Unit 3: Peoples of Viet Nam

kissing the moon

Fill in each blank with a suitable word There are nine sub-groups that are (1)_________ by the ethnic minority M’Nong, suchas Bru Dang, Preh, Ger, Nong, Prang, PJam, Kuyenh, Chil Bu Nor, and M’Nong Bu Dang,with combined estimate of 105,300 populations. They are concentrated (2)_________ southernparts of the provinces of Binh Phuoc and Dak Lak and in parts of Lam Dong. They livein houses built on (3)_________ or level with the ground, in every village where they usuallyhave dozens of households. (4)_________ is observed and the children take the family nameof their mother. The wife holds the key position in (5)_________ household. This grouplikes to have many children, (6)_________ daughters and speak the language traced tothe Mon-Khmer Group. The M’Nong use the slash-and-bum method of (7)_________.The M’Nong in Ban Don are well known for their elephant hunting and domestication. Women handle the weaving of cotton cloth, (8)_________ the men work on basketry.

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25 tháng 11 2020 lúc 21:23

1) represented

2) in

3) stilts

4) Matriarchy

5) the 6) especially 7) farming 8) while
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