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1) she said: "what are you doing now?"

2) john said: "why do you like it?"

3) they said:" we have done it already"

Lê Trang
4 tháng 7 2020 lúc 14:26

1) she said: "what are you doing now?"

-> She said that what I was doing then.

2) john said: "why do you like it?"

-> John said that why I liked it.

3) they said:" we have done it already"

-> They said that they had done it already.

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Ngố ngây ngô
4 tháng 7 2020 lúc 15:12

1. She asked me what i was doing then

2. John asked me why i liked it

3. They said they had done it already

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Phạm Kiều Anh

Exercise 2. Rewrite the following sentences with Gerund

“ Why don’t you organize an English competition for our student?” said Ms Lien.-> Ms Lien suggested........ “ I’m sorry I’m late, said Mr Thanh. -> Mr Thanh apologized..... “Me? No, I didn’t take Sue’s calculator” Said Bob.-> Bob denied..... “ You were cheating” said David to Henry. -> David accused ........ “ I must see the manager.” he cried. -> He insisted..... “ If you wanted to take my bike, you should have asked me first” said Mike to his brother.

->Mike criticized....

“ You won the scholarship. Congratulation,” Mary told me.-> Mary congratulated ...... “ It was kind of you to help me with my homework” Lan said to Hoa. -> Lan thanked ...... “ Shall we walk there? It’s not far,” he said. -> He proposed .......... “ turn off the computer. You are not allowed to play game now,” Dick mother said.-> Dick’s mother prevented........... “ I’m sorry that I broke the glass,” said Peter. ( apologized)-> Peter ...... “ You should have waited for us,” the team leader said to John. ( criticized) “ Let’s invite Mr. Brown to the party next weekend” he said. ( suggested) “ You stole the jewels” the inspector said to him.( accused) “ I only borrowed your car for some hours” the man said. (admitted) “ I’m sorry I damaged your tape recorder, Mike.” Said Bob.-> Bob apologized ...... “ You damaged my camera’ said Jane to Henry. -> Jane accused .....

Exercise 3. Rewrite the following sentences with Infinitive and Gerund

“ I will bring the sandwiches to the party” said Helen.-> Helen offered... “ Let’s all go to Lisbon!” they said. -> They suggested...... “ You’d better leave that old flat,” my mother told us. -> My mother advised .......... “ Please let me go to Martin’s house!” Said Muriel three times. -> Muriel insisted..... “ It was you and only you who stole the cake from the fridge” my mother told my sister. ->My mother accused.... “I’m awful sorry, I will never again use your car without permission” she said almost crying. -> She apologized.... “ Don’t cross the river, it’s full of crocodiles” -> They warned... “I’m sorry I’m late” -> He apologized.... “ I think you’d better drink the medicine” the doctor said.-> The doctor advised.... “Let’s eat something and then go for a stroll” she said.-> She suggested... “ Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the drink” ->He insisted.... “ Yes, it was me who ate all the cake”-> She admitted... “Red wine is the best option for this dish” ->The waiter advised......... “ Why don’t we go for a walk”? -> She suggested................. “ I wasn’t anywhere near the scene of the crime. ->The accused claimed ............ “ This spot is the best place for a picnic.” -> My father said ............... “ The swallows return every spring and fly past my window.”-> She explained ............... “ Can you answer the phone? I’m having a shower.” -> He asked his son ....................... “ I gave you my homework last week.”-> The boy insisted........ “ Could you come and pick me up from school today, Dad?”-> Bill asked.............. “ If I were you, I wouldn’t drink so much” ->He advised his friend.................. “ I won’t help you because you didn’t help me”

a.-> Joan said ..............

b.-> Joan refused ............

“ I’ll bring it back tomorrow”

a. ->He said...........

b. ->He promised.............

Exercise 4. Restate the given sentences. Choose the most suitable reporting verb in brackets. Make it active or passive as appropriate.

The girl said to Jim, “ Would you give your book to Mary?” ( ask, tell order) -> The girl .......... The little said to her father, “ Daddy, I really like tricycle. Can we buy it?” (require, ask, advise) -> Everyone .......................... The sign on the side door says, “ Do not enter,” so we have to use a different door. ( ask, remind, force). Nobody............. Before Bobby went to bed, his father said, “ Don’t forget to brush your teeth” (invite, allow, remind). -> Before Bobby went to bed, his father ............................... The factory manager said to the employees” Don’t come late. If you do, you will lose your work” ( ask, warn, encourage) ->The employees................

When I asked the nurse about my skin rash, she said, “ You should consult dermatologist” (ask, permit, advise) -> The nurse............ “ I will not tell anyone else about our plan.” He said to me ( order, promise, warn).-> He ....... “ Okay, you can go alone to Hanoi this summer” ( warn, persuade, agree) -> My parents...... “ Don’t worry. If your car breaks down, I will give you a lift home.” (agree, order, offer) -> My friend’s brother ....... Under the law, drivers and all passengers must wear seat belt while in a moving vehicle.(encourage, require, permit).-> Drivers and all passengers ..................

