Review 3 (Units 7- 8- 9)

Phạm Minh Triết

Tick (T) the sentences that are correct and put (F) if they are wrong. Correct the incorrect sentences.

1. The boys were exciting about the trip to the zoo. _____

2. London is one of my favorite cities. The London Eye is amazing. _______

3. There was a terrible storm last night. We were really frightened. __________

4. The film was really disappointed. We didn't enjoy it. ______

5. I fell asleep during the lesson. It was really embarrassed. ________

6. There were some surprising news. Nobody expected it. ______

7. You look very relaxing. Have you been on holiday? ______

8. It was an interesting story. We all loved it. ______

9. Paul wasn’t very happy despite he got very high marks. ________

10. It wasn't very warm however the sun was shining. ______

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