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101. To better reflect changes in society, some details were altered in recent ------- of the textbook. * 1 điểm (A) options (B) versions (C) conditions (D) expressions 102. Shanghai’s annual winter festival attracts people from all ------- China and from other countries as well. * 1 điểm (A) on (B) at (C) among (D) across 103. The alert driver ------- the vehicle to a stop just in time to avoid a collision. * 1 điểm (A) bring (B) brought (C) was brought (D) bringing 104. -------, the person hired will have a graduate degree in computer science and five years of related work experience. * 1 điểm (A) Ideally (B) Mutually (C) Evenly (D) Carefully 105. The manufacturing company Hesperon recorded substantial gains in ------- after installing its new factory equipment. * 1 điểm (A) product (B) produce (C) productive (D) productivity 106. Ms. Turner is not coming in to work this Friday, ------- can she make it to Saturday’s event. * 1 điểm (A) yet (B) afterwards (C) nor (D) and 107.The manager agrees that Mr. Calder is probably the ------- employee of all sales department staff and deserves a promotion. * 1 điểm (A) capable (B) capably (C) more capable (D) most capable 108. Rapid technological advances are making smartphones ------- more powerful and affordable. * 1 điểm (A) continue (B) continuous (C) continuously (D) continuity 109. A new speaker will have to be found ------- Mr. Johns does not reply to the invitation by Tuesday. * 1 điểm (A) if (B) but (C) rather (D) since 110. Many articles on personal finance recommend ------- saving for retirement as early as possible. * 1 điểm (A) start (B) to start (C) starting (D) will start 111. Mr. Petrov is receiving an award in recognition of ------- lifetime contributions to biology. * 1 điểm (A) he (B) him (C) his (D) himself 112. The advertised price for the house seems ------- enough given its extremely convenient location. * 1 điểm (A) reasoned (B) reasoning (C) reasonable (D) reasonably 113. ------- aside a portion of his income each month, Mr. Wong was able to save a sizable amount. * 1 điểm (A) Set (B) To set (C) Sets (D) Setting 114. The magazine requested that applicants ------- samples of written work along with their résumés. * 1 điểm (A) submitting (B) submit (C) submissive (D) to submit 115. If the supplier were still in business, Andro-Vox Inc. ------- back the defective sparkplugs and demand reimbursement. * 1 điểm (A) would send (B) sends (C) was sent (D) had been sending 0 câu trả lời

Mọi người ơi giúp em dịch đáp án theo trường hợp đề bài với ạ

Choose the word opposite

1. Lauren is predominant features, what you first noticed about her were her stunning black hair and large dark eye.

B. unnoticeable

2. Man is first walk on the moon in 1969 made history

A. was quìckly forgetten and unheard of

3. We couldn't wait for them to come home after holidays as we were all agog to hear what had happened.

C. very interested

4. If they can't break into a computer system the first time they try, many computer criminals persist until they find a way to enter.

C. continue to try


5. I made a real pig of myself last night, so I'm not going to eat lunch today.

D. I won't eat anything for lunch today as I ate too much last night.

6. The picnic would have been nice if it hadn't been for the ants.

B. The ants spoiled the picnic.

7. I wish we had gone somewhere else for the holiday.

A. In fact we didn't go somewhere else for the holiday.

8. I thought they might be hungry, I offered them something to eat.

A. Thinking they might be hungry, I offered them something to eat.

9. He applied for the job abroad. He wanted to develop himself and earn more money.

A. So as to earn more money for development, He applied for the job abroad.

Mọi người ơi giúp em dịch đáp án theo trường hợp đề bài với ạ

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