i .....him but now do

a. didnt used to like b. didnt use to like

c. wasnt used to like d.am not used to like

i .......living on my own .i ve done it for quite a long time

a.used to b.use to c.am used to d.didnt use to

Minh Nguyệt
Minh Nguyệt 30 tháng 7 2020 lúc 9:37

I didn't use to like him but now do

I am used to living on my own. I've done it for quite a long time

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Minh Nguyệt
Minh Nguyệt 30 tháng 7 2020 lúc 9:36

I didn't use to like him but now do

I didn't use to living on my own. I've done it for quite a long time

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Các câu hỏi tương tự
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<I> Pronunciation.

Find the word that has the underlined letter(s) pronounced different from the others

1/ a. invite b. pick c. ticket d. kitchen

2/ a. lock b. shock c. block d. program

3/ a. bad b. sad c. day d. catch

4/ a. greet b. teeth c. deer d. knee

5/ a. sign b. high c. sit d. mind

<II> Find the one choice that best completes the sentences

<A> Vocabulary.

6/ I love this city ! The sights of it make a deep _____ on me.

a. impress b. impressed c. impressing d. impression

7/ Miss Hoa is very ______. She goes to church every morning.

a. religious b. religiously c. religion d. religioner

8/ My pen-pal and I have corresponded for over 2 years and we really enjoy our______

a. friend b. friendly c. friendship d. friendily

9/ The ______ religion of Malaysia is Islam.

a. office b. official c. officer d. offician

10/ Like VietNam, Malaysia is a _____country.

a. tropical b. tropie c. tropies d. tropically

11/ The Malaysia unit of currency is the______ .

a. riel b. dollar c. ringgit d. pesco

12/ We often have a summer______

a. holiday b. vacation c. semester d. a and b are correct

13/ You can take part in sports activities or not that depends on you. It’s _______

a. optional b. forceful c. compulsory d. required

14/ Mai is a Buddhist. She often goes to ______to pray.

a. church b. pagoda c. temple d. mosque

<B> Grammar & structures.

15/ It’s very kind_____you to help us. Thanks a lot

a. for b. to c.with d. of

16/ The hospital building is divided_____four sections

a. in b. into c. to d. about

17/ Did he ____ live in the country when he was young?

a. use to b. used to c. get used to d. be used to

18/ Tam wishes his father____here now.

a. is b. were c. will be d. would be

19/ What is pity! Lan can’t come with us. We all wish she _____

a. would b. should c. could d. can

20/ I wish I _____get good marks for the coming exam.

a. can b. could c. should d. will

21/ When I was a child, my family______ go to Dalat for summer vacation.

a. are used to b. get used to c. use to d.used to

22/ He is a small boy. He has to depend ______his parents.

a. on b. to c. with d. for

23/ Maryam was really impressed ______ the beauty of the city.

a. of b. by c. with d. for

24/ We were having dinner when the telephone______ .

a. ring b. ringing c. rang d. was ringing

25/ I wish I were a little taller. I______too short.

a. am b. was c.were d. would be

26/ Tom wishes he could help his sister with her homework, but he______

a. could b. can c. couldn’t d. can’t

27/ What do you do? I ______

a. have a party b. am a worker c. play tennis d. will go out

28/ She arrived______ four o’clock ______ the afternoon.

a. at / on b. in / in c. at / in d. on / in

29/ He was a tennis player when he was young. He_____tennis when he was young

a. plays b. used to play c. has player d. likes to play

30/ My sister is studying hard______her exam.

a. in b. for c. at d. to

31/ I used to go to school in the afternoon, but now I _____any more.

a. don’t b. do c. didn’t d. did

32/ It rained heavily while I_____ last night.

a. sleep b. slept c. sleeping d. was sleeping

33/We wish he could go to the cinema with us. But he ____. What a pity!

a. can b. can’t c. could d. couldn’t

34/ I_____school at the age of six in the countryside.

a. start b. had started c. started d. starting 35/ I have studied English _____ more than three years.

a. for b. in c. since d. at

36/ Hurry up! We don’t have enough time. If only we______more time we could take some more photographs.

a. had b. have c. had had d. would have.

37/ _____ does it take to get to Liverpool from here?

a. how high b. how long c. how much d. how often

38/ I have a pet dog and my friend______too.

a. have one b. has it c. has one d. have it

39/ Every afternoon she ______for a walk in the garden.

a. will go b.is going c. goes d. have gone

40/ Each of the football players ______ over 150 pounds.

a. weigh b. weighs c. are weighing d. weights

<III> Identifying mistakes.

Choose the underlined words or phrases that are not correct in standard written English.

41/ She wishes he will stop making noise when she is working.

a b c d

42/ Tom uses to wear glasses, but he doesn’t now.

a b c d

43/ This book consists about three parts: introduction, development and conclusion.

a b c d

44/ Mai and me would like to join the English speaking club.

a b c d

45/ During the game, the rain starting so we had to stop suddenly.

a b c d

46/ When will you spend your summer vacation? In Nha Trang.

a b c d

47/ He is not enough tall to reach the top shelf. He wishes he were taller.

a b c d

48/ There is an English examination in Friday November the twentieth.

a b c d

49/ He speaks French so I couldn’t understand. I wish I could understand him.

a b c d

50/ Childs mustn’t cross busy streets which are full of traffic.

a b c d

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