Unit 12 : MUSIC

Tuệ Lâm
20 tháng 12 2020 lúc 19:09

1. Detroit is renowned for the ____production______ of cars. PRODUCE

2. If you make a good _____impression______ at the interview, you will get the job. IMPRESS

3. Teaching and medicine are more than _____occupations_____, they're professions. OCCUPY

4. My history teacher has a vast ____knowledge_______ of past events. KNOW

5. You are never too old to go to college and gain some ____qualification_______ QUALIFY

6. My greatest ___achievement_______ was graduating from the university. ACHIEVE

7. The weatherman said there is a strong ___possibility________ of rain today. POSSIBLE

8. Some old laws are no longer ____effective_______ EFFECT

9. Athens is______famous_____ for its ancient buildings. FAME

10. He was caught shoplifting so now he has a _____criminal______ record. CRIME

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Khánh Huyền
2 tháng 11 2020 lúc 19:29

What kind of music do you like?

=>I like Pop music

Why do you like it?

=>Because it makes me feel comfortable, happy, relieved

What is your favorite singer?

=>My favorite singer is Jack

What is your favorite musician?

=>It's Mr.Siro

When do you often listen to music?

=>I often listen to music in my free time

How do you feel when you listen to music ?

=>I feel very happy

#Học tốt

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Võ Bảo Vân
15 tháng 6 2020 lúc 20:39

1.It was not until the thirteenth stroke......... the bell stopped.

A. So that B. That C. Before D.when


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Minh Nguyệt
27 tháng 5 2020 lúc 21:26

Musical/ nation

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27 tháng 5 2020 lúc 20:51

Tìm lỗi sai và sửa lại The reason(A) what -> why (B) I didn't come(C) to the party was that I was ill(D)

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Ngố ngây ngô
27 tháng 5 2020 lúc 20:45

We are tired ___ the same piece of music all the time although it is our favorite a. of listening to b. to listen to c. for listening to d. in order to listen to

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Minh Nguyệt
23 tháng 5 2020 lúc 21:10

đặt câu hỏi cho cụm từ nào bạn??? Mà chung chung thế này thì nhiều lắm

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Khoá học trên OLM của Đại học Sư phạm HN


Khoá học trên OLM của Đại học Sư phạm HN