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Điền giới từ còn thiếu vào ô trống

1. I couldn't meet mry because she was ....................

2. It won't be very long. I'll be back .................... ten minutes

3. Please, translate this article ..................... English for me

4. My brrother is much better................... gardening than me

5. Sam Son beach is always crrowded................ tourists in the summer

help me!

Nhan Nhược Nhi
8 tháng 11 2016 lúc 22:00

Điền giới từ còn thiếu vào ô trống

1. I couldn't meet mry because she was sick.(câu này ko phải điền giới từ đâu bạn)

2. It won't be very long. I'll be back after ten minutes

3. Please, translate this article into English for me

4. My brrother is much better at gardening than me

5. Sam Son beach is always crowded with tourists in the summer

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Trương Việt Khôi

I remember that when I was in 5th grade, my class was good at studying, reacted aggressively in all activities of the school so it was very popular with teachers and friends. In grade 5, the exam that we are most interested in is the excellent student exam. I have chosen to send gold to send the task of taking good students. I have to say I was proud and proud to do so. And I know that besides me, there is no one qualified to take this exam. At that time, I was a smug little girl, always thought I was good and despise the people around. Ms. Thu enthusiastically study for me, I also try my best to study under the guidance of her.

Two days before the exam I allowed myself to rest for the day with the most comfortable spirit. I am very confident in what I have learned. On the day of the competition everyone happy to wish me success, won high. I completed the excellent essay for Literature, but Mathematics was a terrible failure. The best thing I can do is not to do it, because I volunteered to ignore it because I thought it was too simple to put on a good student exam. I lost my spirits from that moment, suddenly all the knowledge in my head flew away, I can not remember anything anymore. Even if I try my best, I can not regain my composure. And then I knew that I would not get any awards in this competition. Every wish, expectation of everyone or myself, all the smoke.

I step out of the examination room with a somber face, I do not want to meet anyone, just want to hide all the most is Ms. Thu who dedicatedly told me. I still remember as she wrote: "Whatever form of paper, whether hard or easy you must also scrutinize, do not subject yourself to any offline," she repeats it over and over again. many times. However, just because of the subjectivity, just because of arrogance, self-thinking good giang has made every hope of her break. I know how to face her, tell her how disappointing results this time.

The next day I always tried to avoid her, I was afraid to face, to explain to her, I was afraid to look her sad eyes. But I could not avoid it, that day, when she finished school she called me back to class. It was a talk that I would never forget the words she said later, the words she taught:

- Yesterday, she received the results of the excellent student exam, the subject children do very well by 9 points, but Math is too bad. I know your exam this time is not good since you left the examination room. But can you tell me why, math is so bad? She knows how good she is, she believes she can do well. So that…

"Your child, your child did not review you part ... I ... I ... really sorry for you. I am very angry with myself. Angry because of subjective self, has made her and everyone disappointed, ...

I sobbed, sorry for you, to say that my heart felt so much lighter. Listening to my words, she patted her shoulders lightly, hugging me to say,

- Keep your daughter quiet. Every one of us has been wrong, everybody has stumbled. The most important thing is self-perception and modification. I hope this will be a lesson that you will remember forever, so that whatever you do, whether large or small, you need to be careful, careful not to be subjective. Because just a minute of subjective, the consequences will not be unexpected.

I listened attentively as I swallowed her words. That was the first time I realized that just because a minute of negligence, your subjectivity affects so many people. It has happened for a long time but it will be a lesson for me: in anything that is not subjective, careful, meticulous, effort, try not stop.

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