Unit 1: Local Environment - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

VIII. Join each pair of sentences, using the word or phrase in brackets.
1. Hoa was born in Doc So craft village. She knows the process of making pottery. (BECAUSE)
2. The library was bombed. Many important historical documents were destroyed. (WHEN)
3. She entered the room. She knew there was something wrong. (AS SOON AS)
4. We decided to take rooms in Longwood House. We knew we could not afford the rent. (EVEN THOUGH)
5. My mom instructed me through 15 stages of making a conical hat. I could make one for me.
6. You want to knit a hat for your friend. You should watch tutorials on YouTube. (BEFORE)
7. I was not enjoying the party. I wanted to leave early. (AS)
8. I was cleaning out my cupboards. I found these photos. (WHILE)
9. I went to Malaysia last year. I wanted to experience a whole new world. (IN ORDER TO)
10. I attended a knitting workshop last Sunday. I don‟t know how to knit a scarf. (ALTHOUGH)

1 câu trả lời
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. 71. People think that climbing is a dangerous sport. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . Climbing ______________________________________________________________________________ . 72. We believe that he has special knowledge which may be useful to the police. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . He ______________________________________________________________________________________ . 73. Many people believe that air pollution is going to be much worse in the next decade. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . Air pollution ___________________________________________________________________________ . 74. They say that Napoleon died from poison. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . Napoleon _____________________________________________________________________________ . 75. We can say that the leisure industry will be the money spinner of the future. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . The leisure industry ________________________________________________________________________ . 76. Everyone thought the painting had been destroyed. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . The painting ______________________________________________________________________________ . 77. People say that the company bid fifty million pounds for the shares. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . The company __________________________________________________________________________ . 78. People know that the man put up with his wife too much. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . The man _________________________________________________________________________________ . 79. People think that the company is planning a new advertising campaign. It is _____________________________________________________________________________________ . The company _____________________________________________________________________________ . 80. People consider that she was the best singer that Australia has ever produced. It is _____________________________________________________________________________________ . She __________________________________________________________________________________ . 81. It is expected that some solutions will be made. Some solutions ____________________________________________________________________________ . 82. It is rumoured that the towers were built very long ago. The towers _______________________________________________________________________________ . 83. It is said that the soldiers surrendered to the enemy. The soldiers ___________________________________________________________________________ . 84. It was reported that the President had suffered a heart attack. The President _____________________________________________________________________________ . 85. It is alleged that the man was driving at 110 miles an hour. The man _________________________________________________________________________________ . 86. People believe that there are hundreds of homeless children living on the streets of the city. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . Hundreds of homeless children _______________________________________________________________ . 87. It is believed that the Chinese invented gunpowder. The Chinese ___________________________________________________________________________ . 88. People think the jewels were stolen by one of the guests. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . One of the guests ______________________________________________________________________ 89. Experts say that the fall in the birth rate between 1946 and 1977 caused the drop in the number of school leavers. It ___________________________________________________________________________________ . The drop ________________________________________________________________________________ . 90. They say that they have partially repaired the damage caused by the lack of technical knowledge. It _______________________________________________________________________________________ . The damage ______________________________________________________________________________ Mọi người ơi giúp mình với ạ 0 câu trả lời

I/Read the passage carefully,and then do the following tasks.

Our school has an organic garden.We learn about growing vegetables and looking after them in our food science lessons.In the holidays,we can volunteer to walk in the garden.My family live in a flat so it’s great for me to have a garden at school.Volunteers can take some vegetables home too,so my parents are very happy that I like working there.

My aunt and uncle live on a farm in the Red River Delta.It isn’t very big but they have hens,pigs and cows.We always go to stay with them in summer.It’s a beautiful palace and the food ia amazing.All the vegetables are so fresh and,because the farm,because the farm is organic,we know they are healthy,too.

We live in Ha Noi and my parents by food at The Viet Fresh Farm Shop near our flat.It is very famous in our city and all the food they sell is from animals that live on the farm or vegetables that they grow.They organise a food festival once a year and we always go to eat the free food and watch cookery demonstrations.They are really interesting and you can learn a lot about cooking.

A.Read the passage again.Match the underlined words with the correct meaning(1-6).

