Câu hỏi của Đỗ Thị Thanh Trà - Tiếng Anh lớp 9

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Bài 12: Hoàn thành những câu sau bằng một cụm động từ thích hợp.

pay back get down believe in watch out tell off
pull out see off agree with save up make up

1.I have seen a lot of people burst into tears when they ____________ their friends and family ____________.

2. Do you ____________ me that you didn’t try hard enough?

3. Has your teacher ever__________ you___________? No, she hasn’t. She is a nice teacher.

4. Last week I borrowed Tom $50 to buy a book but I ____________ him ____________ yet.

5. My boyfriend walked towards me and then he ____________ a small gift.

6. I never ____________ in ghosts but my brother is always scared of them.

7. ____________! There is a car coming.

8. I hate the way Peter tells lies and ____________ stories to cheat people.

9. Have you ____________ enough to buy a new car?

10. I promised my mother not to ____________ her ____________, so I tried my best to get high scores.

Bài 13: Khoanh tròn vào đáp án đúng.

Should people retire to the countryside?

Many people who are close to their retirement want to move to the countryside to enjoy the rest of their life. It is widely believed that life in the rural areas are (1) _______ than that in the city. The countryside is (2) _______ than the city and people’s health will improve. (3) _______, city folks have warned people about the potential risks of living the rural areas. Life in the countryside may not be blissfully calm as expected, even tougher. For example, rural houses are (4) _______ and more inconvenient than those in the city. During harsh weather condition, it is dangerous for people living in it. (5) _______, people may also (6) _______ up to the lack of health care service. The vulnerable old people can’t be (7) _______ treated in the countryside than in the city. For those who have spent most of their life working and living in urban areas, they may not be able to (8) _______ the boredom and lack of facility in the rural areas.

1. A. more peaceful B. more peacefully C. more noisy D. more noisily
2. A. less polluted B. more polluted C. less pollute D. more pollute
3. A. However B. But C. Therefore D. When
4. A. much weaker B. more weaker C. less weaker D. more weakly
5. A. However B. Besides B. Besides D. Therefore
6. A. look B. make C. face D. take
7. A. well B. more better C. best D. better
8. A. come down with B. put up with C. work out D. agree on

Bài 14: Đọc bài đọc sau đây. Điền T (True) trước câu có thông tin đúng với thông tin bài đọc. Điền F (False) trước câu có thông tin không đúng với nội dung bài đọc, điền NG (Not Given) trước câu có nội dung không có trong bài đọc.

Issues in big cities

These days, more and more people prefer urban life because of all the opportunities it brings about, namely job opportunity, recreational facilities, decent education and high standard of living. However, once they settle down in a city, they have to face up to more than one problem.

To begin with, the life in the urban city is also very stressful and busy. City dwellers often have a hectic pace of life, which means that they rarely have enough time for recreational activities. People have to work hard and compete fiercely to earn a decent living, which puts people under a lot of pressure. Moreover, working hard and extra working hours mean that urban residents have very short time for their family and friends. Many people have complained that parents in the cities do not pay much attention to their children and people tend to talk less to each other.

Furthermore, people have to put up with heavy pollution in the city.There are many kinds of pollution such as air, water, land, noise and even light pollution. This is understandable because there are numerous pollutants in the city. For example, exhaust fumes from vehicles or emissions from factories are the main causes of air pollution. Pollution is detrimental to human health. It can create some incurable diseases for people such as lung cancer when we inhale too much fume and dusk.

Another serious problem is unemployment, while many people move to the city with hope of find a job, their dreams turn sour due to the competitive job market. In the city the demand for the quality of workforce is getting higher and higher. Poorly-trained workers from rural areas may become jobless in the city.

In conclusion, should people want to move from the countryside to the urban areas, they have to consider all the advantages and disadvantages before making up their mind.

_____ 1. There are more opportunities than problems for people living in the urban areas.

_____ 2. Although people in the city are busy, they can always have time for entertainment activities.

_____ 3. People have to work hard and compete fiercely to make money.

_____ 4. People don’t have to tolerate heavy pollution in the city.

_____ 5. Air pollution is the most serious issue in the city.

_____ 6. The competitive job market in the city causes difficulties for workers with low quality to find a job.

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