Câu hỏi của Phương - Tiếng anh lớp 8

Sentences for practice.

1. The water was so cold that the children could not swim in it .

-> the water was not

2. he acted sowell that the audiena was moved to tears.

-> he acted well enough

3. she isn't very intelligent so she can't do that exerase.

-> she isn't intelligent enough 

4. the paper mill is very large so it can satisfy the need of the whole country

-> the paper mill is large enough

5. those exercises are easy enough so that sould finish them in half an hour

-> those exercises are easy enough 

6. the policeman could not run very fasst , so he was unable to catch the burglar .

-> the policeman couldn't run fast enough

7. there is not much beer so you can't all have a drink .

-> there isn't enough

8. i'm very tired so i must go to bed early.

-> i'm tired enough

9. Peter is too young to watch TV

-> Peter isn't

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