Unit 3 : A DAY IN THE LIFE OF .......

Gaming DemonYT
Gaming DemonYT 2 tháng 12 2020 lúc 15:17

Cấu trúc: S + do/ does + not + V(nguyên mẫu) +… Ví dụ: – I don't go shopping regularly. (Tôi không đi mua sắm thường xuyên.) → Trong câu này, chủ ngữ là “I” nên ta mượn trợ động từ “do” + not, và động từ “go” theo sau ở dạng NGUYÊN MẪU.

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Phương Dung
Phương Dung 2 tháng 12 2020 lúc 17:47

thì hiện tại đơn

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Julian Edward
Julian Edward 14 tháng 10 2020 lúc 23:27

Choosing Healthy Foods Try to eat a variety of foods. Make sure that you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables than high-fat food. You can also choose beans or tofu and low-fat milk for your meal. This can help you avoid obesity and provide you a lot of vitamins.

Getting Some Exercise You can do some easy movements right after you get up. Try to work out at least half an hour or an hour at a gym a day or walk around your neighborhood. Exercise improves the body in many ways. It makes your heart and muscles become stronger. It is one of the most important parts of keeping your body at a healthy weight.

Avoiding Bad Habits Some habits are really unhealthy such as staying up late or working too hard. You should sleep enough and take a rest after working for a long time. Remember to shower and clean your teeth every day.


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Vy Le
Vy Le CTV 6 tháng 10 2020 lúc 23:27

1. The goverment has invited two specialists in nuclear energy to help them build new power plant. ( special )

2. A tragic accident took place on the highway last night. ( tragedy )

3. I can never figure out how she can answer every question brilliantly. ( brilliance )

4. You should take some Panadol to ease your headache. ( easy )

5. This hairstyle really makes her look mature . ( maturity )

6. Every details have been scientifically calculated to bring about best results. ( science )

7. It is fair to judge a child's development base on intelligence alone? ( intelligent )

8. The United Nations was founded to maintain world peace and stability. ( found )

9. It's nice to have a convenience store right across the street. ( convenient )

10. We are in need of a scientific solution to this problem. ( science

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Hồ Bảo Trâm
Hồ Bảo Trâm 25 tháng 8 2020 lúc 19:53

Word form

1 All the fruit and vegetables sold in this market are grown ...locally.. (local)

2 There are so many restaurants and coffee shops in this ..neighbourhood... (neighbour)

3 She smiled ..contentedly.. as she watches her baby learning to walk ...... (content)

4 We have the .Physical.. Education lesson on Thursday morning, just before the English lesson ..... ( physics)

5 My friend, joe, asked me to give him some ..information. about life of Vietnamese farmers ..... (inform)

6 ...Transplantation.. Of organs from living donors are becoming more popular ..... (transplant)

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Sammie 4 tháng 10 2019 lúc 23:05

After having cleaned the floor, she ironed the clothes

After she had cleaned the floor, she ironed the clothes

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Louis Thương Thanh
Louis Thương Thanh 13 tháng 9 2019 lúc 15:37

1. Doing homework is a student's daily routine.

a. Thing one rarely does

b. Thing one regularly does

c. Thing one occasionally does

d. Thing one never does

2. Before the plane takes off, passengers must........their seat belts.

a. Fasten b. Flee

c. Emit d. Unbind

3. My morning ....... is to get up at seven, have breakfast, then leave home at eight.

a. Timetable b. Habit

c. Routine d. Action

4. On his.......at the airport, John felt a little disappointed when no one came and picked him up.

a. Arrival b. Arrive

c. Arriver d. Arrived

5. It was the most........experience of my life.

a. Frighten b. Frightening

c. Frightened d. Frightful

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Ngố ngây ngô
Ngố ngây ngô CTV 30 tháng 7 2019 lúc 15:10

the biggest building in this city is 327 meters in height

=> the biggest building in this city is 327 meters high

=> the biggest building in this city has a height of 327 meters

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Nam Lê
Nam Lê 1 tháng 10 2019 lúc 21:04

The biggest building in this city is 327 meters high.

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Khoá học trên OLM của Đại học Sư phạm HN


Khoá học trên OLM của Đại học Sư phạm HN