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chọn chỗ sai va sua loi
1, Do you make the children to do the morning exercise every day?
2, There was nothing specially about his clothes apart from his flowery tie.
3, He promised to telephone though i have never heard from him again.
4, My big dog is perfectly harmful, and has never been known to attack anyone.
5, Near the park is a famous landmark calling the Unification Palace.
6, All Mike's frends felt sorry about him when he had to give up playing football.
7, We couldn't find the man who car was blocking our driveway.
8, A large number of people was killed during the earthquake in China in May 2012
9, The dentist gave me a check up and the telling me i needed two fillings.
10, He warned me to make an eye on my luggage as that place was full of thieves.

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chọn chỗ sai va sua loi
1, Do you make the children to=>ϕ do the morning exercise every day?
2, There was nothing specially =>special about his clothes apart from his flowery tie.
3, He promised to telephone though=>but i have never heard from him again.
4, My big dog is perfectly harmful=>harmless, and has never been known to attack anyone.
5, Near the park is a famous landmark calling=>called the Unification Palace.
6, All Mike's frends felt sorry about=>for him when he had to give up playing football.
7, We couldn't find the man who=>whose car was blocking our driveway.
8, A large number of people was=>were killed during the earthquake in China in May 2012
9, The dentist gave me a check up and the telling=>told me i needed two fillings.
10, He warned me to make=>keep an eye on my luggage as that place was full of thieves.

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BTS Is My Life

Fill up the spaces in each of the following sentences by inserting a verb + up, or a verb + up + preposition combination.

1. It is ...... factory owners to provide fire-fighting equip­ment in their factories. (No verb is required here.) 2. Unfortunately he was ...... by his parents to believe that money was the only thing that mattered. 3. The party didn't ...... till 3 a.m. and the guests left very noisily.

4. I ran after him and soon ......... him. Then we went on together. 5. Mother to child: "Your clothes are covered with mud; what have you .........?" 6. If you buy the paint I'll ......this room for you. 7. He ......a list of conditions and we all agreed to them. 8. If you want a new passport you must ...... this form. 9. 8 a.m. and went to bed at 11 p.m. 10. I tried three times to start the car and then ... it ... and went by bus. 11. If I ...... alcohol I'd be much healthier, but life wouldn't be so much fun. 12. I saw a policeman so I ......... him and asked him the way.

13. Most girls expect to get married when they....... 14. Cashiers carrying money to the bank are sometimes ...... by gunmen. 15. He couldn't ......... me as I ran much faster than he did

and soon left him behind. 16. I ...... a 20p piece that I saw lying on the ground. 17. He wasted two weeks and tried to ......... it by working madly the last day. 18. She said that she was going to educate her children her­self, for if they went to school they'd only......bad habits. 19. Before you go on holiday you should ...... the house and ask the police to keep an eye on it. 20. The car......suddenly with screaming brakes. 21. English people have to.........English weather. 22. The thieves ...... (bound) the housekeeper and ransacked the house. 23. I've stupidly ...... your books and mine and now I don't know which is which. 24. He is a dangerous criminal. He ought to be....... 25. I want to ... him ... . Would you please ...... his telephone number? 26. I ...... at the meeting-place but the others didn't come. 27. He wanted something to do in his spare time so he ...... carpentry. 28. The police......a notice saying, "No Parking". 29. "Tell me at the end of the week how many hours you have worked and I'll ......with you then", his employer said. 30. It's probably true. No one would......such a stupid story. 31. She sat down in front of the mirror and began to ...... her face. 32. If only we had a dish-washer, we wouldn't need to ...... after every meal. 33 My father said it was all my fault but my mother ......... (defended) me and said that it wasn't. 34 He ...... his speech by calling for a vote of thanks for last year's president.

