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My uncle has been saving some money, and he is going to buy a new motorbike

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Bông Y
Bông Y 30 tháng 10 2020 lúc 17:23

has been saving→has saved Theo mình thì chuyện "chú tôi tiết kiệm tiền" đã xảy ra và để lại kết quả (là ông ấy đã đủ tiền để mua xe) và sẽ đi mua 1 chiếc xe gắn máy.

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Hanh Bui

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1.( Every) student who (majors )in English( are )ready to participate ( in )the orchard contest

2. (Do you know )(the reason )(when) English men travel( to the left)

3.she (is) (the most )beautiful woman( whose) I have (ever )met

4.(mother's Day) is (the day )when children show (their love )to their mother (on)

5.(the new year day) is the day (where) all my family member( gather )and enjoy it( together)

6.it is (complicated )(because) pollution (is caused )by things (when )benefit people

7.(the policeman) must try( to catch) those men (whom) drive (dangerously)

8,he was (very surprised )(when )he visited London (in that) the drivers always drive (on the right hand side) of the street

9. (That) is the (man) who (he )told me (the bad new)

10.(I don't know) the reason (on when )(Jonathan) was( sacked)

11, the singer (about who) I (told) you yesterday (is coming) here (tomorrow)

12,(the) man( whom )helped you yesterday( is) a television (reporter)

13. What (is)(the name) of the girl(whom) (has just come) in?

14. (Do you know )(the reason) (when )Englishmen( travel) on the left side of the streets?

15.( If )you want a (particular )book the person( to see )is the librarian (she is wearing) glasses

16,I (enjoyed )the book (that) you( told me )to read (it)

17,that (commentator) (his name )I (have forgotten) is very (well known)

18 ,Amelia Earhart( that )was one of the pioneers (in aviation) (attemped to fly )the world in1937 but she and her plane mysteriously disappeared (over )the Pacific Ocean

19.(sunday) is( a day )(where) we( expect)

20. (Have )you ever( been to) Da Lat( when) my father has a (lovely) house

21. That is(a)( new) circus which( formed )(in )1992

22.he( is said )(to is) 108 (years) old (now)

23. (A) letter (is going) (to send )(to Ann) by Tom

24.gold is (believed) to( be discovered) (in 18th )century

25.in the future (human workers) might be (replace) by robots( in dangerous areas) (such as) nuclear power plant or coadjutor mines

26.john has (been worked) at (the bakery )for (nearly )40 years (now)

27.our (houseguests) (are) going (to be arrived )tomorrow( afternoon)

28."(what )(was happened )yesterday( while )I was out ""( I don't know )"

29.(when) the children (went to )the zoo they (were seemed )very (happy)

30.coffee (was making )when I (walked )(into )the kitchen (yesterday)

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