Unit 12: Let's it - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Đọc đoạn hội thoại và chọn phương án thích hợp nhất

Some people do not eat meat (1).............. they believe it is crule (2)........... animals . This may be because their relighion forbids it or because they do not like to think that an animal had to suffer and die just so they could have a (3) ............. . Many people who are (4) ........... for this reason also avoid (5)........... clothes and shoes that are made of animal fur and leather .

Some people do not eat meat because they believe it is too (6) ............ . By not buying meat , these vegetarians have more money left over to buy (7)........ kinds of food . Meat is high in portein , which is an important element of food that people need to stay alive . Vegetarians (8) ........... sure they get the portein their bodies need bu eating other , less expensive types of food like nuts , cheese and milk .

(9)............ people decide to stop eating meat , they must find alternative sources for the nutrients they need to (10) ........... healthy . After a while , a vegetarian diet becomes a regular part of daily life .

1. A) so B) because C) because of D) as of

2. A) killing B) for killing C) to kill D) kill

3. A) lunch B) breakfast C) dinner D) meal

4. A) vegetarians B) vegetarian C) a vegetarian D) the vegetarian

5. A) put on B) getting on C) wearing D) wear

6. A) cheap B) delicious C) sour D) expensive

7. A) another B) other C) others D) one another

8. A) get B) can C) make D) go

9. A) On B) While C) When D) At

10. A) stay B) keeping C) maintain D) service

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Câu 5: Mỗi dòng dưới đây có một lỗi sai. Hãy tìm và sửa lỗi sai đó.

1. The pineapples aren't ripe. Neither aren't the mangoes.

2. Milk is good to growing children.

3. - Do you like some more coffee?

4. You had better to take some exercise.

5. My little son sometimes forgets brushing his teeth.

Câu 6: Đọc đoạn văn rồi trả lời câu hỏi bên dưới.

Indians in North and South America ate popcorn thousands of years ago. Scientists found some ears of popcorn in New Mexico, a state in the United States. They were 5,600 years old. Farmers probably learned to raise popcorn first before they planted other kinds of corn. Farmers now raise popcorn in the United States, Australia, Argentinas, South Africa, and southern Europe.

Corn was an important food for the Indians. It was also important for the religion. When Columbus and other Europeans visited the New World, they saw this. When the Indians and Europeans had their first Thanksgiving, they ate popcorn. Today Thanksgiving is an important holiday in the United States, but people don't usually eat popcorn for this holiday now.

In the 1920s, people started selling popcorn at movies. Now most movie theaters in the United States sell popcorn. Popcorn and movie go together very well.

Is popcorn good for you? Yes, it is. However, some people put a lot of salt and butter or vegetable oil on it. It tastes good that way, but it is not very good for you.

1. Where did popcorn come from?

2. How was corn important to Indians?

3. When did movie theaters start selling popcorn?

4. Where do farmers grow popcorn?

5. Is popcorn good for you? When isn't it good for you?

Câu 7: Sử dụng những từ gợi ý viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh.

1. There be/ wide selection/ meat/ display.

2. She fry/ vegetables/ little vegetable oil.

3. Jane/ wash/ salads well/ /water.

4. - What/ you have/ dinner/ tonight? - had beefsteak/ cucumber salad.

5. You should eat/ variety/ foods/ without/ eat too much/ anything.

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