Linh Hoàng
Combine the following pairs or groups of sentences by means of relative pronouns, making any changes necessary. 1 You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it. (Thank you very much/or...) 2 She was dancing with a student. He had a slight limp. (two ways) 3 I am looking after some children. They are terribly spoilt, (two ways) 4 The bed has no mattress. I sleep on this bed. (The bed 1. . .) 5 Romeo and Juliet were lovers. Their parents hated each other. 6 There wasn't any directory in the telephone box. I was phoning from this box. 7 This is Mrs Jones. Her son won the championship last year. 8 I was sitting in a chair. It suddenly collapsed. (The chair . . .) 9 Mr Smith said he was too busy to speak to me. I had come specially to see him. 10 The man was sitting at the desk. I had come to see this man. 11 I missed the train. I usually catch this train. And I had to travel on the next. This was a slow train. (Make into one sentence.) 12 His girl friend turned out to be an enemy spy. He trusted her absolutely. 13 The car had bad brakes. We were in this car. And The man didn't know the way. This man was driving. (Make into one sentence.) 14 This is the story of a man. His wife suddenly loses her memory. 15 We'll have to get across the frontier. This will be difficult. 16 A man brought in a small girl. Her hand had been cut by flying glass. 17 The car crashed into a queue of people. Four of them were killed. 18 The roads were crowded with refugees. Many of them were wounded. 19 I was waiting for a man. He didn't turn up. (The man. . .) 20 Tom came to the party in patched jeans. This surprised the other guests. Most of the other guests were wearing evening dress. 21 The firm is sending me to York. I work for this firm. (The firm. . .) 22 The Smiths were given rooms in the hotel. Their house had been destroyed in the explosion. 23 I saw several houses. Most of them were quite unsuitable. 24 He wanted to come at 2 a.m. This didn't suit me at all. 25 This is a story of a group of boys. Their plane crashed on an uninhabited island. 26 They tie up parcels with string. This is so weak that the parcel usually comes to pieces before you get it home. (The string . ..) 27 He introduced me to his students. Most of them were from abroad. 28 He expected me to pay £2 for 12 eggs. Four of the eggs were broken. 29 He spoke in French. But the people didn't know French. He was speaking to these people. (Combine these last two sentences only.) 30 The boy was a philosophy student and wanted to sit up half the night discussing philosophy. Peter shared a flat with this boy. (two ways)
Linh Hoàng
Relatives: non-defining and connective: PEG 78-84 Combine the following pairs or groups of sentences, using relative pronouns. 1 Tom had been driving all day. He was tired and wanted to stop. 2 Ann had been sleeping in the back of the car. She felt quite fresh and wanted to go on. 3 Paul wanted to take the mountain road. His tyres were nearly new. 4 Jack's tyres were very old. He wanted to stick to the tarred road. 5 Mary didn't know anything about mountains. She thought it would be quite safe to climb alone. 6 He gave orders to the manager. The manager passed them on to the foreman. 7 She said that the men were thieves. This turned out to be true. 8 The matter was reported to the Chief of Police. He ordered us all to be arrested. 9 In prison they fed us on dry bread. Most of it was mouldy. 10 We slept in the same room as a handcuffed prisoner. His handcuffs rattled every time he moved. 11 We lit a fire. It soon dried out our clothes. 12 They rowed across the Atlantic. This had never been done before. 13 The lorry crashed into a bus-load of schoolchildren. Six of them were slightly injured. 14 She refuses to use machines. This makes her work more arduous. 15 I met Mary. She asked me to give you this. 16 The women prayed aloud all night. This kept us awake. 17 The river bed is uneven and you may be in shallow water one moment and in deep water the next. This makes it unsafe for non-swimmers. 18 Mary said that there should be a notice up warning people. Mary's children couldn't swim. 19 Ann said that there were far too many notices. Ann's children could swim very well. 20 He paid me £5 for cleaning ten windows. Most of them hadn't been cleaned for at least a year. 21 Jack, the goalkeeper, and Tom, one of the backs, were injured in last Saturday's match. Jack's injuries were very slight. He is being allowed to play in today's match. This is a good thing because the team hasn't got another goalkeeper. (Combine the last three sentences only.) 22 But Tom's leg is still in bandages. He will have to watch the match from the stand. 23 Mr White didn't get a seat on his train this morning. This put him in a bad temper, and caused him to be very rude to his junior partner. The junior partner in turn was rude to the chief clerk; and so on all the way down to the office boy. 24 On Monday Tom's boss suddenly asked for a report on the previous week's figures. Tom had a hangover. He felt too sick to work fast. (Combine the last two sentences only.) 25 His boss didn't drink. He saw what was the matter and wasn't sympathetic. 26 In the afternoon he rang Tom and asked why the report still hadn't arrived. The report should have been on his desk by 2 o'clock. 27 Tom's headache was now much worse. He just put the receiver down without answering. This was just as well, as if he'd said anything he would have been very rude. 28 Fortunately Ann, the typist, came to Tom's assistance. Ann rather liked Tom. 29 Even so the report took three hours. It should have taken an hour and a half. 30 I went to Munich. I had always wanted to visit Munich.

