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ex4. change into reported speech : question: wh - question

1. where does your father work ? the teacher asker me

______________________________________ 2 . how many people are there in your family ? she asked lan

_____________________________________ 3. tam's friend asked him " how long will you stay in englanf ? " __________________________________________ 4. how many oranges are there in the fridge ? tam asked lien


5. the teacher said to lien " what is your hobby ? "

__________________________________ 6. how do your go to the airport ? his friend asked him

Minh Nguyệt
Minh Nguyệt 30 tháng 7 2020 lúc 9:23

1. The teacher asked me where my father worked

2. She asked lan how many people there were in her family

3. Tam's friend asked him how long he would stay in England

4. Tam asked Lien how many oranges there were in the fridge

5. The teacher asked Lien what her hobby was

6. His friend asked him how he went to the airport

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Reported Speech

A. Commands / requests. 1.Mrs. Jackson said to Alice, "Could you give me a hand, please " 2.The lifeguard said, " Don't swim out too far, boys. " 3.Nam said to the taxi driver, "Please turn left at the first traffic light." 4.She said to her son, "Go straight upstairs and get to bed. " 5.The police said, "Don't touch anything in the room. " B. Statements. 1. Lan said, "I will be very busy tomorrow. " 2. Thu said, "All the students will have a meeting next Sunday. " 3. Tam said, " I can swim across this river. " 4. His sister said, " I don't buy this book. " 5. The boys said, " We have to try our best to win the match." 6. Her father said to her, " You can go to the movie with your friends. " 7. Her classmate said, " Lan is the most intelligent girl in our class. " 8. The teacher said, " The Sun rises in the East. " C. "Yes / No" questions. 1. " Do you enjoy reading books? " , Phong asked Peter. 2. " Dose she like sports? " , Hoa asked Lan. 3. " Can you drive your bicycle to school? ", Ba said to Tuan. 4. " May I use your dictionary for a moment? ", Nga asked Hoa. 5. " Are you fond of watching television? ", Tuan said to Ba. 6. " Will she be here for five days?", Tom asked Thu. 7. " Will the students in grade 9 have their final exam in May. " , Phong asked his teacher. D. " W - H" Questions 1. " Where are you going? ", Lan asked. 2. " Where does your father work?", the teacher asked me. 3. " How far is it from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tay? ", A tourist asked. 4. " How many people are there in your family? ", she asked Lan. 5." How long will you stay in England? ", Tan's friends asked him. 6. " What language do you speak? ", Mr. Ba asked Thu. 7. " How much does this coat cost? ", Lan asked Lien. 8." What aspect of learning English do the students find most difficult? ", the teacher said to his students. E. Mixed Reported Speech. 1. " Are you going to visit your aunt tomorrow? ", asked Tom. 2. " Listen to me and don't make a noise in class. ", said the teacher to his students. 3. " I'm tired of eating fish ", said Mary to Hellen. 4." The Earth always goes round the Sun. ", said our teacher. 5. " Where are you going for your holidays? ", asked Martha. 6. " I didn't steal your fur coat yesterday. ", said Sammy to Jean. 7." You must do your homework every day. ", said Miss Borne to us. 8. " Will we read the story? ", Billy said to his teacher. Giúp mình nha, mình cần gấp lắm.

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