Unit 16: Man’s environment - Hỏi đáp

41.Don't t................ waster in the street.

42.Your mother's sister is your ___________.

43.It's _________ and it snows in winter. ( sunny, windy, cool, cold )

44.The monkey is _____ the car. ( near, under, next to, on )

45.at the meeting/ won't/ be/ tomorrow./ Mr Smith

46.Dolphins can't live in _________ water, but a lo of the sea is polluted.

47.Don't eat too many ice-_______ before going to bed.

48.Which sentence is correct?

A.What weather do you like? B.What's weather do you like?

C.What is weather you like? D.What the weather are you like?

49.Visitors/ 10 p.m/ can's stay in/ the hospital/ after

50.his small field/ vegetable/ in/ a few/ grows/ This farmer

51.Could you bring me a b......... of chocolate tomorrow?

52.________ is the new apartment? - Well, it's quite big!

53.Children like reading these comics because thay're ____________ ( boring, interesting, funny, cheap )

54...................... - Bread, please.

A.Do you like bread for dinner? B.What do you like for dinner?

C.What do you would like for dinner? D. Would you like bread for dinner?

55.cooking and/ Wash vegetable/ eating./ and fruits/ before

56.Where do/ playing/ your students/ practise/ the piano?

57.Bicycle is one of the cheapest m........................ of transportation.

58............? - She speaks English.

A.Which languare does he speak? B.Which languare can she speak?

C.Which languare is she speaking? D.Which languare is she speak?

59.This woman/ her daughters./ than all of/ has/ more money

60.Do you/ classmates do/ is the/ their homework/ library?


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