Review 3 (Units 7- 8- 9)

Lucy Heartfilia

XI. Use the words given and other words, complete tthe second sentece so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Do not change the word give (Use 2 – 5 words in total.)


0. My house has a small garden.

is There_______________ my house.

Answer: 0. is a small garden in

1. We’ve never been to Alaska before.

ever It’s the first time we________ to Alaska.

2. Tom plans to open another restaurant in Manchester next month.

is Tom_________________ in Manchester next month.

3. The last time Phong visited Tasmania was five years ago.

visited Phong__________________ five years.

4. The early train is scheduled to arrive in London at 10 o’clock.

arrives The early train___________ at 10 o’clock.

5. It’s the most beautiful waterfall l’ve ever seen.

such I_____________________ beautiful waterfall.

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