1.very good______________________________________________________.

2.something or someone that a lot of people know about_________________.

3.activties which explain and show how to do something_________________.

4.people working or helping because they want to,not for money____________.

5.the animals that the meat beef comes from_____________________________.

6.offer to do something for no money____________________________________.

B.Read the passage again.Choose the correct answer to the questions.

1.The students at the school__________.

A.have to work in the school garden.

B.get some free food for working in the garden.

C.have food science lessons during the holidays.

D.use the vegetables from garden in cookery lessons.

2. The student who wrote about the school garden_____________.

A.works there with her parents.

B.also helps in her parents’garden.

C.world like to world there in summer but she can’t.

D.doesn’t have a garden at home.

3.We know that the student who writes about the farm of her aunt and uncle certainly_____.

A.goes there every year. B.helps on the farms.

C.likes eating meat from the farm. D.eats only healthy food.

4.The Viet Fresh Farm Shop________.

A.is the best farm shop in Ha Noi. B.is famous all over Viet Nam.

C.sells only vegetarian food. D.only sells food from their farm

5.If you go to The Viet Fresh Farm food festival you_________.

A.have to pay for the food . B.can watch how to cook differents dishes.

C.see animals from the farm. D.have to take food to sell.

IV.Read the passage carefully,and then do the follwing tasks.

The healthy eating diet

Healthy eating is about feeling great and having more energy.If you choose the right foods,you healthy diet will be a tasty diet,too.You can still enjoy your favourite sweet and salty foods,but too much sugar and salt is bad for your body.

Dairy products like milk,cheese and yoghurt are great because they contain calcium and keep your teeth and bones healthy.You should choose low-fat dairy products.

Meat,fish,eggs,beans and nuts are important,too.They keep our bodies healthy and they give us energy to work and play.

Whole grains are an important part of every meals.If you eat lots of whole grains,you will have a healthy heart.Whole grains are in bread,cereal,pasta,and rice.Dark break and brown rice are great sources of whole grains.

Fruit and vegetables are the most important part of a healthy diet.They are low in calories and full of vitamins.Eat lots of fruit and vegetables with every meal,and as snacks during the day.Fruit and vegetables with darker colours have more vitamins.

A.Find the underlined words in the text to match the meanings.

1.____________:an amount of energy.

2.____________:the power that your body gets from food.

3.____________:food that you eat between meals.

4.____________:It food is this,it tastes of sugar.

5.____________:It food is this,it tastes of salt.

6.____________:the types of food that you eat most often.

7.____________:things in food that we need to grow and be healthy.

8._____________:the palace where you get some thing from.

B.Answer the following questions.

1.What does the healthy eating diet help you?


2.What can you also enjoy when you have a healthy eating diet?


3.Why are dairy products good for your health?


4.What is the function of meat,fish,eggs,beans and nuts?


5.Why are whole grains an important part of every meal?


6.What types of foods can we get whole grains from?


7.Why are fruit and vegetables the most important part of a healthy diet?


8.What typesof fruit and vegetables have more vitamins?


IV/Write the instructions to make lemon iced tea(tra chanh),using the words or pharses given,and words showing sequence(first,second,next,then,after that,finally)


_tea bags(You can use any kind of tea you love:lotus tea,Lipton tea,or dried tea leaves).



1.put/tea bag/small cup/then/pour/slowly/boiled water/it.


2.wait/5-7 minutes/then get/tea bag/out.


3.cut/lemon/half/then/press/water/from it/not/use/seeds.




5/your drink/already/served/pour/it/glasses.


6/decorate/sliced lemon/basil leaves/surface of drink.


I/Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.(why)

1.A/bottle 2.A/talk 3.A/flour 4.A/noodle

B/one B/sausage B/flower B/food

C/coffee C/salt C/cow C/cook

D/pot D/cause D/pork D/soon

II/Choose the word that is a different kind of food to the others.(why)

1/A.apple B.banana C.egg D.grap

2/A.carrot B.onion C.potato D.orange

3/A.bean B.pork C.beef D.chicken

4/A.pear B.melon C.peach D.salad

5/A.yoghurt B.tea C.butter D.cheese

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