Unit 8: Films

Trần Nguyễn Hữu Phât

write about the traffic rules ( road safety )

Pedestrians / drivers / cyclists and motorists

Candy Nguyễn
Candy Nguyễn 10 tháng 5 2018 lúc 13:57

The some rules for pedestrians: always look carefully where you go, walk across the street at the zebra crossing, wear white or light-coloured clothes in the dark, use the pavement or footpath, wait for the trafic light to turn green before you cross the street.

The some rules for drivers: always fasten your seatbelt when you drive, don't drive if you feel tired or after you drink alcohol, don't park in front of a zebra crossing, strictly obey traffic signals.

The some rules for cyclists and motorist: always keep both hands on the handle bars, always wear a helmet when you ride a motorbike, give a signal before you turn left or right, use front and back lights at night, don't carry a passenger in front of you.

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