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The culture of Vietnam is one of the oldest in the Southeast Asia region. Although Vietnam lies geographically in Southeast Asia, long periods of Chinese domination and influence has resulted in the emergence of many East Asian characteristics in Vietnamese culture, and generally Vietnam is said to be a part of the East Asian cultural sphere, known widely as Chinese cultural sphere. Despite considerable foreign influence, Vietnamese people have managed to retain many distinct customs. While Chinese culture has the largest influence on traditional Vietnamese culture, there is also a much smaller influence from the Cham and later Western cultures, most notably of France, Russia and the United States. In term of prehistory, most Vietnamese historians consider the ancient Dong Son Culture to be one of the defining aspects of early Vietnamese civilization. Vietnam’s population in 2006 was 84,402,966, with a population density of 253 people per km­­­­2. Most people live in or near the densely populous Red River or Mekong deltas. Due to the nation’s southward expansion throughout its history, along with the different climate and environment met by the settlers as they moved further south, slightly different regional cultures began to emerge, most notably between Northern and Southern Vietnam. The culture of Vietnam______ . A. is the youngest in Asia B. does not get any Asian characteristics C. was influenced by that of China D. was greatly dominated by that of Western 92. Which culture has not affected the Vietnamese one? A. Of the United States B. Of the United Kingdom C. Of Russia D. Of France 93. Vietnamese people ______ . A. cannot keep their own culture in their daily life B. have many diverse nation customs C. highly appreciate the Western influence on their culture D. failed to retain the native customs 94.Through history, Vietnam expended to the ______ . A. south B. north C. east D. west 95. Which statement is true? A. The North and the South of Vietnam have the same regional cultures. B. The Mekong delta is more populous than the Red River one. C. Red River delta is densely populous.

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Read tge passage. Decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F). Living in Scotland Scotland is the uk's most northern country and has around 790 islands off its coasts - 130 of which have people living on them. Scotland is well known for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and lochs, which are fresh water lakes. There are over 600 square miles of lochs in Scotland including the most famous one, Loch Ness. It has a population of just over five million people which is about 8.5 per cent of the whole UK population. Over 2 million of these live on Glasgow and Edinburgh, and almost half of Scotland's population live in the Central Belt, where both the largest city (Glasgow), and the capital city (Edinburgh) are located. Scotland also hosts one of the biggest arts festivals in the world. This is commonly known as the Edinburgh Festival but is actually made up of a number of different festivals which happen at different times of the year, though many do take place in August and September. Many people have heard of the Fringe Festival, but there are also the International Festival, the Film Festival, the Children's Festival and the Edinburgh Mela which is an intercultural festival. Decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F). 1. Scottish people inhabit on over 1/6 of ít all islands. ........... 2. Scotland's population is over 1/10 of the whole UK population. ............ 3. People in Scotland prefer living in other areas to big cities. ............ 4. There are 2 common months for Edinburgh Festival. ............ 5. There won't be any special events exclusively for kids in the Festival ............


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