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Space exploration is much too expensive and the money should be spent on more important things. What is your opinion?

It's often argued that space exploration is too expensive and the money should be spent on more important things. This essay disagrees with that suggestions completely because of the benefits space exploration brings to the people. The essay will first look at how space exploration has effected in our life and then discuss how it would help the human in the future.First of all, a plethora of technologies we are using nowadays was invented based on space research. The scientists launch the satellite into space. Then they will the information from it to work out new ideas. For example, we can see roads, houses, restaurants, schools,.e.t.c on the Google Map very clearly. It's because the satellites send photos they have taken to the centre on the Earth. This helps me a lot because I often feel arduous while try to find the correct road.Furthermore, the population of the world is increasing day by day. This is the reason why we should find out a new planet that we can live in. I think this is quite possible and this will affect a lot in our life. For instance, finding a new planet that we can live in can decrease some problems which are caused by high population such as the traffic jam, the pollution and there is not enough food, job and houses for people today.In recapitulation, space exploration should be improved to make further technologies and solve the serious problem on the Earth that we are facing.​

Louis Thương Thanh
13 tháng 9 2019 lúc 15:42

Nowadays, some people choose to live and work in the countryside. New ways of working, such as online working, have made it (1) boring for more people to live there. There are both advantages and disadvantages to living in the countryside.

On the one hand, life in the countryside is very peaceful (2). There are less cars and that means that there is less noise, and that it is less polluted(3) . Furthermore, there is more land available in the countryside, and people can often live in bigger houses or flats than in cities. Finally, it is easier to do a lot of (4)Outdoor activities such as walking or cycling if you live in the countryside. On the other hand, life in the countryside can be (5) isolated There are fewer restaurants, cinemas and shops to go to . Moreover, there is little public transport, which makes it difficult to get (6) around if you don't have a car. Finally, you can feel (7) possible if you live a long way from other people.

In (8) conclusion, there are both pros and cons to living in the countryside. However, in my opinion, the peacefulness of the countryside makes it a very attractive option.

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Bọ cạp nhỏ
31 tháng 7 2018 lúc 18:47

Viết đề bài ko rõ, chẳng hiểu j cả

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31 tháng 7 2018 lúc 20:33

Đề là gì dạ? :D

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khuất thanh xuân

1. Robots can ............. our houses when we are away.

2. In the future, robots will be able to do more ............. things for us.

3. I don't agree .............. you that robots will be able to write a letter to an English friend.

4. They will be very useful because they will be able to do ............. everything for us.

5. Do you think robots can work longer than people ............. getting tired.

6. My father always ............. coffee at home instead of going to the coffee shop.

7. Robots will be able to .............. to personal computer in the future.

8. Nowadays robot can't talk to people or play sports, but in the future I think they ...............

9. Will robots be able ............. our voices?

10. Robots can't talk to people or recognise our voices, but scientists are working ................ the solution.

11. Many people think spending money on robots is a complete ................. of time and money.

12. ....................... you walk when you were two?

13. These robots can do many things for the ............ such as cleaning streets or looking after the garden.

14. Home robots can do things .................... repairing things around the house of looking after the garden.

15. ............. do you think about the new kinds of robots?

16. Our future robot will be able to help us ................ the gardening.

17. Robots are helping us a lot in industry, education, and in our house - ...................

18. We waste a lot of money and time researching and making robots. .......................

19. We must be careful because some people may use robots...............

20. Robots will be very useful for our lives but they use ................. energy.

1 tháng 1 2020 lúc 16:56

There is a common belief that in a family, men’s role is to work and women take a responsibility for home. While I agree with that notion, I also believe that today, the task of both genders are equal on the society and at home

At the outset, it will better for families if the task of earning money is for males and females take care of the family. It is true that maternal instincts is necessary for children. What mothers do is likely to more careful than that of fathers in terms of housework. Therefore, a house which is taken care by mothers would be cozy and happy that contributes to a sustainable society for a nation. A typical example is in Japan, a high proportion of women would stop their career path for spending more time on home. Moreover, these days, the pressure of work has been significantly increasing day by day. Females tend to be more negatively affected than males in life. As a result, more and more divorces have occurred which the primary reason is that women cannot obtain a balance between work and family.

