Unit 14 : Free time

Cuc Pham
22 tháng 6 2020 lúc 22:11

Hoa: What are your hobbies?

Sở thích của cậu là gì?

Mai: My hoobies are listening to music and cooking. What about you?

À, tớ thích âm nhạc và nấu ăn. Còn cậu thì sao?

Hoa: I like to listen to music, too. And I also very interested in reading novels

Tớ cũng thích âm nhạc. Tớ còn rất thích tiểu thuyết nữa

Mai: How interesting! I used to collect novels

Thật thú vị! Mình cũng đã từng sưu tiểu thuyết đấy

Hoa: Really?

Thật sao?

Mai: Yes, What do you like novols?

Ừ, Bạn thích cuốn tiểu thuyết nào.

Hoa: I like Black Mass. Do you know it?

Tôi thích tiểu thuyết Black Mass. Bạn biết nó chứ?

Mai: Of couse. It was made into a movie

Tất nhiên.Nó đã được nguyển thể thành phim.

Hoa: Would you like to watch them with me?

Cậu có muốn xem cùng tôi không?

Mai: That’d be great

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28 tháng 4 2020 lúc 20:05

Cho mình đề bài @Đạt Dũng Phù

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Nguyễn Huyền Trâm
23 tháng 4 2020 lúc 14:23

Viết câu theo những từ gợi ý dùng dạng hoặc thì đúng của động từ

1.My father/Enjoy/play chess in his free time

=> My father enjoys playing chess in his free time

2.I/would like/see a detective movie

=> I would like to see a detective movie

3.They/prefer/listen to pop music

=> They prefer listening to pop music

4.Teenagers/like/listen the latest pop music

=> Teenagers like listening the lastest pop music

5.The children/hate go to bed early

=> The children hate going to bed early

6.My grandmother/prefer/live in the country

=> My grandmother prefers living in the country

7.She /love/walk in the rain

=> She loves walking in the rain

8.We/would love/meet your family

=> We would love to meet your family

9.Phong and Minh/not like/go to the movies

=> Phong and Minh don't like going to the movies

10.Young children/enjoy/help around the house

=> Young children enjoy helping around the house

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12 tháng 3 2020 lúc 12:53

Why not help poor people?

=> Let's help poor people

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Vương Thị Thanh Hoa
12 tháng 10 2019 lúc 13:07

Dùng từ gợi ý viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi

1: She has a red Japanese car. I have a red Japanese car, too

=>She has a red Japanese car and so do i /i do,too

2: Jane loves classical music, bút John loves rock and roll

=>Jane's favorite kind of music is different from John's

3: My grandfather doesn't like football. My father doesn't like football

=> My grandfather doesn't like football and neither does my father/my father doesn't,either

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Vũ Hà Thảo Anh
6 tháng 5 2019 lúc 14:33

This is the beginning of the semester, so I am starting to have less time for myself. What I do during the day is studying, so I have very little time to relax and do whatever I like. What I love to do in my free time is drawing, reading books, and watching TV. I have a notebook that is full of my drawings, and I do not allow anyone to open it up. Making outline of something in my imagination is a good way for me to reduce stress, and I love to look at them as my masterpieces after a long time. When I am out of ideas to draw, I choose to read books to be creative. Reading is also a method to ease my nerve and help me to escape this tired world, so I always have at least one book to read at a time. Finally, when my eyes cannot look at more tiny words, I turn on the TV to see the colorful images and people. Watching TV does not require me to pay much attention, and sometimes I just sit there in front of the screen without actually know what show is going on. Having free time for myself is great, and I treasure those times a lot.

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5 tháng 5 2019 lúc 20:01

Olympia is one of my favorite TV show. This is a television knowledge contest for high school students. It is always shown on VTV 3 at 13 o'clock every Sunday. Candidates are the best students in the country. MC is quite charming and beautiful lady. The program also has a team of consultants who are experienced teachers. In the program, there are 4 competitions, which in turn is the start, the obstacle, accelerate and the goal. Every competition is very interesting and exciting, it requires students not only knowledge from books but also social knowledge. Contestants do not only have knowledge but also must have both brave and self-confidence. The students, parents go cheer for the contestants are very enthusiastic. In the contestants, competitor that I like most is Lam Vu Tuan, he is very talented and funny. My biggest dream is to study well and participate in the program compete for knowledge.

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5 tháng 5 2019 lúc 20:01

What do you do in the free time? To me, it is waiting to see “Who wants to be a millionaire”. This program is of Vietnam, buy copyright from the program of the UK. It is shown on VTV3 on Tuesdays at 21 o'clock. In the program, I like MC Van Lai Sam most, who is a very funny and friendly person. The rules are quite simple, the contestants have to answer quickly and accurately, the best one will be chosen on the hot seat and try himself with the questions that the program offers. With every correct answer, he will achieve a certain milestone. The player is given 4 helpdesks, 50.50, calls to relatives, counseling on the spot, consultation with the audiences. The questions of the program are quite interesting, making the audiences so interested. I think this is a very interesting and useful program, it provides us with a wide variety of selective knowledge.My family enjoyed this show so much, all members gather in the living room to watch the show, which makes me feel so happy. In the future, I hope the program will develop further and bring to the viewers great moments of entertainment.

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5 tháng 5 2019 lúc 20:02

Gợi ý: Do you like watching TV? (Em có thích xem tivi không?) - How many hours a day do you watch TV? (Em xem tivi bao nhiêu tiếng một ngày?) - How do you compare the time you spend watching TV to the time you spend on outdoor activities?(Em so sánh thế nào giữa thời gian em dành để xem tivi với thời gian dành cho các hoạt động ngoài trời?) - Do you watch TV when you are eating/ entertaining/ reading …? (Em có xem tivi khi đang ăn/ giải trí/ đọc không…?) - What kind of programme do you watch most? (Em hay xem loại chương trình nào nhất?) - Do you leave your TV on when you are not watching it? (Em có để tivi bật khi không xem tivi nữa không?) - How do you think about your TV-watching habits? (Em nghĩ gì về những thói quen xem tivi của mình?)

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Vương Thị Thanh Hoa
23 tháng 4 2019 lúc 12:39

Đề bài tìm lỗi sai và sửa lại cho đúng

1. Shall we play volleybal=>VOLLEYBALL

2. He skateboorded =>SKATEBOARDERDED carclessly=>CAREFULLY and londed over his back.

3. I ought=>OUGHT TO go to the post office this afternoon.

4. Milk is very good to=>FOR growing children

5. You had betther to=>BỎ take some exeriesec

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