you cannot make it to my party

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon



Tham khảo

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Não Gà
Não Gà 1 tháng 11 2020 lúc 7:52

Tham khảo


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Bạch Nhiên
Bạch Nhiên 25 tháng 10 2020 lúc 18:35

I.Hoàn thành đoạn hội thoại sau

Phuong : What (1) are you doing, Mai?

Minh : I (2) am cooking dinner.

Phuong : Great! (3) Do you like cooking?

Minh : Yes, for me it (4) is really a hobby.

Phuong : What (5) a good idea!

Minh : And (6) what are you doing, Phuong?

Phuong : (7) I am cleaning the living room.

Minh : Oh, (8) how hard – working you are!

Phuong : Do you see it (9) is clean and nice now?

Minh : Oh, yes. How clean and nice it (10)is !

Phuong : Would you go (11) to the room and have a a glass of orange juice?

Minh : Wonderful! I’ll go as soon as (12) to finish my cooking.

Phuong : OK. I’ll wait (13) for you.

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🍀🧡_Trang_🧡🍀 CTV 4 tháng 10 2020 lúc 22:47

đề là gì vậy????

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🍀🧡_Trang_🧡🍀 CTV 4 tháng 10 2020 lúc 7:21

phần gạch chân ở đâu vậy???

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Tuấn Đỗ
Tuấn Đỗ 3 tháng 10 2020 lúc 20:31


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🍀🧡_Trang_🧡🍀 CTV 4 tháng 10 2020 lúc 7:23

toanh has to take a panadol because she is having a cold

-> Why does toanh have to take a panadol?

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