Despite those above arguments, nowadays, gender role is equality which both men and women have the same responsibility for family. Children need to be educated and nurtured from fathers and mothers for full development. Without father’s attention, children might not learn strong characters. In term of financial issues, If men only make money for whole family, not only males will be under heavily burden of monetary but also the family tend to deal with the risk of finance in case of unemployment. Additionally, the awareness of people in gender issues has been raisen in societies recently. Hence, women have rights to have a job outside for broadening their mind and helping family.

In conclusion, although I argue that men’s role is to go to work and women’s main mission is to take care of family, I am of the opinion that females should obtain a job in a company.

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Vương Thúy Phương
28 tháng 8 2020 lúc 9:30

Sống ở nông thôn mang lại cho chúng ta không khí trong lành, môi trường yên tĩnh hơn, là nơi tuyệt vời để xua tan đi những căng thẳng và lo lắng của con người, nhất là đối với những người đã phải chịu quá nhiều điều tiếng. ô nhiễm của thành phố và sự đông đúc. Người ta cũng có thể có diện tích lớn hơn để xây dựng vườn rau, vườn hoa, đào ao nuôi cá cầu vồng… trong khi đó, ở nông thôn khó tìm được nhiều nghề hơn. Tuy nhiên, khi đô thị hóa đang diễn ra phổ biến, đây sẽ không phải là vấn đề lớn trong tương lai gần. Bên cạnh đó, cơ sở hạ tầng giao thông ngày càng hoàn thiện, ngày càng nhiều người chọn sống ở ngoại thành và đi lại trong trung tâm thành phố. Môi trường chúng ta đang sống tác động rất nhiều đến lối sống. Tuy nhiên, theo tôi cái nào là thuận lợi nhất và cũng phải xoay quanh những hạn chế như ở quê không khí trong lành và ngại ô nhiễm, ô nhiễm, ở quê ít xe cộ di chuyển. và có ít bệnh viện và nhiều thứ khác trong thành phố vẫn còn rất nhiều trạm y tế ... Dù bạn sống ở đâu thì tốt nhất hãy sống cùng gia đình.

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Quỳnh Nhi
31 tháng 5 2018 lúc 20:03

Sample Answer : In many countries, especially in developing countries, foreign movies are more popular than the locally made films. There are several reasons for this trend and the government can and should greatly contribute to promoting domestic movies for the overall progress of the industry. The main reason people prefer movies from other countries is the quality of the movie. It is often noticed that locally made films in many countries lack better plots and the characters do not have the necessary depth to touch the hearts of the audiences. Moreover, foreign films have a great variation and they are more enjoyable than the domestic films. This happens because large film industries like the Hollywood can allocate a huge budget and have talented producers and directors while films made in developing countries have a small amount to spend on a movie and do not have many talented movie makers. For instance, the type of animated movies and special effects developing countries produce these days are unimaginable in most of the developing countries and this is why movie lovers from these countries prefer to watch movies made in other countries. The poor quality of acting and low-budget filmmaking in most of the developing countries discourage the audiences to enjoy local films. In my opinion, the government should support the film industry in order to support this industry, encourage people to enjoy more domestically produced films and gain international acclimation for quality movies. Each country has some talented producers, actors and filmmakers who for the lack of financial and political support cannot bring out the best. They should be given a chance to prove themselves. No doubt big budget is required to make better quality films and the government should provide subsidiary to help local film industry progress. Government’s help for the movie industry would bring more audiences to the theatre to enjoy those films and earn more ticket money. Moreover, quality films would compete in international stages and bring fame for the country. In conclusion, the film industry in each country should be supported by the government as it would make local films popular and earn money and fame for the country.


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