Skills 2

Lymi_Su_Camong0311 4 tháng 10 2020 lúc 9:30

1.The best leisure activity for teenagers is reading books .

2.They should make good activities for their children and spend more time for their children.

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Phan Quỳnh Anh
Phan Quỳnh Anh 16 tháng 9 2019 lúc 21:48

1 outdoor activities such as:playing football,walking,


2 no they should not but they can advise teenage to avoid the bad things and encourage them to spend a suitable time doing their hobbies

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diuhuyn CTV 6 tháng 9 2019 lúc 11:31

In this week’s programme we’ll share with you some cool ways to hang out with your best friends after a busy week at school. Basically you can hang out indoors. If you like staying indoors, ask your parents if you can invite one or two friends over. Make some popcorn! Watch a movie! It’s more comfortable than going to a cinema! Or if you’re feeling creative, you can make crafts together You’ll feel satisfied once you finish something. If you fancy being outdoors, play some sports together. Football, badminton, biking… you name it! Or it can simply be a relaxing walk in the park. All these activities are good for your physical health. Do you prefer something more exciting? Go downtown and to do some people watch. It’s fun. If you like something more organised, go to cultural centres, libraries, and museums. Educate yourself while having fun!

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Huyền Anh Kute
Huyền Anh Kute 25 tháng 7 2019 lúc 19:28

Một số ý cần triển khai:

- We need to improve our material life.

- We need to improve our education.

- Promote social security policies such as: reforming health services, education and public services ... for better access for people.

- Help the poor, orphans (trẻ mồ côi).

- Create jobs for everyone.


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Đức Minh
Đức Minh 31 tháng 10 2018 lúc 22:12

I. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the word in brackets. You can't change the word.

1. I was watching Da Nang Fireworks Festival on TV, and that time the power went out. (WHILE)

=> While I was watching Da Nang Fireworks Festival on TV, the power went out.

2. It is raining, so we won't have practice today. (SINCE)

=> We won't have practice today since it's raining. 3. The sun rises in the morning after a rooster crows very early. ( BEFORE)

=> Before a rooster crows very early, the sun rises.

4. I failed the quiz in Math;therefore, I have to stay for tutoring. (BECAUSE)

=> I have to stay for tutoring because I falied the quiz in Math.

5. You need to study a lot of new words to do well on the quiz. (SO THAT)

=> You need to study a lot of new words so that you may be able to do well on the quiz.

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Lê Quang Đông
Lê Quang Đông 11 tháng 9 2018 lúc 19:36

bạn nhớ tick cho mình nha


in my opinion, the best leisure activity for teenagers is playing sports. firstly, it can help we relax after study hard. secondly, if we play sports we will become healthy. finally, we can make many new friend because when we play team sports .In short , sports is very good for everyone so we should play it . I think parents shouldnot decide how teenagers spent their free time because if they decide, they will make their children feel unhappy and not confident.

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