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Lê Thị Khánh Huyền

Chon cau tra loi:

1. .....he tries harder, he cannot pass his driving test next week

A. if B. unless C. provided D. as

2. Let's wait here until the rain.....

A. will stop B. stop C. stopped D. stops

3. Our family are staying in a hotel room......the sea

A. overlooked B. overlooks C. overlooking D. where overlooks

4. Why don't you bring along a raincoat? It.....rain this afternoon

A. may B. can C. must be D. may be

5. My father has decided to....smoking

A. give off B. give in C. give up D. give away

Viet lai cau:

1. She can't buy the book because she doesn't have enough money

If she................................................................................................

2. "Have you finished your test, Jane?" the teacher said

The teacher wanted to know..........................................

3. It's possible that the meeting will be cancelled

The meeting may................................................

4. The students will be punished. Their homework is late

The students whose.......................................................

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Chon cau tra loi:

1. .....he tries harder, he cannot pass his driving test next week

A. if B. unless C. provided D. as

2. Let's wait here until the rain.....

A. will stop B. stop C. stopped D. stops

3. Our family are staying in a hotel room......the sea

A. overlooked B. overlooks C. overlooking D. where overlooks

4. Why don't you bring along a raincoat? It.....rain this afternoon

A. may B. can C. must be D. may be

5. My father has decided to....smoking

A. give off B. give in C. give up D. give away

Viet lai cau:

1. She can't buy the book because she doesn't have enough money

If she.....had enough money, she could buy the book.........................................................

2. "Have you finished your test, Jane?" the teacher said

The teacher wanted to know.....if jane had finished his test....................................

3. It's possible that the meeting will be canceled

The meeting canceled.......................................

4. The students will be punished. Their homework is late

The students whose..........homework is late will be punished............................................

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Các câu hỏi tương tự
Lê Đỗ Nhật Linh

I/ Correct the verb form :

1. If you are hungry, I (make) you something to eat.

2. If I see Mark, I (invite) him out for dinner

3. I’ll visit Nga if I (go) to Ha Noi.

4. If she (ask) me,I’ll help her.

5. If you (not get) to bed now, you can’t get up early tomorrow morning.

6. I don’t think I will join you if it (keep) raining like this.

7. I (not take) the bus if it is too late.

8. If you go on playing truant, the teacher (not let) you sit the final exam.

9. If I (see) Tom, I will tell him.

10. Cats could fly if they (have) wings.

11. If Lan (study) harder,She would get better mark.

12. you will be late for class if you (not hurry).

13. If today (be) a holiday, I would stay in bed all day.

14. If he (enjoy) concert why doesn’t he come with us?

15. If she (make) him change his mind, she would save him a lot of troubles.

16.If you ( go) away, please write to me.

17. If you ( be) in, I should have given it to you.

18. If he (eat) another cake, he will be sick.

19. I ( not do ) that if I (be) you.

20. If he (take) my advice, everything can go well.

21. I would have come sooner if I ( know) you were here.

22. He never does homework. If he ( do) his homework, he (not worry) abouthis examination.

23.It’s too bad we lost the game. If you (play) for us, we( win).24.What you (do) if she refuses your invitation?

25. If today (be) Sunday, we (go) to the beach.

26. Unless they (pass) their examinations, they would join the army.

27. You (be) ill if you drink that water.

28. If Tom (go) to bed earlier, he would not be so tired.

29. Had we known your address, we( write) you a letter.

30. If it’s raining heavily, we (not go) for a donkey ride.

31. If he (try) hard, he’ll pass the axamination.

32. I could understand the French teacher if she (speak) more slowly.

33.If she (not be) busy, she would have come to the party.

34. If I (finish) the work in time, I ( go) to the football game.

35. If you( see) Mary today, please ( ask) her to call me.

II/ Rewrite sentences so that the meaning stay the same.

1. I don’t buy it because I don’t have enough money

If I _________________________________________________________

1. I don’t buy it because I don’t have enough money

If I _________________________________________________________

2. I am busy now, so I can’t help you

If I _________________________________________________________

3. There will be a shortage of water unless it rains

If ___________________________________________________________

4. John is fat because she eat many chips

If she ________________________________________________________

5. I’ll only help you if you promise to try harder

Unless _______________________________________________________

6. If it doesn’t rain soon, the crops will be lost

Unless _______________________________________________________

7. I am very tired so I can’t concentrate properly.

If ___________________________________________________________

8.We don’t have a garden, so we don’t grow our own vegetables.

