Unit 16 : Inventions - Hỏi đáp

7. ………………….. your homework finished last night?

a. Was b. Did c. Are d. Do

8. The boy forgot ……… the newspaper for his father.

a. buy b. to buy c. buying d. bought.

9. We ……. him for months now.

a. don’t see b. didn’t see c. haven’t seen d. won’t see

10. My parents wouldn’t let me …….. up late when I was a child.

a. stay b. staying c. to stay d. to be stay

VI. Choose the word or phrase that needs correcting.

1. They happily looked at the children play in the yard.


2. This is the second time I took part in the rice – cooking contest.


3. When Andrew saw the question, he was knowing the answer immediately.


4. We have not decided how to deal with the new problem already.


5. Lots of information are stored in the computer.


VII. Choose the most suitable word to complete the passage.

The computer is undoubtedly one of the most amaing and important (1) ……………. of the twentieth century. Boring or (2) …………. jobs which, in the past, would have been (3) ………… out by hundreds of workers can now (4) ………… by one small computer. However, the (5) ………….. of the computer has not been entirely problem-free. Many people feel that we are already too denpendent (6) ………….. computers. They think that computers themselves are (7) ……….. too powerful, and that people are no (8) ……. in control of them.

1. a . invents b. inventors c. inventions d. inventories

2. a. time-saving b. tim-sharing c. time-limit d. time-consuming

3. a. carried b. taken c. brought d. turned

4. a. do b. make c. be done d. be made

5. a. way b. use c. usage d. means

6. a. in b. at c. on d. of

7. a. becoming b. running c. coming d. keeping

8. a. harder b. faster c. earlier d. longer.

VIII. Read the passage and then choose the correct answers.

The Statue of Liberty, one of America’s most familiar image, is on an island in New York Harbor. It is a symbol of freedom. It was a gift to American people from French to show the friendship between the two nations. This is the statue of a woman who is wearing a loose robe and a crown on her head. Her right hand holds a burning torch, and her left hand holds a tablet with the date July 4, 1776 on it. The statue weighs 205 tons and is 46 meters high. It stands on a stone base. The base and the pedestal increase the height of the monument to 93 meters. The statue was completed in 1884 in France, and then transported to America in 1886. Tourists can visit the statue from 9.30 a.m to 5 p.m daily except Christmas Day.

1. The Statue of Liberty is in ………………….

a. the center of New York city

b. New York Harbor

c. the suburbs of New York city

d. Los Angeles

2. The statue was made by ………………………

a. French people b. American people

c. British people d. New York people

3. The statue was made because ………………………

a. French people wanted to show their friendship with American people

b. American people wanted to show their friendship with French people

c. French people wanted to show their aspiration for freedom.

d. American people wanted to guarantee liberty.

4. The height of the monument is ………………

a. 46 meters b. 47 meters c. 93 meters d. 139 meters

5. Tourists can visit the Statue of Liberty …………………

a. every day, including Chritmas Day

b. from Monday to Friday

c. every day, but not on Chritmas Day

d. on Christmas Day

6. In the USA, the date July 4 is …………….

a. Independence Day b. Thanksgiving Day

c. Labour Day d. Boxing Day

IX. Choose the sentence that has the same meaning as the root one.

1. They haven’t seen their uncle for ten years.

a. The last time they saw their uncle was ten years ago.

b. Ten years ago they first saw their uncle.

c. Ten years is a long time for them to see their uncle.

d. It’s ten years when their uncle first saw them.

2. “Can I borrow your ruler, Lan?” asked Viet.

a. Lan asked if Viet could lend her his ruler.

b. Viet asked whether he could borrow Lan’s ruler.

c. Viet wanted to land Lan his ruler.

d. Lan wanted to borrow Viet’s ruler.

3. I’ll be happy to give you a lift.

a. Would you mind giving me a lift?

b. Giving me a lift will make you happy.

c. I’ll be happy if you give me a lift.

d. I don’t mind giving you a lift.

4. We have never seen a prettier flower display.

a. This flower display isn’t as pretty as those we’ve ever seen.

b. This the the prettiest flower display we’ve ever seen.

c. This flower display is prettier than some we’ve ever seen.

d. This is one of the prettiest flower displays we’ve ever seen.

