Unit 11: NATIONAL PARKS - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1/ the last time I ..... in Athens, the weather was hot and humid
a. had been b. was c. am d. will have been
2. since i left my hometown, i .... to visit my friends and family several times
a. had returned b. have returned c. returned d. will have returned
1. haft the world's rain forests have already been ....
a/ endangered b. eroded c. found d. destroyed
2/ try to eliminate fatty foods from your diet
a. limit b. get rid of c. move d. add
3. acid rain has caused severe... on the hillside
a. erosion b. pollution c. destruction d. floods
5. this channel allows rainwater to run off
a. keep inside b. move around c. flow into d. flow out of
6. scientists are nơ researching new meansures to prevent... levels from rising
a/ pollute b. polluted c. polluting d. pollution
7. this park is the orphanage where lots of orphaned and abandoned animals are taken care of
a. looked after b. involved in c. dealt with d. moved in
8. new laws have been passed to ... wildlife in this area
a. establish b. conserve c. produce d. endanger
9. they were seeking a solution to the ... of the rain forests
a. destroy b. destroying c. destroyer d. destruction
10........ ken didn't have a ticket he was allowed to come in
a. although b.because of c. because d. in spite of
11. most most species in this forest are threatended with .....
a. appearance b. protection c. extinction d. destruction
12. we really ought to make a start on campaigns to ... our polluted rivers and seas
a. clean up b. clear away c. wipe out d. tidy up
15. the turtle has a long life.....
a. age b. span c. expectancy d. b and C
16. thy water is so contaminated that it is not suitable for drinking
a. toxic b. salty c. dangerous d. polluted
17. without plants, water would... .... as soon as it falls
a. run out b. run off c. run of d. run away
20. he's really delighted with his new CD player
a. pleased b. angry c. entertained d. annoyed
21. will you see tom at lunch today ? i'd like you to give him a message. i'm not going to lunch, but if i ..... him later, I.......him your message
a. should see/ will see b. see/give c. saw/ would d. could see/ will give
22, " john moved the big table alone" did he ? if he ..... me , I .... him
a. asked/ would help b. asked/ might have helped c. had asked/ could help
d. had asked / would have helped
23. what a beautiful dress you're wearing
- thank you, it.... especially for me by a French tailor
a. makes b. has made c. made d. was made
24. last night a tornado swept through Rockville. It..... everything in its path
a. was destroy b. was being destroyed c. destroyed d. had been destroyed
25. in some areas water...... from the ground faster than nature can replenish the supply
a. is being taken b. has been taking c. is taking d. has taken
26. an announcement about the eight o'clock flight to Chicago.......
a. has been already made b. has already made c. has already been made d. already made
27. .......during the storm
a. they were collapsed the fence b. the fence was collapsed c. they collapsed the fence d. the fence collapsed
28. the new computer system.........next month
a. is being install by people b. is be installed
c. will be installed d. is been installed
29. today many serious childhood diseases.....by early immuization
a. are preventing b. can prevent c. prevent d. can be prevented
30. it would have been a much more serious accident ..... fast at the time
a. was she driving b. she had driven c. had she been driving d. if she drove
31. we can't go along here because the road.........
a. is repairing b. is being repaired c. have been repaired d. has repaired

II/ rewrite the following sentences
1. pay more attention or you won't understand what these people are saying
-> if
2. i have just read one of my most favourite novels
-> one of my most favourite novels
3. Alan's knowledge of art hasn't impressed me
-> i
4. the pollution in the city was affecting people's breathing
-> people's breathing
5. they are going to steal your money if you're not careful
-> your money
7. mary really wants to buy the book, but she doesn't have enough money
-> were
8. we believe that he has special knowledge which may be useful to the police
-> he
-> it
9. lan is going to take a monthly test next tuesday
-> a monthly test
10. my father makes me spell this word properly
-> i
11. all his friend will see him off at the airport
-> he
12. without helen's help, I couldn't have finished the work on time
-> if helen
-> if it

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In the United States and its territories alone, there are more than 40 national parks, varying considerably in landscape and mood. Each park was chosen for its unique features, representatives of a particular region of the country. Everglades national park, for example, at the southern tip of Florida, is a huge subtropical swamp, which provides refuge for such unusual reptiles as the alligator and for thousands of varieties of birds, including the graceful pink flamingo.

In sharp contrast to the Everglades are the arid, dusty parks of the west. Mesa Verde national park in Colorado, for example, preserves the ruins of an Indian civilization which flourished in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Today, tourists can wander through the awesome cliff dwellings that the Indians carved out of the steep rock.

1. What is the main idea of the passage?

a. The large number of nation parks

b. National parks as a wildlife refuge

c. The diversity of the national parks

d. The differences between Mesa Verde National Park and the Everglades

2. National parks in the US _________________.

a. are a lot different from each other

b. change a lot in landscape and mood

c. are made more interesting

d. are completely different from other parks in the world

3. Everglades National Park is ________________.

a. in the south of the United States

b. home to alligators and many varieties of birds

c. an area of land that is full of water

d. all are correct

4. The word “which” in line 10 refers to

a. Mesa Verde National Park

b. the ruins

c. Indian

d. civilization

5. Which of the following statements is false?

a. Every national park in the US has its special features

b. Everglades Park has a cold climate

c. The ruins of an Indian civilization are being preserved

d. Some of the dwellings in Mesa Verde are accessible only by ladder

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Tiếp nha ....Các b làm tốt lắm

13. Peter has practised playing the piano.......................the piano contest next week.

A. in order enter B. to entering C. to enter D. to not enter

14. ....................did you stay there? - I spent three wonderful weeks there.

A. How long B. How far C. How much D. How often

15. Like language, mUsic is used to...................

A. entertain B. entertainment C. communicate D. communication

16.She prefers Science fiction films................detective ones.

A. on B. than C. like D to

17. The coins ................... to be over a thousand years old.

A. is mention B. is mentioned C. are mentioning D. are mentioned

18.Where is ............... letter which I put on ........... desk.

A. a/the B. a/an C. a/a D. the/the

19.Yesterday, while I was walking to school, I saw...........bird on..........tree.

A. a/a B. the/a C. a/the D. the/the

20. Mai and I have dicided to have a party. We ........... lot of people.

A. will invite B. are inviting C. invited D. are going to invite

21. I ............... thriller film to action film.

A. like B. prefer C. would rather D. enjoy

22. I find horror films really................

A. disgust B. disgusts C. disgusting D. disgusted

23. All the fans jumped about in...........when their team scored the final penalty.

A. exciting B. excised C. excisetingly D. excisement

24.What a ............... experience !

A. terror B. terrify C. terrified D. terrifying

25. Don't let children see.............films.

A. horror B. horrifying C. horrified D. horrible

26. His foolish mistakes .................. all of us.

A. amusing B. amused C. amusement D. amuses

27. To the great .................... of all the audience, the actor's beard fell off.

A. amusement B. amusing C. amuse D. amused

28. Many laws ........... in nature's defense.

A. are passed B. have passed C. are passing D. were being passed

29.The international football .............. is held every four years.

A. match B. contest C. tournament D. game

30. Germany was the.................... of the 2006 World Cup. The 18th World Cup was held there.

A. trophy B. host nation C. continent D. tournament

31. The World Cup is considered the most popular sproting event in the World.

A. competed B. regarded C. witnessed D. organized

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