If ___________________________________________________________

9.He doesn’t give you good advice because he isn’t your true friend.

If ___________________________________________________________

10.We come late because the rain is so heavy.

If ___________________________________________________________

11.You don’t get better marks because you don’t study harder.

If _____________________________________________________________

12.She is very busy so she can’t go out tonight.

If _____________________________________________________________

13.I don’t know anything about her background, so I can’t tell you.

If ______________________________________________________________

14. I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t feel like eating.

If _____________________________________________________________

15. She’s so shy, that why she doesn’t have many friends.

If ______________________________________________________________

16. I remembered Susan’s birthday only because you reminded me about it.

If ________________________________________________________________

17. The car in front stopped so suddenly, so I crashed into its back.

If _________________________________________________________________

18. They painted the wall brown; that’s why the house looked very dark.

If ________________________________________________________________

Conditional Sentence Type I :

1/ My brother will have enough money. He will buy a bicycle.

If ___________________________________________________________

2/ I’ll buy a new hat. I’ll give it to you.

If ___________________________________________________________

3/ You’ll ask the teacher. He’ll explain the lesson to you.

If ___________________________________________________________

Conditional Sentence Type II :

1/ I don’t have enough money. I can’t go on a long holiday this year.

If ___________________________________________________________

2/ I don’t have a typewriter. I can’t type it myself.


3.I don't live in a big city, so I can't go to the cinema very often.

If ______________________________________________________________________

4. Lan doesn’t have a bike, she walk to school.

If ______________________________________________________________________

Conditional Sentence Type III:

1. He didn’t hurry, so he missed the train.

-> If_____________________________________________________________

2. We canceled our picnic because it rained very hard yesterday.

-> If_____________________________________________________________

Choose the best anawer

He’ll go with us __ it rains Life will be destroyed __ all our sources

a. as long as b. unless c. if d. whether

__ we can find new sources of energy,our life come to an end

a. unless b. when c. if d. b or c

___ you phone me when you come to England?

A. do b. have c. will d. would

Unless we hurry,we’ll __ the bus

a. miss b. remember c. catch d. get in

If you stay up late the previous night,you ___ sleepy the next morning a. feel b. t feel c. feels d. will feel Will you go to see the doctor if you ___ a headache?

A. has b. will have c. having d. have

Unless you ___ smoking your health won’t get worse

a. cntinue b. continued c. are countinuing d. will continue

He won’t speak English ___ he goes to England

a. when b. if c. unless d. which

If you aren’t carefylly,you will ___ it

a. spoiling b. spoil c. be spoiled d. to spoil

If Mrs Laura Taylor ____ 5 years younger,she would walk round

a. was b. is c. had been d. were

If you ___ hard,you will pass the exam

a. study b. studied c. will study d. would study

He will not learn much ___ he work harder

a. if b. unless c. as d. because

If I were him I ___ smoking

a. will stop b. stopped c. would stop d. shall stop

15. If he ___ early,he’d get to work on time

a. got up b. gets up c. get up d. has got up

16. ____you ____your dinner if your mother was will?

