Unit 10: Our houses in the future

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4 tháng 5 lúc 10:50


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Cậu_Chủ_Nhỏ ...!
4 tháng 5 lúc 11:03

Từ Mars và Earth là hai từ khó tìm nhất.


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Phong Thần
4 tháng 5 lúc 11:02

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MinhVui Ve
25 tháng 2 lúc 8:30

how do you feel

dễ lắm


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minh nguyet
25 tháng 2 lúc 9:43

How do you feel ? 

We are hungry and thirsty

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Lê Thị Thùy
Nguyễn Võ Nam Phương
2 tháng 5 2020 lúc 11:27

Mình chỉ biết làm phần I thôi nhé:

1. will study

2. will wait

3. will have

4. will wear

5. will send

6. will arrive

7. will lie

8. will work

9. will meet

10. will play

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Nguyễn Ngọc Diệp Anh
22 tháng 4 2020 lúc 21:00

Câu 1: We should:

1.Drink enough water

2. Learn to read ingredient labels at the grocery store

3. Eat a balanced diet

4. Replace your foods with the lower fat/sugar versions

5. Plan your meals in advance

6. Start your meals with soup

7. Choose whole grain options

8. Do not skip breakfast

9. Sit down to eat a meal without distractions

10. Walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day unless you have mobility issues

11. Develop a routine

12. Balance the type of exercise you perform

còn nữa nhưng mà lười viết bucminh

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Tư Duệ
11 tháng 4 lúc 0:16

1. My future house will have a sea view so we can see the beach from my window.

2. “Can you tell me about your dream house in the future?”

3. My future house will be on the sea, and we can use solar and water energy. 4. “Where will your future house locate?”

5. Instead of taking pictures with our cameras, we will take pictures with our watches.

6.“Will you have a lot of trees and flowers in your house?”

7. A wireless TV will help us watch TV far from space.

8. Our future house should produce all of the energy it self.

9. People might watch films by smart phones.

10. We can change the rooms very quickly so that we can take new technology.

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Nguyễn Đức Nam
16 tháng 4 2020 lúc 9:07

1. What is your plan for this weekend? (to) -->What are you going to do this weekend?

2. You shouldn't use caplocks in e-mail. (avisible) -->It is not advisible to use caplocks in e-mail.

3. My CV is attached in this email. (find) -->You can find my CV in this e-mail

4. Do you want to see a movie tonight ? (would) --->Would you like to see a movie tonight?

5. What exactly is "netiquete"? (mean)-->What does "netiquete" mean?

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Trương Thị Ngọc Ánh
10 tháng 5 2019 lúc 10:18

My future house will be a villa. It will located by the sea. It will surrounded by many tall trees. There will be ten rooms in the house: a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dinning room, a gym, a library and a music room. In front of the house will be a big garden with many fruit trees and flowers. There will be a swimming pool and a big playground behind the house. To the left of the house will be a small pond where I can raise fish. My future house will have solar energy and wind energy. I will have two robots to help me do the houseworks such as: clean the floor, cook meals,....and a super smart TV to help me self- study at home, contact with my friends and order food from the supermarket.

I think I will live more comfortably and happily in my future house. I hope my dream will come true soon.

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Vulpecula Ami
2 tháng 10 2019 lúc 22:40

Dear Lily,

Everyone has a dream house and so am I. In the future, my dream house will be a palace. It will be hi-tech. There is a large yard in front of my house. My house will in the forest, so there are a lot of trees, flowers . My gate will be decorated with vines.It will between two big old trees. It is so beautiful. There are thirty rooms in my dream house. The living room is the largest in my house. There will be more than 5 floors in the house. I will decorate many things I like such as: the poster of my idol, flower vases, a bookshelf,... I need to raise some animals although there are many animals around my house. My pets are clever dogs and friendly cats. I will so happy if I live in here. It will be fresh, cool and full of happiness. Oh! It is late now. I must go to bed.

How about your future house? Write me soon.


Vulpecula Ami

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Ngọc Lan Tiên Tử
5 tháng 5 2019 lúc 7:29

It will be a great joy or happiness for everyone if we can own a house designed by ourselves. A house in my dream is not necessarily a large house, as long as it fits my style and character. A house located on the outskirts of town will be very suitable for me to enjoy a serene life. It will be a two- storey house facing west-south side. Moreover, my house can not be lack of a large garden surrounded by thousands of different colors of flowers and fruits. I like it the most when having a breakfast or enjoying night views in my own garden. Simplicity is beauty, this explains why I would prefer an airy space rather than a well- equipped house. However, the house should have basic necessities in the kitchen and bathroom to serve all my demands in daily life. In addition, I will use bright color tones for the whole house, especially my bedroom to make it more spacious. My bedroom will be more perfect and ideal if it has a balcony where i could smell the fragrance from the garden as well as enjoy the sound of the birds in the morning. Besides, I also have an intention of having a small garage and storage. In conclusion, nothing but a suitable house for my lifestyles will fulfill my future dream.

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