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Viết đoạn văn ngắn bằng tiếng anh: how can the teenagers do to help community?

mắmm 14 tháng 11 2018 lúc 19:52

It is very important for students to help the community.In my opinion,we should do the following things to make our community better.

First of all,we should participate in the recycling programs. Everyday,we have to collect used glasses,papers and cans,then send them for recycling. By doing this,we can help save natural resource. In addition,we should participate in cleaning our neighborhood after school,collecting the plastic bags and reuse them. Beside,we presue other people not use plastic bag,instead of,they can use close bags.By doing this,we can help our environment as well as the community become better and better.

Secondly,we can participate in helping the poor people,the old people and haddicapter people. After school or when we have freetime,we can go to the elderly people to do something,such as: cleaning the house,washing clothes,...Moreover,we can take part in the voluntary orginization,we spend our saving to raise for fun,share our old clothes and the old books with the poor children. By this way,we can help them to have better condition to live and study

By doing above things,I hope that I can save natural resource and help unlucky people this will have the community become better. It is really interesting

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