a. will …cook b. will cook c. would cook d. would … cook

17. I’d tell you if I ___ the answer

a. know b. knows c. knew d. will have known

18. If we had more time,we _____ for a picnic

a. will go b. would go c. went d. will have gone

19. What ___you ___ if your father gave you $200?

A. will …buy b. will buy c. would … buy d. would buy

20. If you ____ ,you be late

a. not hurry b. won’t hurry c. doesn’t hurry d. don’t hurry

21. What ____ if he fell ill?

A. would happen b. will happen c. shall happen d. happened

22. If John ___ to his home town,he would visit his mother

a. go b. has gone c. went d. had gone

23. If she ___ here now,she could give us some advices

a. a. is b. was c. were d. has been

24. I ___ not loose my way if I ___ you

a. would/was b. would/were c. will/am d. will/was

25. ____ I came,she was learning

a. when b. if c. because d. as soon as

26. I ____ not be late for class if I ____ you

a. would/was b. would /were c. will/am d. will/was

27. If I were you,I would ____ her

a. marry b. to marry c. married d. marrying

28. You ____ the exam unless you study hard

a. will fail b. would fail c. will pass d. would pass

29. If it ____ , I shall take an umnrella with me

a. rain b. rains c. to rain d. rained

30. I ____ be able to give you the answer if you asked me tomorrow

a. would b. will c. should d. might

31. If I ____ the teacher,I would give an easier test

a. was b. were c. is d. am

32. If I were you,I ____ visit them without an invitation

a. won’t b. hadn’t c. don’t d. wouldn’t

33. If you want ___ there before dark,you should start at one

a. get b. to get c. getting d. got

34. Ask him ____ in don’t keep him standing at the door

a. come b. came c. to come d. coming

35. I don’t know him but he looks as if he _____ be his brother

a. can b. could c. would d. should

36. If it ____ fine,I shall go out

a. was b. will be c. is d. were

37. If you look hard enough,you ____ it

a. will find b. will be finding c. are finding d. found

Thiên Thần

Khoanh vào đáp án đúng sao cho câu có nghĩa tương đg

Question 26: I'm sure Luisa was very disappointed when she failed the exam.

A. Luisa must be very disappointed when she failed the exam.

B. Lulsa must have been very disappointed when she failed the exam.

C. Luisa may be very disappointed when she failed the exam.

D. Luisa could have been very disappointed when she failed the exam.

question 27: "You had better see a doctor if the sore throat does not clear up," she to me.

A. She reminded me of seeing a doctor if the sore throat did not clear up.

B. She ordered me to see a doctor if the sore throat did not clear up.

C.She insisted that Isee a doctor unless the sore throat did not clear up.

D. She suggested that I see a doctor if the sore throat did not clear up.

question 28: Without her teacher's advice, she would never have written such a od essay

A. Her teacher advised him and she didn't write a good essay.

B. Her teacher didn't advise her and she didn't write a good essay.

C. She wrote a good essay as her teacher gave her some advice.

D. If her teacher didn't advise her, she wouldn't write such a good essay.

Question 29: She tried very hard to pass the driving test. She could hardly pass it.

A. Although she didn't try hard to pass the driving test, she could pass it.

B. Despite being able to pass the driving test, she didn't pass it.

C. No matter how hard she tried, she could hardly pass the driving test

D. She tried very hard, so she passed the driving test satisfactorily.

Question 30: We didn't want to spend a lot of money. We stayed in a cheap hotel.

A. Rather than spending a lot of money, we stayed in a cheap hotel.

B In spite of spending a lot of money, we stayed in a cheap hotel.

C. We stayed in a cheap hotel, but we had to spend a lot of money.

D. We didn't stay in a cheap hotel as we' had a lot of money to spend

Mai Linh

Multiple choices

1. We keep our bread in the fridge, ........ it doesn't go bad

A. since B. so that C. although D. after

2. The five-cent coin looks very Canadian, ........ it has a picture of a beaver on it

A. sice B. so that C. though D. before

3. .......... Volkswagen cars are cheap, they last a long time

A. because B. in order that C. although D. after

4. You should give the iron time to heat up .......... you iron your clothes

A. because B. so that C. before D. until

5. You need proper shoes to go hiking in the mountains, ......... the ground is rough and hard

A. because B. so that C. enven though D. before

6. Hockey players wear lots of protective clothing ......... they don't get hurt

A. because B. in order that C. though D. after

7. You will have to pay higher insurance .......... you buy a sports car

A. if B. so that C. although D. before

8. You shouldn't drive .......... drinking alcohol

A. if B. in order that C. even though D. after

9. ........... dolphin lives in the sea, it is not a fish - it's a mammal

A. whether B. so that C. although D. after

10. You may get malaria .......... you are bitten by a mosquito

A. if B. so that C. though D. before

11. Murat decided to give up smoking ......... he had had a heart attack two times

A. in case B. although C. because D. even if

12. .......... she was walking along the garden, she found a very race flower

A. because B. provided that C. so that D. while

13. .......... my father woke up, he realised that he had forgotten to turn off the lights

A. when B. unless C. while D. enven though

14. .......... he behaves well, Mary will never talk to him

A. although B. unless C. if D. in the even that

15. ........... my best friend Hasan is five years older than me, he looks every young

A. until B. when C. although D. because

Đạt Lương

II. Choose the word or the phrase or sentence that best completes each unfinished sentence below or that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence if it is substituted

1. I wish you_______.leave now. Can't you stay a bit longer?

A. don't have to B. didn't have to C. won't have to D. hadn't to

2. _______ to have a lunch at 12 o'clock every day?

