Luyện tập tổng hợp

Dương Thanh Ngân

We spoke to the man.He was very humorous .

The man................................................

Các câu hỏi tương tự
ngọc nguyễn

Kết hợp những câu sau dùng đại từ quan hệ. 1. Alice is my friend. Alice’s mother died last year. 2.The boy will be punished. He threw that stone. 3. Ann is very friendly. She lives next door. 4.The man is a famous actor. You met him at the party last night. 5.There are some words. They are very difficult to translate. 6.I was looking for a book this morning. I’ve found it now. 7.Is that the car? You want to buy it. 8.Sandra works in advertising. You were talking to her. 9.The little girl ate sweets the whole way. She sat next to me on the coach. 10.Lan is a journalist. Her tape recorder was stolen. 11.I don’t know the name of the woman. I spoke to her on the phone. 12. We often go to visit our friends in Bristol. It’s only 30 miles away. 13. This is Mr Carter. I was telling you about him. 14. That is the room. The meeting is held in that room. 15. I’ll always remember the day. I first saw that sight on that day. 16.She was born in Malaysia. Rubber trees grow well there. 17.No one knows the school. My uncle taught at that school 10 years ago. 18. Please ask them the time. The train stared the trip at that time. 19. New Year’s Day is a day. All family members gather and enjoy a family dinner then. 20. There are many hotels. Tourists can enjoy their holidays there. 21.India is a country.The earthquake occured in this country last month. 22. Bac giang is a city. I was born and grew up there. 23. We have not decided the day. We’ll go to London on that day. 24. The man made me sad the most. I love him with all my heart. 25.The thief was caught. This was a really good news. 26. The gentleman was very young. He was introduced as the most successful businessman. 27. His book became the best seller.It was punished last year. 28. Neil Armstrong lived in the USA. He walked on the moon. 29. Nam is very intelligent. He learns in our class. 30. Ha Long has grown into a big city over the past few years. I visited the city last year.

Hoa Nguyễn

II. Combine these sentences using: That , which , who , whom or whose:

1. A woman answered the phone. She told me you was busy.

2. The bus is always crowded. I take it to school every morning.

3. They are singing a song. I don't know the song.

4. A man spoke to me. He was very helpful.

5. A midwife is a woman. She assists other women in childbirth.

6. They are the children. Their team won the match.

7. The house is for sale. It has the green shutters.

8. My farther bought a motor bike. The motorbike costs 2 thousand dollars.

9. They are the postcards. I sent them from Australia.

10. The house has been built in the forest. It doesn't have electricity.

11. The girl chatted with him yesterday. She arrived here at 6:30.

12. I'm reading the book. I bought it in London in 1996.

13. Trang couldn't come to the party. This was perfectly true.

14. Do you know the girl? Tom is talking to the girl.

15. Tuan speaks English very well. He comes from Vietnam.

16. The man invited me to his party. He was really polite.

17. A lion is an animal. This animal lives in Africa.

18. I have a class. It begins at 8 am.

19. A globe is a ball. This ball has a map of the world on it.

20. The soup was too salty. I had it for lunch.

21. We are visiting Ha Long. Ha Long is in the north of Vietnam.

22. My father is an doctor. He has gone to abroad.

23. Ms Kim Anh will be our History teacher next semester. You talked with her yesterday.

24. The watch belongs to Lam. It is in the bathroom.

25. Do you know the new student? I can't remember his name.

26. Mary is a bit deaf. She didn't hear the phone.

27*. We'll meet Peter tomorrow. He has 2 brother and one sister.

28. We are talking to Vietnam. Vietnam has a population of 87 million people.

29. We are talking to Vietnam. Its population is 87 million people.

30. I should phone the man. I borrowed his car yesterday.

31. She can't speak English. It is a disadvantage.

32. I'm staying with Henry. His father works in a bank.

33. Do you remember Mrs Lan? She taught us history.

34. The museum was built in 1805. Our class visited it last weekend.

35. The man works in the hospital. I told you about him.

36. Do you like the person? The person sits next to you.

37. The house costs a lot of money. My father bought it last year.

38. We are visiting the children. Their parents died in the storm.

39. My sister is rather childish. She was trained to be a sewer.

40. Colin told me about his new job. He enjoys it very much.

41 . We know a lot of people. They live in London.

42. We know her grandparents. They live in London.

43. We met some people. Their car had broken down.

44. We stayed at the Cau Vong hotel. Nam recommended it to us.

45. Jane works for a company. It makes shoes.

46. She told me her address. I wrote down it on a piece of paper.

47. There are some words. They are very difficult to translate.

48. John is one of my closest friends. I have known him for a very long time.

49. A pacifist is a person. He believes that all wars are wrong.

50. What is the name of the man? You borrowed his car.

51. This watch costs a lot of money. I have lost the watch.

52. We were given a lot of information. Most of the information was useless.

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