Unit 10 : life on other planets

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The gold mine pool leaching process has strict requirements on the dosage of cyanide solution; too much is of a waste and (36) too little can't guarantee the leaching effect. When using CNFREE eco-friendly gold leaching reagent, the requirements can be appropriately relaxed (37) in terms of dosage,and the same leaching effect of cyanide can be obtained, which saves cost and reduces environmental pollution. Add a small (38) amount of leaching material to the ore, agitate it uniformly and (39) put it into the pool, then spray the leaching solution containing CNFREE gold environmental leaching solution with the spray system to prevent the solidification of gold ore in the pool, and greatly (40) improve the permeability and leaching rate of the gold mine.

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Question 37. The first of four orbital test flights occurred in 1981, leading to operational flights beginning in 1982.

=> Before 1982, the first of four orbital test flights occurred in 1981_

Question 38. By the end of this week, my father will have bought a new vacuum cleaner as a gift for my mother.

=> By the end of this week, a new vacuum cleaner __will have been bought as a gift for my mother by my father___.

Question 39. Air-conditioners weren’t used populary in the past. They are now installed in almost every households.

=> Air-conditioners____which are now installed in almost every households weren’t used populary in the past

Question 40. In the past, students only learned what teachers provided them. Nowadays, students are expected to self-study a lot.

=> Students_in nowadays study much than students in the past

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III. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains(not) going to or might (not).

1. Perhaps it will rain tomorrow.

→ It is going to rain tomorrow

2. It’s possible that our team will win the world cup.

→ Our team might win the world cup

3. Perhaps he is in orbit.

→ He is going to e orbit

4. Perhaps I won’t phone her tonight.

→ I__am not going to phone her tonight

5. My brother plans to study oceanography.

→ My brother is going to study oceanography

6. Terry doesn’t intend to spend a month in the mountains.

→ Terry might not spend a month in the moutains

7. She has decided to have a celebration for her son’s successes.

→ She is going to have a celebration for her son's successes

8. We’ve arranged a party next Sunday.

→ We are going to arrange a party next Sunday

9. It’s possible that I’ll see you tomorrow, but I’m not sure.

→ I ____am going to see you tomorrow_, but I’m not sure.

10. Perhaps they will have some news for you next week.

→ They _are going to have some news for you next week

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Ngô Ngọc Phúc

mn giải giùm em à em cảm ơn

II. Word form

1. Many people believe in the _____________________ of UFOs.(exist)

2. In 1978, a pilot’s ______________________ shocked the world.(appear)

3. Astronauts must be in an __________________physical condition. (excel)

4. From the spacecraft, they can see ___________________ places.(interest)

5. Astronauts can get out of their __________________and walk in the cabin. (sit)

6. Most writers are very ______________________. (imagine)

7. They like watching_______________________programs on TV. (entertain)

8. They cannot show the shapes of the UFOs_________________. (clear)

9. Stories about UFOs are always ____________________. (mystery)

10. Once a man is on a space trip, he seems to be in a _____________world. (difference)

11. He worked hard and suffered from a __________________ breakdown. (nerve)

12. He was _____________________ because of his using drug before the race. (qualify)

13. His drug ______________________results in his ten years in prison. (traffic)

14. We should widen our__________________ relations with highly developed countries.(cooperate)

15. She decided to have a siesta(giấc ngủ trưa) ever though she was ________________to sleeping in the afternoon. (accustom)