A. Did she used B. Did she use C. Is she used D. Was she used

3. If you worked more slowly, he_______ so many mistakes.

A. wouldn't make B. won't make C. didn't make D. doesn't make

4. She never let you cook the meals, _______?

A. didn't she B. doesn't she C. did she D. was she

5. Stop now; you've done_______ work for one day.

A. too many B. plenty C. quite D. quite enough

6. Whenever you meet, we stop_______

A. talk B. to take C. talking D. talked

7. Give her a telephone to ring_______ she gets lost.

A. whether B. unless C. until D. in case

8. If only I_______ play the guitar as well as you!

A. would B. shall C. could D. might

9. The party, at _______ was the guest honor, was extremely enjoyable.

A. which B. that C. who D. where

10. Trung swims very well and _______ does his brother.

A. also B. even C. so D. neither

11. _______ people go to soccer matches now than twenty years ago.

A. Less B. Lesser C. Fewer D. Few

12. It's_______ long time since he last saw his grandparents.

A. such a B. so C. very D. too

13. By_____ it is enjoyable for many Americans to buy a Christmas tree and decorate it.

A. celebration B. tradition C. priority D. memory

14. They went on walking ______ it started to rain.

A. despite B. but C. and D. although

15. The Ao Dai ________ of a long silk tunic that is slit on the sides.

A. consists B. has C. includes D. involves

16. Learning a foreign language also includes learning the ______ of that country.

A.reputation B. rules C. culture

17. Pay the bill within 2 weeks or the electricity will be________

A. cut in B. cut up C. cut down D. cut off

18. There is a shrine ___ the mountains near Ba's village.

A. out B. in C. under D. from

19. He suggested that we _____ early tomorrow morning.

A. start B. to start C. starting D. should start

20. Do you know the woman ____ you met at the party yesterday?

A. who B. whom C. which D. whose

21. I used to visit my grandparents. I ______ them every weekend.

A. visit B. will visit C. have visited D. visisted

22. The school year usually begins _______ September 5th every year.

A. in B. since C. on D. during

23. You never play computer games after school, ________?

A. do you B. don't you C. never you D. not you

24. On the twelveth of the May 2008, there was a _________ in China.

A. celebration B. festival C. earthquake D. thunderstorm

25. Tony was a hard - working boy, ________ he got the job easily.

A. so B. when C. because D. but

26. He _________ for the same company when he left school

A. works B. has worked C. worked D. was working

27. There are a lot of people here, __________?

A.are they B. didm't they C. aren't they D.aren't there

28. Young people like to wear jeans because they don't easily _________

A. wear in B. wear up C. wear down D. wear out

29. There was a big old banyan tree ________ the entrance to the Ba's village.

A. of B. in C. at D. on

30. _________ is in late March or early April. It's celebrated in Israel by all Jewish people

A. Christmas B. Valentine C. Passover D. Easter

31. John, stop_______ at those magazines and pay attention what I am saying.

A. to look B. looking C. to looking D. looked

32. Titanic is really wonderful. I have never seen ________ film.

A. such good a B. a such good C. so good a D. so a good

34. " We ‘re going on a trip to Ha Long Bay next week." "Really? _______!"

A. Good luck B.Have a nice time C. It's your pleasure D. Take your time

35. The printer _____ is repaired looks OK.

A. which B. who C. where D. what

36. You_____ pass the driving test if you follow the instructor's advice.

A. must B. can C. could D. shall

37. If you want to lose weight, you _____ go on a strict diet.

A. can B. should C. could D. may

38. Tomy asks his teacher _____ .

A. where is New York B. where was New York

C. where New York was D. where New York is

40. "What's on TV tonight?" she asked. She asked me _____ .

A. what was on TV that night B. what on TV that night was

C. what is on TV tonight D. what is on TV that night

41. That man can tell us where _____.

A. does Tony live B. Tony lives C. Tony living D. is Tony living

42. She asked me _____ .

A. if I am thirsty B. if I were thirsty C. if I was thirsty D. if was thirsty

43. The boy asked his mother _____ .

A. if he can eat the cake B. if he could eat the cake

C. can he eat the cake D. could he eat the cake

44. She said " I have lived here for ten years". She told me _____ .

A. that she has lived there for ten years B. she had lived here for ten years.

C. that she had lived there for ten years D. that she had lived here for ten years

45. If Mary doesn't improve in maths, we _____ have to find a tutor for her.

A. will B. can C. should D. would

46. I want to know why _____ to the meeting.

A. didn't he come B. he didn't come C. he didn't arrive D.he not come

47. "Put your books away", said the teacher.

A. The teacher said to us put ours book away.

B. The teacher told us to put our books away.

C. The teacher told to us to put our books away.

D. The teacher said us to put our books away.

48. "Don't stay up too late, my son", he said.

