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6 tháng 12 2017 lúc 19:57

1)History was my favourite subject in my academic year and I have learned so many things from the history books I read and learned from teachers related to history and they were so interesting that I later did my graduation majoring History.

Learning about the past history is something that gives us real knowledge about our country, the world and about the human race. I read History in my grade 7 and found it very interesting. This subject taught us about the past of your world, how the social and economic condition was and how the world has been shaped by the different events throughout the time. After that, I become so interested in this subject that I started reading books on History from different writers. There is a famous saying that "to shape the future you must know the past" and history teaches us that. I had been lucky to have some great teachers who have a tremendous way of explaining the topics of History. To me, other subjects like literature and Math were also interesting but I felt a different passion on History.

After I finished my school, I took History as my major and that has greatly influenced me the way I look at the world and to the past and future. Reading and learning history was like travelling through time and generations that excited me so much.

2)Would your students benefit from participation in a study group? Are you too busy to organize and supervise study groups for students in your courses? I’m guessing the answer to both questions is yes. If so, here are some ways teachers can encourage and support student efforts to study together without being “in charge” of the study groups.

Promote study groups – First, include a list of reasons why students should join study groups in the syllabus or on the course website. Maybe there’s a short podcast available in which you talk about the usefulness of study groups. Better yet, if you’ve got some students who studied together in a previous course, ask them to make some comments about their experiences. Second, talk regularly in class about study groups. You can repeat all the benefits, suggest activities that involve good group study strategies, or propose some things they could study together (like problems they could solve, questions they could discuss). You also can solicit feedback from study groups in class or mention content you discussed with a group during office hours.

Make study groups an option – Encourage students to organize their own groups, but offer to help with the process. Nudge them with reminders, such as “Send me an email if you’re interested in being part of a study group.” Have study groups “register” their members, and then report on meeting times and activities. Suggest study activities for the group (ideas like those offered in the next item). Invite the group to meet with you during office hours or to send questions electronically. Offer registered study groups that report regular meetings a bonus point incentive depending on the average of their individual test grades. Let all students know that joining a study group is an option throughout the course.

Demonstrate the value of a study group – Too often when students study together, it’s pretty much a waste of time. If they’re reviewing for a test, they talk about how it can’t possibly be that hard and thereby relieve themselves of the need to study. Or they “go over” their notes, reading what they’ve written but never with any discussion. Group studying is too often accompanied by eating, texting, and regular side conversations.

In order for students to get the most value from their study sessions, you’ll need to help them come up with a different set of strategies. You can do so by holding a review session and asking students to form potential study groups (it’s up to them if they want to meet as a group more often). Give the groups tasks like these: 1) For three minutes everybody reviews their notes and lists five things they think will be on the test and then for five minutes they share lists and create a group list of the items most often mentioned. During the exam debrief, students revisit their list of things they expected to see on the exam. Were those things on the exam? 2) Everybody takes three minutes and writes a question about some content they don’t understand or wish they understood better. The group devotes a specified amount of time to each question, looking for relevant content in their notes and the text. 3) The group has 20 minutes to make one crib sheet that everyone in that group can use during the exam.

Offer proof that study groups improve performance – Compare the scores, points, or grades of those working in study groups with those who aren’t. These are data which should be collected across several sections of the course.

Define study groups broadly – Students tend to think of study groups for exam preparation, but that isn’t the only kind of student collaboration that promotes learning. If there are regularly assigned readings for the course, students can get together to discuss the reading. Again you might let them do this first in class with a good set of prompts so they see how dialogue can enrich and deepen their understanding of the assigned material. Readings are easily discussed in virtual environments, which means the group doesn’t have to find a time when everybody can meet. If various writing assignments are required in the course, students can form peer editing groups. Rubrics, checklists, and prompts can help them get beyond superficial feedback (“you might need a comma here”) to the kind of helpful critique that improves the writing.

