Review 4 (Units 10- 11- 12)

Phương Nguyễn Mai

Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không đổi

1)My son has got a teacher.She got a husband

=>My son's teachers husband...........

2)My sister has got a secretary.She has got an office


3)Jane has got children.They have got bicycle


4)Rob has got a family.They have got a holiday flat


5)Jack has got a wife.His name is Sarah


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Nguyễn Hoàng Bảo Ngân 23 tháng 6 2020 lúc 14:57

1. My son's teacher's husband whose wife is my son's teacher .

2. My sister's secretary who has got an office

3. Jane's children who has got bicycles

4. Rob's family who have got a holiday flat

5. Jack has got a wife whose name is Sarah .

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Các câu hỏi tương tự
hà việt hà

1. I am reading this novel. By the time you come back from work I (will finish/ will have finished/ have finished/ had finished) it.

2. I (am going/ have been going/ go/ had gone) to the same barber since last year.

3. The train (just left/ just leaves/ had just left/ will leave) when we got to the station.

4. Angelina Jolie is a famous actress. She (appears/ is appearing/ appeared/ has appeared) in several films.

5. Tom: You're just missed the last train! John: Never mind, I (will walk/ will be walking/ walk/ will have walked).

6. I just want to know what you (were doing/ will be doing/ am doing/ do) at this time tomorrow afternoon.

7. By the end of next year, my son (will learn/will have learned/ has learned/ had learned) English for sox months.

8. We (will take/ will be taking/ take/ would take) exam at 8 o'clock next Monday.

9. By Christmas, I (shall have been working/ shall work/ have been working/ shall be working) for the company for five years.

10. They (are doing/ will be doing/ do/ would do) the exercise when their teacher comes back.

11. My parents (had/ had had/ have had/ have) dinner by the time I got home.

12. The science of medicine (advanced/ advances/ had advanced/ has advanced) a great deal in the nineteenth centery.

13. Doctors and scientists (have shown/ show/ are showing b had shown) recently the benefit of fish in the diet.

14. She used (phone/ phoned/to phone/ to phoning) me when she was in London.

15. She ... of great help to us since she ... with us. (has been - has lived/ has been - lived/ was - has lived/ was - lived)

16. I think he (answers/ answering/ will answers/ is answer) the letter.

17. The teacher (have given/ gave/ gives/ has given) our class two tests so far.

18. Don't (lying/ lie/ lied/ lies) all the time. People will not be fooled by you twice.

19. "Mother, I (have taken/ had taken/ has taken/ will have taken) my medicine. Can I go out now?"


(Rất cần gấp)

Lê Thu Hà

I. Circle the best option to complete each sentence: 1. We have lived in this town _________ 1998 a. for b. since c. ago d. in 2. “Let’s go to the new movie down town”. “Thanks, but I _________ it already” a. have seen b. saw c. had seen d. ever seen 3. _________ flown in an aero plane before? a. Have you ever b. Had you ever c. Are you d. Do you 4. Jack _________ his homework yet, so he won’t go out with his friends a. finish b. has finished c. doesn’t finish d. hasn’t finished 5. I’ve worked here _________ six years a. for b. since c. over d. in 6. Have you ever _____ the United States? a. been in b. been to c. gone in d. gone to 8. They _________ married for 22 yearsa. have got b. have been c. was d. got 9. Robert _________ in three important water polo games so far a. played b. had played c. is playing d. has played 10. Nothing _________ in this town since I first visited it a. changed b. was changing c. changes d. has changed 11. Because Lan _________ breakfast, she isn’t hungry now a. was eating b. eats c. ate d. has eaten 12. Up to now, I _________ a lot of information about her a. will learn b. learnt c. would learn d. have learnt 13. She has worked as a secretary _________ she graduated from college a. since b. until c. before d. while 14. I’m a vegetarian. I _________ meat since I was a child a. haven’t eaten b. don’t eat c. haven’t been eating d. am not eating 15. I _________ here for ten years a. lives b. am living c. live d. have been living 16. Tom was leaning against the wall, out of breath. He _________ a. was running b. has been running c. has run d. would run 17. I’m sorry, Mrs Johnson hasn’t _________ a. arrived just b. already arrived c. arrived already d. arrived yet 18. My cousins _________ seen a kangaroo a. have never b. never have c. has never d. haven’t never 19. I _________ to London five times already this week a. went b. have gone c. have been d. was going 20. Margaret has _________ here since February a. being worked b. working c. been working d. been worked

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