5. Hoa is better at English than Linh.

a. Hoa isn’t as good at English as Linh.

b. Linh isn’t so good at English as Hoa.

c. Hoa is worse at English than Linh.

d. Linh isn’t as bad as English as Hoa.

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II. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.
6. a. liquify b. appliance c. helicopter d. document
7. a. mixture b. wonder c. perform d. heritage
8. a. guarantee b. properly c. chocolate d. printer
9. a.computer b. ingredient c. available d. bulletin
10.a. invent b. decorate c. participate d. design
III. Choose the word or phrase that best complete each of the sentence.
1. She has worked as a secretary ……… she graduated from college.
a. since b. until c. before d. while
2. We are very fond …… the game 20 questions.
a. in b. at c. with d. of
3. Could you turn the music ………. a little. It’s too loud!
a. on b. off c. down d. up
4. Glass is usually …….. sand.
a. made from b. made of c. made by d. made with
5. The Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt is one of seven …………… of the world.
a. landmarks b. historic places c. famous sights d. wonders
6. She asked the guide ……………. Phong Nha Cave was the most beautiful cave in Vietnam.
a. where d. which c. whether d. what
7. The statue was ……… out of stone.
a. cut b. designed c. carved d. sliced
8. They worked hard …….. they could pass the final examination.
a. since b. because c. although d. so that
9. The winner of the contest was given a(n) ……… for her excellent performance.
a. bonus b. reward c. fine d. award
10. …………. Was the fountain pen invented? Lewis Waterman.
a. Who b. By who c. Whom d. By whom
IV. Choose the correct form of the word to complete the sentence.
Radio, telegraph, television and other invention brought ……. for newspaper.
a. compete b. competence c. competition d. competitor
It’s one of the most ………….. trips I’ve ever had.
a. enjoying b. enjoyable c. recently d. recense
He has ……….. bought a new house.
a. recent d. recency c. recently d. recense
Faraday is one of the greatest ………. in history.
a. invents b. inventions c. inventive d. inventors
Scientific progress supplies us with ………………
a. convenient b. conveniences c. inconvenient d. inconveniences
V. Match the questions in column A to the suitable answers in column B.
Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentences.
1. I am looking forward …………. from you.
a. to hear b. hearing c. to hearing d. to be heard
2. The flight to London …………….. for half an hour.
a. delayed b. is delayed c. has delayed d. has been delayed
3. Who is ……….. player in the team?
a. good b. better c. the best d. well
4. The Angkor Thon used ………. the royal capital city.
a. to being b. to be c. be d. being
5. When I came to visit her last night, she ……….. a bath.
a. is having b. was having c. has had d. had
6. Between the two boys, Harry is ……..
a. smarter b. smartest c. the smarter d. the smartest
7. ………………….. your homework finished last night

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I. Active or passive? Put the verbs into the correct form.
1. There is somebody walking behind us. I think we (follow) __________.
2. Every time I print a document, the printer (break) __________ down.
3. Apples (say) __________ to be good for our health.
4. Hoa (bear) __________ in Hue but she (grow) _________ up in Hanoi.
5. “Is Thanh’s house still for sale?” – “No, it (sell) ________ since last month.”
6. The application form should (send) _________ today so that I (arrive) _________ the next day.
7. How _______ cakes (make) _______? _______ you (ever/ make) _______?
8. I (see) _______ an accident last night. Somebody (call) _______ an ambulance but nobody (injure) ________ so the ambulance (not/ need) ________.
9. “Who (invent) ________ the microphone?” “It (invent) ________ by D.E. Hughes in 1878.”
10. The printer (break) _______ down yesterday, but now it’s OK. It (work) _______ again; it (repair) _________.
11. The professor (give) ________ a speech on history at the moment.
12. A research (do) _______ by the professor for three years.
13. An English-speaking club (hold) _______ in our school next year.
14. We (organize) ________ a workshop on environment this weekend.
15. Something (do) ________ in our city to improve living condition so far.
16. They (take) _______ part in a contest last year.
17. We (go) ________ home with you then. Do you agree?
18. Flowers (cut) ________ in the morning to sell in the market

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