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A.poor quality of education in schools there

B.broken into or being attacked and robbeed the fields to earn their living

D.where people can relax and socialize whith their friends

E. can also have a trest and go for a nice walk

F looking for a job

G.with finding studying materials

H.are healthier than you can buy in the greengrocer’s

Living in the countryside brings back both advantages and disadvantages .First of all countryside is not polluted, therefore you can breath fresh air .Besides there is hardly any road traffic thus you can enjoy silence in the country You(1) .................... in the forest or in the meadows .What is more,in the country ,people can grow their own fruit and vegetables which (2)...............-in the city .Next ,it is safer than life in a metropolis .In small towns or villages ,crime rate is usually very low and people do not need to be afraid of having their house(3) the street .Moreover ,it seems that in the country the relationship between people s more genuine because people are friendly and open.One of the drawbacks of living in the countryside is(4)........Country schools do not usually have good facilities like gyms or computer rooms .In addition ,students have often problems(5) the access to the Internet still is not widespread there.Moreover ,children develop their natural talents since they cannot attend any additional lessons or courses.The most serious problem of living in the country is (6)...........There are no companies or factories tat will offer people employment .Therefore ,most dwellers of the country are farmers who have to work very hard (7) ............Those who are lucky enough can seek jobs in nearby towns but they will have a problem with commuting as the communication network is not developed well in the country .Another bad side of country life is lack of entertainment .There are no cafes or cinemas(8)................

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Chuyển câu chủ động thành câu bị động 1. Someone cleans the floor every morning. 2. They cancelled all the flights because of the fog. 3. People don’t use this road very often. 4. Somebody is using the computer at the moment. 5. People should send their complaints to the main office. 6. The police have just released John. 7. A short circuit could have caused the fire. 8. Somebody has robbed the bank near our house. 9. The old man treated the little boys badly. 10. My brother bought that book yesterday. 11. The boys carried the heavy box into the room last week. 12. Our parents warned us not to go out alone. 13. They are building a new highway around the city next year. 14. They had to postpone the meeting because of illness. 15. We will send you the results as soon as they are ready. 16. His colleagues gave him a present when he retired. 17. They installed a new pump to supply water for the town. 18. The secretary told me to wait outside. 19. The computer is used to solve the complex problems. 20. They didn’t offer Ann the job. 21. They have sold that old house at the end of the road. 22. They had cancelled the soccer match. 23. No one has collected the rubbish this week. 24. You should peel and chop the onion and then fry it. 25. You must turn off all the switches before leaving the room. 26. They are going to clear those slums. 27. They are going to mend the roof tomorrow morning. 28. The farmer is going to enlarge the farm. 29. She is going to buy a cookery book next month. 30. Someone is going to serve Jack breakfast in bed on his birthda

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