Read the following text then choose from the list A - F the bet sentence to fill each of the spaces . There is one extra sentence which you do not need .

I have recently become very worried about my 15 - year -old , Nick. Althought he was never brilliant at school, he used to get reasonable good marks (1)...................

He used to be such a good swimmer that he won serveral prizes. But now he has given up training . And instead of neat clothes he used to wear , all he ever puts on is the same pair of shabby of old jeans and a dirty sweatshirt.

(2)............... Nick was in the kitchen. The radio was so loud that he didn't hear me come behind . My handbag was on the table.(3).................

We had a terrible now . Finally, he broke down and confessed everything . He has been going every day to a big amusement arcade near his school and playing electronics games with nick names like Space Warrior and Alien Invaders. I had always thought they were harmless.(4)..................

He has promised he won't go there again, but I think he's too addicted to stop .(5)................ What can I do to help him ?

A . But now I realize that he's so hooked on them, he'll even steal from his own mother in order to pay for the habit.

B . Even if he wanted to he couldn't - and he doesn't.

C . I often leave it there so that I won't forget it when I go out.

D. He had taken some money out of it and was just about to put it in his pocket.

E. But that isn't all. Last Sunday , I got up earlier than usual.

F. But now his work has become o bad that his teachers say he is just wasting his time

Your answers 1 ............. 2 ................ 3..............



Vũ Kiều Giang

Rewrite each of the following sentences so that it means exactly the same as the given one. Using the given words in brackets. Do not change the word.

1: I'm not you. But I think you should recycle these plastic carrier bags. (if) ..................................................................

2: Emma came first because she worker hard. ( result).........................................................

3: Eating too much sugar can result in health problems. ( lead )....................................................................

4: All frights had to be cancelled as a result of the pilots sudden strike. (so)...........................................................................

5: If I could swim. I would go scuba diving with Terry. (beacause).............................................................

Give the correct form of the words to complete the following sentences.

John watched a ( 1. document) on TV last night. It was all about the problems ( 2. threaten) our environment. He was shocked to find out how little he knew about (3.globe) warning or acid rain. He had heard the term before but he knew ( 4. practical) nothing about the damage they cause to our planet. He feels he should do something to be ( He would like to join an ( 6.organize), but he doesn't know which one to join. He has seen so many (7.advertise) in newspapers that he can't make up his mind. I lowever., he believes that it is ( 8. acceptable) not to be environmentally aware and he is ( 9.hope) that one day everyone will be part of a world movement to save the earth. He was sure that in this time of ( 10. technology) advances, we find may to solve the world's problems.

1.................. 2................. 3................. 4.................. 5................. 6................7.................. 8................. 9................. 10.................

