Unit 2: Life in the countryside

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Choose the best answer to complete each ot the following sentences.

1. Nam helped his parents ________ the rice into the ox-drawn cart.

A load B. collect C dry D rider

2. in En's opinion city life is more____than country life.

A friendly B exciting C natural D peaceful

3. The sky is __ here in the countryside because there are no buildings to block the view.

D. vast C. dense A. tidy B. Close

4. Look Some children are ____the buffaloes

A. picking B. playing C. driving D. herding

5. Viet plays the guitar ____than Phong does.

A. better B. gooder C. more well D. more goodly

6. Medical help is_____________ easily obtained in remote areas than in towns.

A. fewer B. less C. higher D. more

7. Today Peter gets up _______than he did yesterday

A. more earlily B. more early C. more earlier B,  earlier

8. He seems to be _____ than we thought.

A. more quick B. more quickly C. quicklier D. quicker

9. The wind is blowing_____ than it did last night.

A. stronger B. more strongly C. stronglier D. more stronger

10. Is living in the city _____than living in the country?

A. more convenient B. as convenient C. most convenient D. so convenient

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Life is a process, not a goal. Choosing where to spend your time, to spend your life has always been something to wonder by many. Countryside in general is a great place to live, however, also there are some disadvantages living there compared to in the city as well.

On one hand, the living environment in the countryside is fresh, clean and friendly in most cases. You don't have to worry about the industrial air, dust or pollution of the million vehicles commuting all day and all night. One more plus thing is that you are surrounded by green trees. There are spaces for you to farm, to enjoy planting and raising animals. It is most suitable for nature lovers.

On the other hand, there are high chances that it will be difficult to find certain forms of convenience like shops, airports, traffics, hospitals, entertainments, ... The choices of schools for your kids will also be limited. Travelling might be an ordeal sometimes since the public transports will not be very convenient as living in the city.

One more thing to consider is the people. In general, people in the countryside are more friendly and willing to give a hand. In the city however, everyone is busy going about their life, you are more likely to find yourself lonely in a crowded city than a lovely little town in the countryside. 

Whichever kind of place you choose to live, it should be suitable for your life style, your family and most of all, your long-term plan of living. As long as you're happy, it does not matter the city or the countryside after all.

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The police will show you the way

-> You will be showed the way by the police.

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You will be showed the way by the police

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Fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition. 1. The farmers loaded the rice straw _____onto____ buffalo drawn carts. 2. She is always envious ____of_____ her cousin’s long blond hair. 3. He joined the boys ____in_____ herding the buffaloes. 4. Would you like to visit the countryside ____at_____ harvest time? 5. I think it’s better for children to grow ___up______ in the countryside. 6. The computer provides access ____to_____ all the information. 7. The nomad move two or three times a year to look ____for_____ new pastures. 8. A ger can be put ____up_____, then taken ____down_____ and transported. 9. My father used to live _____on____ a farm when he was younger. 10. Last summer holiday I went ____on_____ a trip _____to____ the countryside.

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Nguyễn Ngọc Dương
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1. to go

58.haven't finished

59. did you do; was; went

60. haven't seen; has been; bought

61. haven't heard; met

62. has been waiting

63. to drink



66.is planting; smoking

68. was; would help

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1.to go

58.haven't finished

59.did you do/was/went

60.haven't seen/has been/bought

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Nguyễn Thị Diệp
26 tháng 9 2020 lúc 16:42
1 giờ trước (15:22)
strawberries, hay, a donkey, a fence, sheep, flowers, rice straw, ahorse, a tent, grass, a building, grapes, cattle, a camel, a memorial, rainwater, a bike, roses, buffaloes, a motorcycle, cows, lettuces, a poster, stamps, goats,

♦ride: a camel, a bike, a motobike, a donkey, a car, an ostrich ♦ herd: buffaloes, cattle, goats, sheep ♦collect: food, water, data, information, dolls, postcards ♦pick: grapes, blackberry, strawberry, tea buds ♦ put up: a flag, a fence, a memorial, a notice

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Phương Anh
26 tháng 9 2020 lúc 16:50
IV. Put the words in the box in the correct rows: strawberries, hay, a donkey, a fence, sheep, flowers, rice straw, ahorse, a tent, grass, a building, grapes, cattle, a camel, a memorial, rainwater, a bike, roses, buffaloes, a motorcycle, cows, lettuces, a poster, stamps, goats. ride: a bike, a motorcycleherd: buffaloes, cows , a camel, cattle, a horse, a donkey, sheep, goats collect: rainwater, stampspick: strawberries, grapes, flowers, roses, lettuces, grass, hay, rice strawput up: a poster, a tent, a fence, a building, a memorial Study well :)))
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