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X. Write the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first.

1. My father said i could use his car.

-> my father allowed......

2. Don't stop him doing what he wants.

-> let....

3. You can try to get Jim to lend you his car, but you won't succed

-> there's no point......

4. Why don't you put your luggage under the seat?

-> he suggested.....

5. The driver said it was true that he didn't have a lisense

-> the driver admitted.....

6. I'll finish the work tonight if you like.

-> would you like....

7. The teacher didn't show the class to leave before 4:30.

-> the teacher made.....

8. I hate to get up in the dark.

-> i can't........

9. He was sorry he didn't say goodbye to her at the airport.

-> he regretted.....

10. No one told me about the change of plan.

-> i......

11. In the middle of our lunch there was a knock at the door.

-> when.....

12. Their game of badminton is always on tuesday.

-> they.......

13. Adrian wears jeans all the time.

-> Adrian....

15. Why not go there by bus?

-> Anne suggested.......

16. I'm in England for the first time in my life.

-> This......

17. The children are too young to see horror films.

-> the children aren't .......

18. The children couldn't go swimming because the sea was very rough.

-> the sea was too......

P/s: giúp mình với , mik cần gấp

Phan Thành Chung
Phan Thành Chung 2 tháng 5 2020 lúc 16:09

1. My father allowed me to use his car.

2. Let him do what he wants.

3. There's no point trying to get Jim to lend you his car.

4. He suggested putting my luggage under the seat.

5. The driver admitted to not having a license

6. Would you like me to finish your work tonight?

7. The teacher made the class not to leave until after 4:30.

8. I can't stand getting up in the dark.

9. He regretted not saying goodbye to her at the airport.

10. I wasn't told about the change of plan.

11. When there was a knock at the door, we were having lunch.

12. They always play badminton on Tuesday.

13. Adrian always wears jeans

15. Annie suggested going there by bus.

16. This is the first time I have ever been in England.

17. The children aren't old enough to see horror films.

18. The sea was too rough for the children to swim.

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I complete each of the sentences in such a way that it has the same meaning as the first one 1 it would be a good idea if you did it again ->you had 2 they advised repainting the house->they advised 3 I can't afford to go on holiday this year->I haven't got 4 He paid little attention to his brother's warnings->he didn't take 5 Fred tried hard to start the car, but without success->no matter how II use the words given to make complete sentences 1 I/like/find/more/film/before/I/see/it 2 He/apologise/be/late/and/disappoint/her 3 I/expect/help/by him 4 It/be his first visit/USA/next year III finish the second sentence so that it means exactly the same as the first one 1 Philip's inability to make decisions dates from his accident->ever 2 you could be arrested for not giving a breath sample to the police->refusal 3 we were very impressed by the new cinema but found it rather expensive ->Impressed 4 mr wilson says he's sorry he didn't attend the meeting yesterday morning->mr wilson sends 5 the only reason I made a serious mistake was that he hadn't warned me->had 6 all the witnesses said that the accident was my fault->all the witnesses said that I 7 I'd prefer you not to phone me at work->I'd rather 8 the interview panel thought that Sarah had a very good manner->Sarah's good manner made 9 Tom is usually late for class->it's characteristic 10 he didn't forget and neither did she->he remembered 11 you can borrow the car, but you've got to fill it up->provided 12he wrote that book during his holiday in Wales->it was while 13 italy is the country I'd like to visit most->I'd like to visit 14 if Mary had worked hard enough, she wouldn't have failed her exams->Mary didn't work 15 My father said if I had to go out, I should finish my homework first->my father said to me, 16 although we were very tired, we agreed to have a game of tennis->tired 17 the robbers made the customers lie on the floor->the customers 18 the computer she bought was very cheap-> she 19 I really like that car, but I can't afford it->much as 20 the frame may be heavy, but this rope will support it->however much_____the frame up (weigh) 21 global travel is on the increase->there are______around the world (numbers) 22 books are just as popular nowadays as they used to be -> there has_______books (change) 24 it was her lack of confidence that surprised me->what I found 25 the reason for the high prortion of the old is births rather than deaths->births rather than deaths 26 this problem cannot be solved instantly-> there is 27 she had thought of paying the bill->she was 28 jenny and Kate grew up happily->Jenny and Kate had 29 Jack spends all his time working-> Jack is 30 I should really be going now ->It is really 31 his second attempt on the world record was succesful->he broke 32 I'm sure he didn't know that his brother was seriously ill->he couldn't possibly 33 what particularly impressed me was her excellent command of English->I 34 the result of the match was never in doubt->at no time 35 the violent criticism of the Prime Minister was quite unjustified->there 36 people use a lot of wool-pulp, many trees are cut down->the more 37 you have to stay calm in whatever situation it is->under 38 it was such a pity that I couldn't go to the party->I'd like 39 I can never compensate for what I have done, can I?->how can I make 40 the thief must have come in through the window->the thief almost 41 I'd rather him not to have said all those embarrassing things about me->I'd rather 42 I don't think he'll succeed this time (LIKELIHOOD) 43 If Jane hadn't helped me, I couldn't have finished the job so quickly (FOR) 44 She doesn't appreciate our presence (GRANTED) 45 We may have to increase our prices without warning (SUBJECT) 46 You and I have exactly the same pearl earrings (IDENTICAL)

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I. fill each gap in the following sentences with one of the particles in the box

on after away back down off over to up upon in with

1 it's time Edward got married and settled_____. He must be well over thirty 2 could you put me____ for a few days until I find a place of my own? 3 he's very easy going. he takes______his father in that respect 4 you haven't thrown____yesterday's paper, have you?I haven't read it yet 5 I didn't take_____skiing immediately but I began to enjoy it once I'd had a few lessons 6 "Now , let's go___the main facts of the case again in case we've missed something". the inspector said 7Sorry, I'm late. When the alarm clock rang I must have turned over and gone____to sleep 8 Don't let me____,will you? I'm relying on your support 9 I suppose, I'd better start that composition. I can't put_____doing it any longer III. finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it 1 the doctor asked:"Why didn't you make an appointment?" -> the doctor asked her 2 did he say why he hadn't reached the island? ->did he give 3 Is smoking permitted in British cinemas? -> are we 4 please don't play your music so loudly -> would 4 with the introduction of the computers into the classrooms, students' performance has been greatly enhanced ->the introduction 5 julia didn't listen to what her doctor told her(notice) 6 please do not stop your work(carry) 7 jenny didn't feel like going to the party(mood) 8 he wants her students to call him 'professor'(address) 9 you should make an effort to get out and about more ->It's high time 10. It seems as if there is a slight deterioration in his physical condition ->his physical condition 11 I have forgotten that commentator's name but he's very well-known ->that commentator, 12 we can say that the leisure industry will be the money spinner of the future ->the laisure industry 13 it was overheating that caused his heart attact ->if 14 the house has got everything except a large garden (lacks) 15 i'm afraid to say that we haven't got any oil left (up) 16 the film is similar to Shakespeare's Hamlet in a number of ways (bears) 17 In all probability we will finsh the project on Thursday (chances) 18 The Embassy said it would not be neccessary for me to get a visa (need) 19 I drive to work every day, but today i go by bus -> Instead 20 Mary does not work at this company any more ->No 21 we happened to meet John at the airport ->We met 22 more people live in New York than in Washington ->not so 23 we never intended to travel abroad ->we never had 24 immediately after his arrival, things went wrong ->no

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