Bùi Lê Trâm Anh

Correct grammar mistakes:
1. Mum said that life is more difficult when she was young
2. Can you tell me how long you studied medicine so far?
3. She said that she didn't know what her father was alike because he died when he was still young
4. My mother had me to iron the clothes
5. I will have my hair cutting tomorrow
6. The street seems uietly
7. It is dangerous riding fast in busy streets
8. Let's wait in the zebra crossing
9. Our teacher rewarded him with his rapid progress in study
10. Bill learns not only well but also sings beautifully
11. Do you want I make you some coffee?
12. My brother couldn't make the TV to work
13. ann was made repeat the whole story
14. Our teacher with his two children have just gone home
15. He thinks that talking on the phone was a little bit time-consuming
16. The computers didn't work because the plug if it suddenly stopped working
17. I have seen him with his wife in a restaurant three months ago
18. Do you know who did the girl talk to last night? It was too dark for me to see
19.What was made you angry in Ted's birthday party last week?
20. Mum said that she is happy to receive the news you passed your gradution examination
21.What was done so far at your university in these days?
22. He looked for the keys so as he could open the gate and the door to get into the house
23. Have you done your homework the teacher gives yesterday yet?
24. My mother is not as more patient as my father because she doesn't like children and the noise they make
25. She was having dinner when a man was coming a nd giving her a bunch of flowers
26. We don't want to go out tonight because the weather is rain
27. We are having a birthday party in Saturday night. Would you like to come?
28. Do you hear any noise when the strange men broke into your house?
29. Camp is one of our favorite outdoor activities

Tài badboy

I. Change the following sentences from active voice into passive voice.
1.They had to cancel the flight because of the bad weather.
2.We must finish the project on time.
3. People can find a cure for cancer in the near future.
4.Someone might steal your bike if you leave it outside.
5. They ought to knock down the old building.
6. They held the 22 nd SEA Games in Viet Nam in 2003.
7. The teacher will explain the lesson until all the students understand it.
8. He has done his homework for hours but he hasn’t finished it yet.
9. My parents never make me work hard.
10. The brick – layers have been building a house in the village.
11. One of my neighbors has stolen my bicycle.
12. I have a hairdresser do my hair every day.
13. How often do you take the dog oout for a walk? – Every five hours.
14. My brother will give me a cat for my fifteenth birthday.
15. People rumoured that the King was afraid of his wife.
16. I am going to read her latest book.
17.They should tidy this room twice a week
18. Amazing news! Scientists have dicovered a new planet.
19. She made ten phone calls yesterday.
20.My daughter has to finish all her homework before school.
21. My sister gave me a new pair of jeans on my fifteenth birthday.
22. The workers are building a supermarket on our street.
23. The zoo keepers feed the animals twice a day.
24.They have sold their car to pay their debt.
25. We are going to grow flowers in the front garden.
26. You mustn’t use this machine after 5.30 pm
27. My grandmother is knitting a new sweater for me.

28. Did people make jeans two hundred years ago.
29.We don’t use this kind of cloth to make shirts.
30. Vietnamese women continue to wear the unique and fashionable ao dai.
31. The mechanic is repairing Judy’s car.
32. We must do something before it is too late.
33. They make these artificial flowers of sink.
34. Did they feed Lulu last night?
35. They used to drink beer for breakfast in England yeaers ago.
36. They were cleaning the floor when I arrived.
II. Change the following sentences from the passive voice into active voice.
1. The robber were arrested by the police yesterday. ->
2. The match has been cancelled due to the bad weather. ->
3. The flowers need watering. ->
4. The documents will be sent as soon as possible. ->
5. We are often shouted at at work by our boss. ->
6. Two department stores have been built in the neighborhood this year.
7. I was made to wash the clothes by my mother.
8. She has her clothes made by a famous tailor.
9. It was believed that the earth was square.
10. He was rumoured to be mysterious.
11. I was given a new pair of jeans on my fifteenth birthday by my sister.
12. A supermarket on our street is being built on our street by the workers.
13. The animals are fed twice a day by the zoo keepers.
14.Their car has been sold to pay their debt by them.
15. Flowers are going to be grown in the front garden by us.
16. This machine mustn’t be used after 5.30 pm by you.
17. Is knitting a new sweater is being knitted for me by my grandmother.
18. Were jeans made two hundred years ago?
19.This kind of cloth isn’t used to make shirts by us.
20. The unique and fashionable ao dai continue to be worn by Vietnamese women.
22. The information is kept on our computer. (We)
23. As I was walking home, I thought I was being followed. (someone)

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