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How old are you?


Dương Hoàn Anh
14 tháng 8 2017 lúc 16:13

Đáp án: I’m……. years old.

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Các câu hỏi tương tự
Lê Quỳnh  Anh

Let's sing. (Cùng hát)

What do you do in your free time?

Hello, my friend, how are you?

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I go camping.

I go camping with my friends.

Hello, my friend, how are you?

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I go fishing.

I go fishing with my friends.

Lê Quỳnh  Anh

Read and complete.

A. How are you today?

B: I’m not feeling very ____________.

Lê Quỳnh  Anh

Read and match.

1. What’s the matter with your brother?    a. Yes, he is.

2. Is he going to see a doctor?                   b. I have a headache

3. What about you? How are you?            c. No, I’m not.

4. Are you going to stay in bed?               d. Because I have to go to school

5. Why not?                                               e. He has a stomach ache.

Lê Quỳnh  Anh

Chọn câu trả lời phù hợp cho các câu hỏi ở cột bên trái:

16. Are you at school now?

17. How many lessons do you have today?

18. How often do you have Science?

19. Do you have school today?

20. What subjects do you have today?

21. Do you like Art?

22. What’s your favorite subject?


a. It’s Vietnamese.

b. Yes, I am. It’s break time.

c. Yes, I do. I have 3 lessons today.

d. No, I don’t. I like Music.

e. I have four.

f. I have it twice a week.

g. Vietnamese, English and Science.

Lê Quỳnh  Anh

How many seasons are there in your place? What are they?

Lê Quỳnh  Anh

How many _______________ are there?

A. person

B. people

C. peoples

Lê Quỳnh  Anh

How …….clouds are there?

A. much

B. color

C. many

D. lion

Lê Quỳnh  Anh

Read and match:

1. How many English lessons do you have a week? A. I usually talk with foreigners. 1.
2. Who is your English teacher? B. Of course, very much. 2.
3. When do you have English? C. I listen to English songs and read English books. 3.
4. How do you practise speaking? D. Because I want to become an English teacher. 4.
5. What do you think about English? E. Yes, I do. We go to English Club together. 5.
6. How often do you watch English film? F. It’s Miss Huong. 6.
7. Do you help your friends learn English? G.I have it five times a week. 7.
8. How do you learn English? H. I sometimes watch after dinner. 8.
9. Do you like English? I. Mondays and Wednesdays. 9.
10. Why do you learn English? J. It’s a useful and interesting language. 10
Lê Quỳnh  Anh

Read and match:

1. Where did you go yesterday? a. Yes, I did. They were really noisy. 1.
2. What did the lions do when you were there? b. I saw a baby elephant and some other animals. 2.
3. When did you go to the zoo? c. They were big and moved slowly. 3.
4. Who did you go with? d. They roared loudly. 4.
5. Did you see any monkeys? e. Yes, the tigers were very fast. 5.
6. What are the elephants like? f. I went there at 8 a.m. 6.
7. What did you see at the zoo? g. By bus. 7.
8. Did you go to the zoo last weekend? h. No, I didn’t. 8.
9. How did you get there? i. I went there with my classmates. 9.
10. Did you see any tigers? j. I went to the zoo. 10

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