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1. Will you post this letter on the way to work?

2. Did anyone take English books away?

3. Is a student pilot flying that airplane?

4. When will Mr Thompson translate this book?

5. Why didn't they mend the roof before it fell in?

6. What does Mary call the cat?

7. How many language have students learned?

8. Who has helped you to prepare for the party?

9. When will you do the work?

10. What books are peple reading this year?

๖ۣۜRαη ๖ۣۜMσɾĭ
14 tháng 9 2019 lúc 23:59

1. Will the letter be posted on the way to work by you?

2. Were English books taken away?

3. Is that airplane being flown by a student pilot?

4. When will this book be translated by Mr Thompson?

5. Why wasn't the roof mended before it fell in?

6. What is the cat called by Mary?

7. How many languages have been learned by students?

8. Who have you been helped to prepare for the party by?

9. When will the work be done?

10. What books are being read this year?

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