Review 3 (Units 7- 8- 9)

Lucy Heartfilia

IX. Fill each blank with a correct word to finish the passage.

Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world. Only Russia, China, Canada, USA and Brazil are (1) ______ . It is the world’s largest island.

Even though the country is so big, it only has about 23 million inhabitants. 88% of all Australians (2) ______in the big cities or smaller towns, which makes big areas of the country empty.

Australia lies in the (3) ______ hemisphere which means that the more South you go, the cooler it gets. In the north parts of the country, it is always hot. The (4)______ of the country has really hot summers and mild winters. Snow only falls in the Australian Alps and in Tasmania. When we have (5) ______ in Europe and Asia, the Australians have summer. So they celebrate Christmas in the (6)______ of the summer!

Australia is famous for its wildlife. The most famous (7) ______ is probably the kangaroo. The kangaroo, or roo for short, has (8) ______ Australia’s national Symbol. The word “kangaroo” was the first Aboriginal (9) ______ in the English language. There are several spices of kangaroos. The red kangaroos (10) ______the biggest ones and they are found in the middle of the country.

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