Exercise 5. Choose the most suitable verb form the box to report each of the sentences. Remember they all follow the pattern verb + to – infinitive.

promise, ask, order, remind, advise,

encourage, bed, invite, warn, allow

“ Could you possible do for me a favour?” She said to Tom. -> She........ “ Come and have dinner with us” Rosy said to John. -> Rosy...... “ Don’t forget to post the letter,” my wife said to me. -> My wife ........ The man said the boys, “Don’t swim in the lake without an adult present”. -> The boy........ He said to me, “ It would be best if you limited the sugar consumption.” -> He .............. “ You must a fine of one hundred pounds” the judge said to Edward. -> The judge ..... “ Please don’t tell him about my absence from class yesterday” she said to me. ->She.... My parents often said to me “ Good for you! It’s good to be independent”

-> My parents often....

Mrs. Jones said to her children” Each of you may have one piece of candy”.-> Mrs. Jones.... “ I wont be late next time” Mary said to the teacher. -> Mary......
Ha My


I. Choose the best option to complete each sentence.

1. "Are we about to have dinner?". "Yes, it _____ in the dinning room".

A. is serving B. serves C. is being served D. served

2. "The maintenance people didn't remove the chairs from the ballroom".

"Don't worry. They _____ them before the dance begins".

A. will have been moved B. will have moved C. were moved D. moved

3. Gold_____ in California in the nineteenth century.

A. was discovered B. has been discovered C. was discover D. they discovered

4. _____ that military spending is extremely high.

A. We are felt B. It feels C. It is felt D. We feel that it is

5. All planes_____ before departure.

A. will checked B. will has checked C. will be checked D. will been checked

6. I wanted_____ by the head of the company, but it was impossible.

A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. being to see

7. The whole building _____ after the earthquake.

A. the fire is said to completely destroyed. B. is said to have been completely destroyed.

C. was said to have completely destroyed. C. said to have completely destroyed.

8. This house _____ before 1970 by my grandfather.

A. built B. was built C. had built D. had been built

9. The robbers _____by the police.

A. Have arrested B. Have been arrested C. Was arrested D. Had arrested

10. Robert always hates _____by other children.

A. teasing B. being teased C. to be teased D. to tease

11. The student _____ for lying by the teacher this morning.

A. Has been punished B. Punished C. Is punished D. Was punished

12. The inmates of the juvenile home_____well by their caretakers.

A. Were not being treated B. Were not treating C. Have not being treated D. Was not being treated

13. Her homework _____ before her mother asked her to do so.

A. hasdone B. has been done C. had been done D. had done

14. The injured _____ to the hospital in an ambulance.

A. Were taking B. Was taking C. Have taken D. Were taken

15. We can’t go along here because the road _____.

A. is repairing B. is repaired C. is being repaired D. repaires

16. Our rooms _____ by Sam now.

A. was repaired B. are being repaired C. were being repaired D. Have been repaired

17. Why don’t you have the roof _____ your brother?

A repaired B. repair C. repairs D. to repair

18. The man died because medical help was not summoned. A doctor should _____.

A. be have called B. been called C. be called D. have been called

19. My baby _____ a bath when you called.

A. was taking B. was being taken C. had taken D. Had been taken

20. Many US automobiles _____ in Detroit, Michigan.

A. manufacture B. have manufactured C. are manufactured D. are manufacturing

Ha My


I. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

1. Since 1980, scientists the world over ___ a lot of things to fight against AIDS.

A. have done B. are doing C. did D. had done

2. Many people _______ of malaria/mə'leəriæ/bệnh sốt rét , smallpox /smɔ:lpɒks/bệnh đậu mùa before the process of vaccination was invented in the 19th century.

A. have died B. had died C. would die D. were dying

3. The doctor said that his appetite/'æpitait/sự ngon miệng _______ him restore ( phục hồi)his health quickly.

A. has helped B. helps C. would help D. is helping

4. My girl friend arrived after I ______ for her about half an hour.

A. was waiting B. had been waiting D. have been waiting D. had waited

5. ______ to rain before you woke up this morning?

A. Did it begin B. Has it begun C. Had it begun D. Would it begin

6. I just want to know what you ____ at this time tomorrow afternoon.

A. are going to do B. will be doing C. are doing D. do

7. I am reading this novel. By the time you come back from work I ________-.

A. shall finish B. will finish C. shall have finished D. have finished

8. He ______the piano every day. A. practice B. practices C. is practicing D. has practiced

9. He _____________ now. A. is swimming B. swims C. swim D. has swum

10. John and I_______ pen pals for nearly 3 years. A. am B. are C. has been D. have been

11. I ____ to the market with my mother yesterday. A. go B. went C. have gone D. was going

12. The electricity went out while mother __________ a magazine.

A. read B. reads C. was reading D. reading

13. After he ____________his work, he sat down to write some letters.

A. finishes B. has finished C. had finished D. have finished

14. I_____________ your brother recently.

A. haven’t seen B. hasn’t seen C. am not seeing D. don’t see

15. She __________many people since she came here in June.

A. met B. has met C. was meeting D. have met

16. We ____Math at this time last week. A. were learning B. are learning C. was learning D. learnt

17. She was playing games while he _____a football match.

A. watched B. watches C. was watching D. watching

18. She _____to Ho Chi Minh city last year. A. goes B. has gone C. go D. went

19. He __________football now. A. are playing B. plays C. is playing D. played

20. Every morning, I often sit in my garden and____ to my nightingale sing.

A. listening B. listen C. listened D. listens

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