Unit 13 : Activities - Hỏi đáp

B) ‘‘What are you looking for, boy ’’. Mrs. Green said to Jim. ‘‘Books ’’ . Jim whispered softly. ‘‘What are you looking for?’’, the librarian said. ‘‘All of them ’’, Jim answered. ‘‘All of them? ’’, the librarian said ,“ You can’t borrow more than four books with one card ’’. “ I don’t want to borrow any of them ’’ Jim said. “I just want to look at them. You see, I can’t read’’.

The old librarian looked at the boy for a moment. This was something new in all her sixty years of experience at the public library. ‘‘Well ’’, she said at last, ‘‘perhaps it’s just as well that you can’t read. Rush along now and look at the books as you please!’’

71. Mrs. Green is ………

a. a bookkeeper b. shopkeeper c. a librarian d. a teacher

72. She works in ………

a. a school library b. a pupil library c. a bookshop d. a supermarket

73. Jim is a ………

a. student b. pupil c. a little boy d. a little girl

74. What is he looking for?

a. books b. toys c. notebooks d. drawing books

75. How many books can we borrow with a card?

a. not more than four books b. more than four books c. only four books d. three books

76. What kind of card did Mrs. Green mention?

a. postcards b. library cards c. student cards d. pupil cards

77. Jim didn’t want to borrow books because …….

a. he didn’t have a card b. he didn’t have money c. Mrs. Green didn’t agree d. he couldn’t read

78. What did he want? – He wanted …….

a. to look at the books b. to read the books c. to see the photos d. to watch the pictures

79. Mrs. Green has worked in the pupil library tor …….

a. sixteen years b. sixty years d. six years d. sixty- six years

80. She was surprised because Jim’s asking to look at the books was …… to her

a. something new b. boring c. something old d. the same thing

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