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Saving energy doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. But what can you do to save energy? There is (51.) _____________ that you can do to help the process of energy conservation. You can save energy by doing things like making sure that the kettle doesn’t (52.) ______________ more water than is needed, always washing a full load in the washing machine rather than a half load or turning down your central heating by 1oC – this could cut your (53.) __________ bill by 10%.

Making sure that hot water taps are not left (54) __________ and replace washers if your taps drip. (55.) __________ work you can turn off (56.) _____________ lights and your computer if you are not using them. (57.) ___________ to energy saving light bulbs – these use around a quarter of the electricity, and often last eight times (58.) __________ than an ordinary bulb. Close your curtains at (59.) __________ to keep the warm air from escaping through the windows. Switching off (60.) __________ appliances when they are not in use makes a big contribution to energy saving too.

51. A. plenty B. lot C. little D. few
52. A. consist B. contain C. compose D. include
53. A. hot B. heat C. heating D. heated
54. A. run B. ran C. running D. flowing
55. A. By B. At C. In D. On
56. A. any B. all C. those D. no
57. A. Change B. Consume C. Buy D. Sell
58. A. higher B. shorter C. less D. more
59. A. morning B. evening C. dusk D. afternoon
60. A. electricity B. electronic C. electric D. electrical

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