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6 tháng 12 2017 lúc 20:05

I usually get up at 5:30 in the morning. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I do morning exercises for fifteen minutes. Then I have breakfast with Mum and Dad at 6:15 and leave home for school at 6:30. My classes start at 7:00 and end at 11:15. After that I go home, and have lunch with my family at 12:00. After lunch I usually have a short rest. I study my lessons , read books, and do homework from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. I often play badminton with my friends on the ground at 4:30. I come back home and have dinner at 6:00 p.m. After dinner, I often watch the news on TV for thirty minutes. Then I prepare for the new lessons and go to bed at 10:30 p.m

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12 tháng 8 lúc 16:00

After the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Vietnamese sports team did not win any medals and left empty-handed, which made a sports lover like me feel down. That gives me more motivation to continue to practice better badminton. Badminton is a very popular sport in every country in the world, is a racquet sport played between 2 players (singles) or 2 pairs of athletes (doubles) on 2 halves of the court. rectangular sphere divided by a grid in the middle. Players score points by sending the ball over the net with a racket and hitting the ground on the other side of the opponent's court. I have been playing badminton for 4 years now and find it very interesting, it makes me healthier, more comfortable, it seems to have become a hobby of mine. Also, I can kill time and make friends from badminton! ^^

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The sport that I want to learn and learn more about is Soccer. What is needed for it is flexibility, mobility and a ball. I learn it by watching soccer instructional videos and watching matches. directly about football, I also often practice it in my free time. I have a friend who is knowledgeable about football, he often teaches me about it. I want to learn and learn this sport because it's good for health and it's quite popular. The kick ball makes me really enjoy watching football, I'm a fan of it, I also want to be a soccer player in the future so I practice from now on.

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Cậu_Chủ_Nhỏ ...!
12 tháng 8 lúc 11:15

A sports I would like to learn is football which is so-called the king of sports.


Football is the popular kind of sports in almost all countries in the world. It is a collective game with 2 teams and each team has 11 players. The main purpose is that players try to keep their goal safe and kick the ball to the net of their opponents without using their hands or arms. The team that scores more goals wins.


It is the most famous sports in my country. I had a learn this sport since I was 5 years old. I think it is really difficult to learn to play soccer well. A player needs to be very strong to compete with others, and be skillful in ball controlling, heading as well as having team spirit. A good football team needs to have solidarity as well as the ability to control the game. 


I really love learning it because of the drama and surprise in each match.

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Khinh Yên
21 tháng 7 lúc 19:58


Today I want to talk about Bitexco Financial Tower which is a skyscraper in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. At its completion in 2010, it was the tallest building in the world, but now it no longer has that title. This building is quite unlike other skyscrapers around the world, as it reflects Asian identity in its architecture. Architects drew inspiration for this skyscraper’s unique shape from Vietnam’s national flower, the Lotus, the strong but beautiful flower that grows across much of Southeast Asia. This is not only an aesthetic choice; on the 52nd floor, the blossoming lotus bud shape is a non-rooftop helipad.

Bitexco Financial Tower is a mixed use project which includes office, retail, F&B and entertainment space so when I visit it, I usually hang out with my friends at the bottom where there are famous retailers. Although many people have visited the 49th floor, which is the observation deck where you can enjoy the view of the whole city or just feel the wind, I have never had a chance to do it because of its high price.

I really enjoy the leisure time I spent there due to not only its facilities but also its location which is in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city. However, since it is claimed to look like a blossoming lotus, it rather resembles a corn. In fact, every citizen all feel the same; and that’s why I don’t really appreciate its architectural design

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Khinh Yên
18 tháng 7 lúc 19:25


Vietnam is famous with its traditional and delicious dishes. All of them easioly bring to anyone's mouth indeed, but as myself, I enjoy spring rolls best. Spring rolls are lightly fried rice -paper rolls, smaller and crispier than Chinese egg rolls but more flavorful. They are filled with highly seasons morsels of crab, shrimp, chopped vegetables, onion, mushroom, vermicelli and eggs. To prepare them, place the above mentioned filling on a thin rice pancake, roll up then fry. Finally, spring rolls, when fully prepared, are wrapped into some kinds of fresh vegetables, then doused in fish sauce. My mother usually cooks spring rolls for me, especially on important days in year, such as Tet holiday. When I eat them, I feel all of my mother's love that she reserves for me. To me, they're like the most special dish in this world

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Hoàng Lâm
5 tháng 9 lúc 12:43