16. Although some societies are ____________________ undeveloped, their languages are very complex.(technology)

17. There was a sudden _______________of clapping and cheering as he stood up to receive the first prize. (burst)

18. TV is both informative and _________________________. (entertain)

19. Unluckily, a sailor fell _____________________ but no one noticed. (board)

20. The bad salary causes ______________________ among all workers. (satisfy)

21. She is ______________________for her beauty than for her talent. (know)

22. He made a number of ___________________in his career as a doctor. (succeed)

23. I only had a day to visit all the tourist _________________.(attract)

24. She gave the crying baby a toy to ________________him.(quiet)

25. His comment was very ____________________. We all like it.(encourage)

26. They are trying to look for another _______________________. (explain)

27. Northern winds were so strong, so the explorers decided to walk _____________(south)

28. You should ___________________ yourselves with the new environment. (family)

29. Her resignation was an unfortunate _____________________. (occur)

30. You can rely him. He is always a very __________________ person. (depend)

Nguyễn Hải Mai

Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence. 1. Experiencing microgravity on a ______ flight is a part of astronaut training programmes. A. orbit B. ship C. mission D. parabolic 2. As soon as the spacecraft _____ into space, the crew started to observe the sun. A. has travelled B. had travelled C. travelled D. was travelling 3. A _____ is an enormous system of stars in outer space. A. comet B. galaxy C. universe D. solar system 4. In July of 1975, the first US-Soviet joint ______ so occurred with the Apollo-Soyuz object. A. company B. relation C. mission D. performance 5. He‟s so brilliant and he can do anything - _______. A. out of this world B. the sky's the limit C. it‟s over the moon D. once in a blue 6. Dan: Do you like to drink tea? Ben: I love coffee, but I only drink tea ______ in a blue moon. A. one B. once C. first D. only 7. Yuri Gagarin became the first person to eat and drink in ______. A. weightless B. gravity C. specific gravity D. microgravity 8. I passed all my exams - I‟m ________! A. out of this world B. the sky‟s the limit C. over the moon D. once in a blue moon 9. Vinasat-1 is Viet Nam‟s first telecommunication ______, which was launched in 2008. A. spacesuit B. astronomy C. microgravity D. satelite 10. The first ______ was done by Alexei Leonov, a Russia cosmonaut on March 18th

, 1965. It was 10

minutes long. A. spaceward B. spacesuit C. spacewalk D. spaceship 11. At night the ISS can easily be seen from the Earth, as it flies at the ______ of 20 kilometres above us. A. attitude B. height C. level D. altitude 12. She‟s very intelligent and knowledgeable. She can ______ everything under the sun. A. talk to B. talk about C. talk with D. talk of 13. The Milky Way is just a _____ in the universe and it contains our Solar System. A. galaxy B. planet C. comet D. meteorite 14. Virgin Galactic is the world‟s first commercial _______. A. spaceship B. exploration C. space D. spaceline 15. If you ______ the stars, all of your dreams will come true! A. reach at B. reach for C. reach in D. reach for 16. Christer Fuglesang said he enjoyed floating around in the ______ environment. A. weightless B. quiet C. homesick D. heavy

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Rewrite the following sentences using question words + to-infinitives

1.We don't know where we should put thế sofa

=>.We don't know where to put the sofa

2.The rulers didn't specify who I shoulf speak to in case of an emergency

=>.The rulers didn't specify who to speak to in case of an emergency

3.Mai wondered how she could ride the scooter

=>Mai wondered how to ride the scooter

4. Let us decide when we should start the project

=>Let us decide when to start the project

5.Could u tell me where I can find a good hotel?

=>Could you tell me where to find a good hotel?

6 We must find out what we are to do next

=>We must find out what to do next

7.A good dictionary tells u how u should pronounce the words

=>A good dictionary tells u how to pronounce the words

8.We are not sure who we will meet at thế entrance

=>We are not sure who to meet at the entrance

9.I can't remember when I have to turn off the oven

=>i can't remember when to turn off the oven

10.Do u know what u should look for?

=>Do you know what to look for ?

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how are you going to đo to improve your english ? ( by myself / evening classes )

--> I am going to đo to improve your english by myself

which hat are you going to buy ? ( brown one / grey one )

--> ] I am going to buy PINK one !!!

what are you going to give her as a birthday present ( watch / book )

--> I am going to give her a book as a birthday present

when is your father going to leave for london ( this weekend / next monday )

--> My father is going to leave london this weekend

what is your mother going to have for breakfast ( milk / toast )

-->My mother is going to have milk for breakfast

who is going to buy this famous painting ? ( mr. pike / mr. smith )

--> mr. pike is going to buy this famous painting

where is the principal now ( his office / LIBRARY )

--> the principal is at the library now

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1.If he doesn't work

=> Unless .........he works harder,he'll lose his job hared,he'll lose his job 2. I have never been here before => It is the first........time i have been here 3. you have read this novel, haven't you? => Have you......read this novel? 4. It was raining hard , so we had to cancel the game => We had to cancel the game because It was raining hard 5.Is's very wonderful to spend the weekend in the countryside => spending........the weekend in the countryside is very wonderful

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This car (buy)...would be bought... if it were cheap

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this car (buy) ...would buy... if it were cheap

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