Unit 2 : Making arrangements - Hỏi đáp

Choose the best options from the given words or phrases to commplete the passage.

Your headache and you sneeze and cough. Your nose is all stuffed up, and it keeps running, so you have to blow it every few minutes. You know by these (1)……… that you have a cold, and you feel completely (2)……… You are not sure if you will live through the day.

Everyone suffers (3)……… the common cold at some time or other. It isn’t a serious (4)………, but over a billion dollars a year is spent on different kinds of cold medicine every year. This medicine can relieve the symptoms. That is, it can make you cough (5)………, make your head less intense, and stop your nose (6)……… for a while. However, it can cure your cold. So far, (7)……… no cure for the common cold and no medicine to prevent it.

(8)……… there is no cure or preventive medicine for colds, people have all kinds of ideas about (9)……… to prevent and treat colds. Some people think that if you eat a lot of onions, you won’t catch cold. (10)……… say that you should avoid getting wet and chilled, or you will catch cold. However, this is apparently not so.

1. A. diseases

B. fevers

C. cures

D. symptoms

2. A. sad

B. hungry

C. miserable

D. thirsty

3. A. from

B. of

C. with

D. about

4. A. misery

B. illness

C. headache

D. wrong

5. A. less

B. fewer

C. much

D. more

6. A. walking

B. jogging

C. running

D. flowing

7. A. it is

B. there is

C. they are

D. there are

8. A. Although

B. Despite

C. In spite

D. But

9. A. what

B. why

C. where

D. how

10. A. Other’s

B. Another

C. Others

D. Other

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