26 tháng 2 lúc 18:31

Chào em, em tham khảo nhé!

(Music) Musical films were the first(speak) spoken films that replaced the old silent films in the history of cinema. Lam is a worker. The job is really(exhaust) exhausting and sometimes he is(exhaust) exhausted after a hard day. Few people can(existence) exist without water for more than a week. The 1990s were a period of (rapidly) rapid change.Unfortunately, I lost(interesting) interest halfway through the film. Tourism has(replacement) replaced agriculture as the nation's main industry. You rescued me from an(embarrass) embarrassing situation. Do you believe in the existence of ghosts(exist)? The work is progressing rapidly (rapid). The sudden appearance of a policeman caused the thief to run away(appear). You must place these events in their historical context (history)This is the most thrilling race that I've ever taken part in (thrill)I like reading detective stories very much (read)I was generous of you to share your food with me (generosity)It's a tragedy for this country that such a great musician died so young (tragic)Researchers in this field have made some important new discoveries(discover)He's a romantic at heart, a born adventure(adventure).

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25 tháng 6 2020 lúc 18:16

Not until he went to HCM City had he been a famous singer.

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Uyen Nhi
6 tháng 7 2020 lúc 14:51

It was not until Lan had phoned Hoa third time that she answered the phone call.

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Minh Nguyệt
29 tháng 5 2020 lúc 22:44

Not until last month was the report finished

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27 tháng 5 2020 lúc 16:36

Pick out a word which is stressed on different position from the others.

1. A. audience I. B. religion C. compose D. memorial

2. A. wilderness B. lyrical C. detective D. motion

3. A.shortage B. powerful C. character: D. disaster

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25 tháng 5 2020 lúc 21:18

XIII. Find the one mistake (A,B,C or D) in these sentences and then correct them:

1. Some movie fans can't (A)separate fantasy(B) from reality and (C)confused -> confuse an actor with the character he plays

giải thích: bạn để ý chữ "can't" nhé và ngay sau đó ta có V " seperate" ko chia -> hợp lí và nối với từ "and" thì V phía sau giống vơi V trước tức là nó sẽ là V<bare>

2. We're (A)always (B)amazing -> amazed (C)by John's (D)incredible travel stories

giải thích: cái này thì nó thuộc phần kiến thức khi nào sử dụng Adj_ed và khi nào sử dụng tính từ Adj_ing

+ Adj_ed -> dùng để diễn tả cảm xúc của người nó về một sự vật hiện tượng nào đó

+Adj_ing -> dùng để diễn tả cảm giác cái gì đó khiến bạn cảm thấy thế nào

4. (A)The comedian worked (B)hardly -> hard to (C)entertain the (D)children in the hospital.

giải thích: hard <Adj> đc chyển thành adv cũng là "hard" còn hardly cũng là Adv nhưng mà là Adv chỉ tần suất mang nghĩa làm hiếm khi

5. (A)The critic's (B)description of the film made it (C)sound very (D)applealed -> applealing < cái này gần giống với câu 2>

5. Part of (A) the entertainment of seeing a movie is understanding how the director (B)combination -> combine a (C)range of different styles to (D)attain an artistic goal

giải thích: how là từ để hỏi tiếp sau đó là S ... và a range of... là O vậy ở đây ta cần một V thay cho là N

6. They (A)find (B)photography (C)very (D)interseted -> interesting -> kiến thức như ở câu 2

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15 tháng 5 2020 lúc 22:47

1You should go to work if you want to carn money (phraics purpose)

=> you should go to work to/ so as to/ in order to earn money

2 I didn't go to bed last night until 4a.min the morning

It was not until ..4 a.m in the morning that i went to bed last night....

3 the chikl couldn't talk until be was 3 years old

It was not until..3 years old that the child couldn't talk....

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Minh Nguyệt
14 tháng 5 2020 lúc 22:35

1. She is going to New York next month.

2. I saw them at the post office this morning.

3. He hadn't finished his work until yesterday.

4. My brother has lived in California for a long time.

5. Hurry up! Our friends are waiting for us at school.

6. It was not until last week that I received her letter.

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