A. He told his son not to stay up too late.

B. He said to his son not to stay up too late.

C. He told to his son not to stay up too late.

D. He said his son not to stay up too late.

49. " Do you have a camera?" she asked.

A. She wanted to know if I have a camera.

B. She wanted to know if I had a camera.

C. She asked me if I have a camera.

D. she asked me whether I have a camera.

50. "What's your trouble?" my mother asked.

A. My mother wanted to know what my trouble was.

B. My mother asked what my trouble is.

C. My mother wanted to know what trouble is.

D. My mother asked me what was my trouble.

Pharaoh Atem
Exercise 1. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with GET Get away from Get down Get on / along with Get off Get into Get away with Get down to Get over Get off with Get back Get on Get out of Get through 1.He promised to act as chairman, so I’m afraid he can’t get ____ it now. There’s no one else to do it. 2.She is a friendly girl who gets ________ everyone she meets. 3.It took her a long time to get ______ the death of her husband. 4.I tried to ring him up but I couldn’t get _____ : I think some of the lines are down after last night’s storm. 5.She talks so much that it is difficult to get _______ from her. 6.Get ______ the bus at Victoria Station. 7.How are you getting _________ your work ? 8.I’m not getting _______ very fast because I can only type with two fingers. 9.We got ______ late because we missed the last train. 10.Don’t worry about my snake. He can’t get _______ his box. 11.This rainy weather is really getting me ________. 12.It’s time you got _______ some serious work. It’s very important to you. 13.Thieves raided the bank and got ________ a lot of money. 14.My boy is getting _________ bad habits, such as smokin, staying up late.... 15.We got _______ immediately after the breakfast. Exercise 2. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with GIVE Give away Give off Give over to Give up Give back Give out Give in Give oneself up 1.He won 100$ and gave it all ________. 2.Riding is getting too expensive: I’ll have to give it ________. 3.He gave _______all the books he had borrowed. 4.After 4 days of freedom, the escaped prisoner gave himself _______ to local police. 5.Your secret is safe with me. I won’t give it ________. 6.The diver’s supply of oxygen gave __ and he had to be brought to the surface as quickly as possible 7.After his fourth attemp he gave _______ trying to pass the driving test. 8.If you want to save money, give _______ eating in expensive restaurants. 9.There was a man giving _______ leaflets outside the church. 10.She gave ______ state secret to the enemy. 11.Could you give me _______ my pen when you’ve finished using it? 12.Please give your exam papers ______ to the teacher when you’ve finished! 13.The cooker is giving _______ a funny smell. 14.This big hall is given ________ meeting. 15.She’s a gusty player : she never gives __________ Exercise 3. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with GO Go away Go down with Go on Go out Go through with Go back on Go in for Go off Go round Go up Go down Go into Go over Go through Go with 1.The guard dog went ______ the intruder and knocked him down. 2.He had a sandwich and a cup of coffee, then went _______ working. 3.I went ______ the proposal very carefully with my lawyer and finally decided to to accept his offer. 4.She went ______ a beauty contest and got a prize. 5.The price of tomatoes usually goes ________ in summer in England. 6.If there isn’t enough soup to go ________, just put some hot water in it. 7.You can’t go _______ your promise now: we are depending on you. 8.They have gone _______ all the calculations again but they still can’t find the mistake. 9.The gun went ______ by accident and wounded him in the leg. 10.Mary went ______ in such a hurry that she left her passport behind. 11.Why don’t you go _______ stamp collecting if you want a quiet hobby ? 12.Her weight went ______ to 70 kilos when she stopped playing tennis. 13.When did Britain go ________ EEC ? 14.Our youngest boy has gone __________ mumps! 15.Her blouse doesn’t go _______ her skirt. 16.Finally, I’ve gone ________ all my exams! 17.Which events is he going __________ at the Olympics? 18.The first episode of the film goes ________ next Friday evening at 8 o’clock. 19.There must be a party going _______ next door. They’re making so much noise! 20.The thieves ran away when the burglar alarm went __________. Exercise 4. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with HAND, GROW, HANG, JUMP Grow on Grow up Hand down Hang about Hang on to Jump at Grow out of Hand over Hand out Hang back Jump on 1.Most of my clothes were handed _____ to me by my older brother. 2.President Bush should hand ______ power to Iraqui elected government. 3.Relief workers were handing _______ emergency rations to the survivors. 4.My daughter is growing _______ very fast. She has grown _______ all her clothes. 5.This book is very interesting. I’m sure it will grow ________ you. 6.You should keep an eye on this stranger. He has been hanging _____ our neighbourhood for hours. 7.At first, he volunteered to help me, but on second thought he was afraid and hung ______. 8.I should hang ______ those oldphotographs–they may be valuable. 9.My maths teacher really used to jump _____ us when we got our answer wrong. 10.If they offered me a job in the USA, I’d jump _______ the chance. Exercise 5. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with HOLD, KEEP Hold on Hold out Hold up Keep down Keep away Keep off Hold off Hold back Hold with Keep up with Keep back Keep up 1.“ What a terrible news!”, she just managed to hold _________ her anger. 2.I don’t hold _______ his view on education. 3.After the hold–_______, the gang made their getaway in a stolen car. 4.The survivors of the plane crash managed to hold _______ till help came. 5.Her illness is getting worse. Doctors hold ______ little hope of her recovery. 6.Could you hold ______ making decision until next week. I’m trying to find out the best solution. 7.She kept ______ working although she was very tired. 8.They lit a fire to keep wild animals __________. 9.The people in this country have been kept _______ for years by a brutal regime. 10.Keep your voices ________ : your mother is trying to get some sleep. 11.You’re all doing a spendid job. Keep _______ the good work. 12.Police warned by–standers to keep ________ from the blazing building. 13.I can’t keep ________ all the changes in computer technology. 14.She is a good secretary, but she is kept _______ by her ignorance of languages. 15.The country was in a state of rebellion and was only kept _______ by repressive measures. Exercise 6. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with LAY, LEAVE, LET, LIVE Lay down Lay up Leave out Let off (with) Live on Lay out Leave off Let down Let out Live up to 1.There is a lot of beautiful jewellery laid _______ in the shop window. 2.You should lay _______ some money in the rainy days. 3.You didn’t have any right to lay _______ such hard rules. 4.My name has been misspelt–you’ve left _______ a letter. 5.I wish you’d leave ________ complaining about my cooking. 6.The boy’s getting so fat that his trousers have to be let _____ round the waist. 7.She was let _______ with a fine instead of being sent to prison. 8.He felt he really let the team ________ when he missed the penalty. 9.Don’t let these criminals ________ lightly. 10.As he’s retired, he now lives mainly _________ his pension. 11.My exam results didn’t live _________ my expectations, 12.You can’t live ________ 22 calories a day. Exercise 7. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with LOOK 1.We are looking ____ you for your help. 2. We must look __ a bit before deciding where to buy a house 3. Police will be looking _ trouble–makers at today’s match. 4. Please look __ on me when you have free time 5.His disappearance is being looked _________ by the police. 6. Do look me __ the next time you’re in London. 6. Children always look _____ their parents. 8. She is looked __ as the leading authority on this subject 9.Who will look ______ the children while their mother is in hospital ? 10.We are so much looking __________ seeing you next week. 11.Look _______ the time of the next trainin the timetable. 12.He was looked _________ because of his humble background. 13.She looked _______ when she heard the noise behind her. 14.Tenants must look __________ the house before they decided to rent it. GIẢI NHANH MÌNH TICK CHO NHA
Đỗ thị ngọc diệp




