Review 2: Units 4- 5

Trịnh Ánh Ngọc
28 tháng 12 2020 lúc 16:34

In the age of technology, laptop is used widely. The laptop brings us a lot of benefits for our live. it is very versatile as it can do many things. firstly, it is portable. therefore, people can take it everywhere. secondly, it is economical so everyone don't have to spend too much money to buy it. besides, the laptop is a mean of entertainment. we can use it to listen to music, to chat with friends, to make video call with parents, to play games, and so on. last but not least, we can use laptop for studying. for example, the laptop can be used for researching topics on the Web or typing the assignment as well. In summary, laptop is definitely one of the greatest inventions in the world as well as the best thing in our society.

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Hoàng Thúy An
31 tháng 12 2019 lúc 9:05





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Vương Thị Thanh Hoa
12 tháng 12 2019 lúc 17:35

I/ Give the correct form of the words in the brackets:

1. In Britain, women couldn’t study__medicine___at universities until the 19th century. ( medical )

2. My mother said that I was born on a very_windy___day. ( wind )

3. Jane doesn’t look as beautiful in the picture as she is because she is not__photographer _ ( photograph )

4. Light_refreshments__are available during the interval. ( refresh )

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Khanh Quynh
5 tháng 1 2020 lúc 8:59

1/Had they left earlier, they wouldn't have missed the train.

2/A cake is being made for my birthday by my mother.

3/He told his daughter not to be afraid.

4/Never had I been late for work before.

5/I wish it hadn't been cold

6/It took our company thousands of dollars to upgrade our computer systems

7/Are you understanding what he means?

8/Because of her backache, she can't sleep at night

9/I'd rather you not told anyone about this

10/Hardly had I entered the room when the light went out

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Thảo Anh
6 tháng 12 2019 lúc 19:58

Determine whether the following sentences are corrector incorrect

1. i was going => went out for a walk when i came across an old friend

2. my brother was playing video games, when my father suddenly came in => on

3. i finished => had finished my homework and then i went to my friend's house

4. while my mother was watching her favourite indian film, my father was reading => read a newspaper

5. john was hurting => hurted his ankle while we were playing tennis

6. they were active in => for community service when they were young

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20 tháng 12 2018 lúc 20:07

Because he had NO experience in machinery, he didn't succeed in repairing this machine.

-> Because of his lacks of experience in machinery, he didn't succeed in repairing this machine.

Because of the darkness, they stopped working

-> Because it was dark, they stopped working.

We postponed our trip because the driving conditions were bad.

-> Because of the bad driving conditions, we postponed our trip .

We all have received the best of everything because of our generous parents

-> Because our parents are generous, we all have received the best of everything.

He/ first Vietnamese/ who/ train/ Tchaikovsky Conservatory

-> He is the first Vietnamese person who training the Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

When/ he/ 22/ he / move/ Vietnam/ study/ famous composer Haydn

-> When he was 22 years old, he moved to Vietnam to study the famous composer Haydn.

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