Unit 16 : People and places - Hỏi đáp

I. Fill each blank In the following sentences with a word from the box

Colorful Considered Traditionally Lantern Supertition
Decorating Society Canals Attractions Holiday

1. India was an agricultural where people would seek the divine blessing of Laksmi, the Goddess of Wealth

2. During the Carnival of Venice, the are full of colorful boats

3. Diwali in India's biggest and most important of the year

4. The number of in Da Lat is increasing

5. , the festival also marked the end of harvest, and parents who had been hard at work in the fields enjoyed spending extra time with their children

6. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous festival and the biggest carnival in the world with 2 million people per day on the streets

7.The children wear masks and dance in the streets with star lanterns that are illuminated by candles

8. Chinese New Year ends with a festival

9. Halloween has always been a holiday filled with mystery, magic and

10. Every year, in Harbin Ice and Snow Festival people buid incredible things out of ice and snow, them with lights and lasers

II. Fill in each blank in the following passage with ONE suitable word from the box

According Are Numbers As
Enjoy By Ones Rises

Among the festivals celebrated 1....... some of Asian people is the Moon Cake festival, also known 2....... the Mid -August Festival. Large 3....... of small round Moon caes 4....... eaten on this day, and children 5....... carrying colourful paper lanterns come in all shapes; the more popular 6....... are shaped like fish, rabbits, and buterflies. 7....... to thm the moon shines brightest on the nights of the Moon Cake Festivals. As the moon 8......., table are placed outside the house and women make offerings of fruit and moon cakes to the Moon Goddess

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1. This is an______________movie. I was afraid when watching it. FRIGHTEN

2. I was______________when I saw him dress totally in black.

3. It is______________to meet you here. SURPRISE

4. My daughter felt________________at my gift on her birthday.

5. We are very______________about the upcoming trip on Sunday. EXCITE

6. How____________this book is!

7. You look______________. What has made you scared? Don't worry! TERRIFY

8. This is the most______________game in the park.

9. He is a______________man. He is lazy and drunk all day. DISAPPOINT

10. We are completely______________because of failing the exam.

11. Are you______________in our new publication? INTEREST

12. This is the most_______________poem I have ever read.

13. She felt_____________when hearing that she was turned down for the job. DEPRESS

14. Failing the interview is_______________.

15. What an______________actor! He makes the movie wonderful. AMAZE

16. Were you______________when she appeared suddenly?

17. I am______________with this work. It is the same everyday. BORE

18. How______________she is! She is always talking about silly things.

19. Are you_____________with the result? SATISFY

20. The work is_____________and I am very happy.

Adj/ adv:

1. She smiled_____________when she met him again. HAPPY

2. You are______________because the train has just left. UNLUCKY

3. She is a______________student. She learns very____________. HARD

4. She can type very______________. QUICK

5. My brother walks______________to avoid making noise. QUIET

6. My sister can speak English_____________. FLUENT

Comparative of adj/ adv:

1. She is______________than me. LAZY

2. Anna runs_____________than John. SLOW

3. She works_____________than everyone. HARD

4. Noone can run_____________than Jack. FAST

5. My brother draws_____________than me. GOOD

6. She is______________at English than her sister. GOOD

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