1. Tam go fishing with his brother when he was young

A, used to B, is used to C, has used to D, was used to

2. the examiner didn't tel me I passed or not

A, if B, how C, whether D, why

3. we named our first daughter our favorite singer

a, of b, for c, after d, on

4. the people in my hometown their living by planting vgetables and rice

a, earn b, gain c, get d, win

5. he has just got an interesting in an import company

a, work b, job c, occupation d, employment

6. my sister lost her luggage at the airport because it didn;t have with her name on

A, a ticket B, a poster C, a label D, an indentification

7. did't have enough time time finish the final examination

a, most students b, most of students c, the most students d, the many of students

8. do you know what time he for ha noi tomorrow ?

a, gets b, reaches c, arrives d, leaves

9. i can't find my interesting books . i seem them

a, to have lost b, to lose c, losing d, to lost

10. she is short. she wishes she taller

a, is b, was c, were d, can be

11. ''have the police arrested the robbers yet '' . ''it's only a of time ''

a, period b, matter c, length d, waste

12. cathy has three jobs , so she has a high .

a, income b, fee c, bill d, money

13. if you have finished the test , you the classroom

a, would b, may leave c, may be having d, could leave

14. tom has never written to you. ?

a, hasn't he b, has he c, hasn't tom d, has tom

15 . you have been reading for four hours . this book be very interesting

a, can b, might c, must d, should

help me, please !

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