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Write a paragraph, supporting the argument that We should reduce, reuse, recycle everythings

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11 tháng 7 2020 lúc 8:10

Recycling is understood as the process of waste or unnecessary materials (scrap) into new materials with the applicability to benefit people. As an alternative to conventional waste, it can help save material as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling is effective, reducing the use of fresh (unprocessed) raw materials, reducing energy consumption, releasing toxic gases into the environment (through waste incineration) and ultimately helping to significantly reduce including the leakage of leachate from landfill disposal. Renewal is the key to success in reducing modern waste and is part of the current waste classification model including: minimizing, reusing, and recycling. There are several ISO standards related to recycling such as ISO 15270: 2008 for plastic waste, ISO 14001: 2004 for environmental management for recycling. Ensuring the implementation of some of these recycling-related ISO standards is the company's commitment to ensure environmental protection.

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Các câu hỏi tương tự
Kim So Huyn

I. Read the passage and choose the best word to fill in each blank [ amount-burning-because-pollutes-who-of-rubbish-and ]

One of the reasons, which (1)_______ our environment, is that each household produces a large amount of (2)_________ every day. In order to reduce the pollution, we need to increase the (3)_________ of rubbish that is recycled (4)_______ we cannot carry on burying and (5)__________ rubbish forever. This means that we should reduce the amount of rubbish we produce and increase the amount we reuse and recycle. We also need to have a strict punishment for those (6)______ throw rubbish on the streets, in the ponds, rivers (7)________ seas. Besides, we ourselves should be aware (8)_______ keeping our environment green, clean and beautiful.

II. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exacty the same as the sentence printed before it

1) The doctor is working at Bach Mai hospital. You met him yesterday.

-> The doctor whom______________________________________________________

2) In spite of her sickness, Mary insisted on going to work.

-> Although Mary________________________________________________________

3) He had scarcely put the phone down when the doorbell rang.

-> Scarcely_____________________________________________________

4) In spite of having little money, they are very happy.

-> Although___________________________________________________

III. Complete each of the following sentences, using the words given.

1) It/ take/ me/ three hours/ get/ house/ tidy/ yesterday.

2) You/ should/ apologize/ her/ not/ attend/ wedding.

IV. Sắp xếp các từ, các cụm từ thành câu hoàn chỉnh

1) was/ Everyone/ had/ the/ good/ finished/ in/ because/ mood/ they/ a/ course.


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