Vietnam is famous with its traditional and delicious dishes. All of them easioly bring to anyone's mouth indeed, but as myself, I enjoy spring rolls best. Spring rolls are lightly fried rice -paper rolls, smaller and crispier than Chinese egg rolls but more flavorful. They are filled with highly seasons morsels of crab, shrimp, chopped vegetables, onion, mushroom, vermicelli and eggs. To prepare them, place the above mentioned filling on a thin rice pancake, roll up then fry. Finally, spring rolls, when fully prepared, are wrapped into some kinds of fresh vegetables, then doused in fish sauce. My mother usually cooks spring rolls for me, especially on important days in year, such as Tet holiday. When I eat them, I feel all of my mother's love that she reserves for me. To me, they're the most special dish in this world

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Lý Kim Khánh
22 tháng 3 2020 lúc 14:20

was born in Hochiminh City. For four years, i have been away from home and studied abroad in Finland. However, the memories of Hochiminh City are still vivid in my mind. My thought wanders from busy crowded streets to quiet orchards beyond downtown.

Everything seems colorful and quite pretty to me. I have been dreaming about the taste of local food and the smell of steaming buns or sticky rice everyday of my life while i was studying or working abroad.

I wish i could come back and enjoy any dishes made by my mother. One more important thing about this city is because i had met my future husband, that fulfilled my life and completed it thouroughly. To me, every tiny things involved in my city become my soul and dearest memories ever.

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The book type recently I often read the type of children's storytelling and it named "ugly duckling". That book talks about a duckling when he was born as a friend, very ugly uncle and feathers The body was hated and when he grew up his uncle to become a beautiful heaven. It's very good and meaningful, it suits all ages but children will love this type of books most because it's pine Good message and pictures of beautiful illustrations. I like this book because it's very good and bring good messages to us Kghuyeenes we should not mock others and time will make people change well than.

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27 tháng 7 lúc 9:19

For the fans of the detective genre, the famous Detective Conan is the series that we should not miss. I do not need to give any advertisement about this series, because it has already attracted millions of readers from all over the world. The author of it is Aoyama Gosho – a genius in creating characters and building plots. The main storyline is about a junior detective Shinichi Kudo. One time he was chasing some suspicious people, he was attacked and poisoned. The pill did not kill him, but it turned him into a seven – year – old boy. From that time, he lives at his friend’s house with a new identity – Edogawa Conan. He has a group of friends at school, and together they create the Detective team of class 1B. He solves a lot of difficult criminal cases under the name of detective Mori Kogoro – a not very good detective and also his friend’s father. Thanks to the modern gadgets of Dr. Agasa, he can put Mori into sleep and take his voice to expose the crimes. While living as a first grade boy, Conan continues to find the true faces of the ones who had poisoned him. He lately realizes that they are connected to a bigger criminal organization, and his life is in great danger. Each book contains some different cases, and readers cannot figure everything out until they read to the end. Aoyama is such a great mind, and his books still attract a lot of readers even though the series has lasted for about 20 years. The famous Detective Conan is one of the best series of the detective category, and it is a pity of we miss it.

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Khánh Nam.....!  ( IDΣΛ...
27 tháng 7 lúc 9:20

The book is about three delinquents who were running away from their wrongdoings then accidentally found an old house and hid there for the night. The house turned out to be an abandoned general store where people could seek advice for their troubles by leaving a letter in the mailbox. Miracle happened when the time line somehow switched and letters from 30 years ago were delivered to them. Although none of them ever seriously considered others’ problems, something from the inside urged them to write responses to the troubled people, on behalf of Namiya – the old owner. “Miraculous” is exactly how I want to describe this book. No need for dogmatic lessons, it presents the value of kindness and compassion through different short stories that are linked perfectly together and leaves me hopeful about human nature. The past, present and future are combined flexibly, which creates many a surprise to me. How did the letters change people’s lives? Could the delinquents - whose past was covered by darkness – be awoken and open their hearts to heal the grieving souls? The story presents an open ending but I have got the answer of my own. To any book lovers especially those who have interest in soothing and touching stories, “The miracle of the Namiya general store” by Higashino Keigo is the one that should not be missed.

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Trà My
28 tháng 10 2018 lúc 10:28

1. What is your favourite food or dtink ?

My favourite food is pizza.

2. How often do you eat / drink it (When ?)

I often eat it when I feel I deserve it

3. How does it taste ?

It has a lot of spices and creates an unforgettable aroma

4. How do you make (cook) it ?

It's a little inconvenient and difficult for me to just buy it in the store

5. Is it good or bad for your health ? Why / Why not ?

It would be good if you knew how to control your diet because eating too much would have some serious consequences

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