TEST 1 - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Bài 3: Sử dụng tính từ đuôi “ed” hoặc “-ing” tạo thành từ những động từ trong ngoặc để hoàn thành những câu dưới đây.

1. The kitchen was in a_______________ state when she left. ( disgust)

2. Jim had an accident yesterday and his situation is _______________. (worry)

3. The result of her exam is very _______________. ( disappoint)

4. This is the most_______________ film I have known. (thrill)

5. Everyone was _______________ at her new hair. (surprise)

6. I really got _______________ at the lack of progress. (frustrate)

7. What is the most _______________ creature in the world? (frighten)

8. It is absolutely a visually _______________ movie. (stun)

9. Jane gave up her part-time job because it was too _______________(exhaust)

10. The rainforests are disappearing at an _______________ rate. (alarm)

11. They are never_______________. They are always complaining. (satisfy)

12. My teacher was very _______________that I studied hard. (please)

13. I am _______________ to know your thought of the movie. (intrigue)

14. Your remarks are_______________. You should apologize. (insult)

15. I was deeply _______________ by the news. (disturb)

16. It was _______________ outside. You should put on thick coat before going out. (freeze)

17. My parents always give me a warm_______________ hug whenever I get home. (welcome)

18. Students easily get _______________. (distract)

19. I find his argument very _______________. (convince)

20. Jane appeared _______________ and confident before the interview. ( relax)

Được cập nhật Hôm qua lúc 15:23 1 câu trả lời

41 Glass should be collected and sent to factories for ...A recycling B reducing C.refilling D, reusing

42 I promise I..... video games any time . A.will play B. play C.won't play D to play

43. They were ......to repair the table. a tell b. told c .to tell d telling

44. She arrived early..........order to get a good seat A.on B in C out D at

45 Would you. ..cleaning the floor for me ? A,like B. pleas C.mind D rather

46 Billions of cans are thrown..........every year all over the world A.up B.away C.in D .on

47 The question sounds very…..A. easy B.easily C.ease D.at ease

48 Shoes and sandals are _from recycledold car tires A make B made C maked D to make

49 I promise i …. video games any time A,will play B play C won't play D. to play

50. Would you mind if I... a photo 'A Take B.took C talking D to take

51 He told me…. to do in that situation A, How B.where C when D. what

52 I have known her friend...... two years with B for C. since D on

53Mai asked her friend...shopping (A goes B to go C, go D going

55 It is difficult........used things (a /recycle b/recycling c/crecycled d/ to recycle)

56 I.. .this computer recently a/bought b /have bought c/buy d/ buys

57. Would you mind if I.-..-here? a/smoke b/smoking c/smoked d/ smokes

58. My friends visited while ...............a book A/read B/was reading C/ reads D/ to read

59. The bike ... in Japan is very expensive.A/make b/made C/ makes d making

60.I asked her if she ….hard A study B/will study C.studied D studies

61 Da Lat is known ...the city of Etermal Spring A/ by B/for C/as D/with

62. They…... all day swimming and sunbathing at the beach A.did B.spent C.took D.use

63. When the mail man came my famıly.. A. is sleeping B. sleep C.was sleeping D,slept

64. I'm glad….you that you can have the job A. that tell B.of to tell C. of telling D.to tell

65 I re known him….. many years now .A. for B.at C since D,in

66. Would you mind if I..? A.smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked

. 67 Car tires.. to make pipes and floor coverings . A.are recycling B.are recycled C, secycled D recycling

68. I'm....that you passed your English exam A. delight B to delight C. delighting D. delighted

69 When will the project.............. doctor? - Very soon A be started B. started C. to started D starts

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